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Roe Ethridge & Zin Taylor: The Ceremony and the Spirit. Roe Ethridge & Zin Taylor
The Ceremony and the Spirit
Sale $19.95
"Published on the occasion of the artists’ exhibition of the same name at La Loge, Brussels, The Ceremony And The Spirit is based on the dialogue Taylor and Ethridge created with the space... More
  Jon Naiman: Familiar Territory. Jon Naiman
Familiar Territory
Sale $45.00
"In ‘Familiar Territory’ we find portrayals of farm animals together with their owners. However, instead of being situated in a stall or field... More
Nicolas Guiraud: Anthropocène. Nicolas Guiraud
Sale $25.00
"In less than 200 years man has altered life on earth forever. The Anthropocene is the new geological age... More
  Tom Hunter: Le Crowbar. Tom Hunter
Le Crowbar
Sale $49.00
"'…and with just a flyer from Steve Bedlam, stating "Hostomice, It's Out There… The Tekno Travellers' Holiday Destination Of The Year" as directions, we head off to Europe... More
BenoÎt Grimalt: Do You Know Syd Barrett? BenoÎt Grimalt
Do You Know Syd Barrett?
Sale $19.00
"Following the death, in July 2006, of Syd Barrett, guitarist, singer and founding member of the band Pink Floyd, and a series of reports about him in the media, Benoît Grimalt, like many other people... More
  Erik Schubert: How to Win Friends and Influence People. Erik Schubert
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Sale $45.00
"At a young age, it was instilled in Erik Schubert that the mythology of Dale Carnegie's classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People was one that predicted success and happiness in life... More
Luca Schenardi: An Vogelhausern Mangelt Es Jedoch Nicht. Luca Schenardi
An Vogelhausern Mangelt Es Jedoch Nicht
Sale $53.00
"This publication marks the first time that specialized ornithological knowledge has been joined with subjective perception, bringing together drawings, digital illustrations... More
  Lucia Ganieva: Tiltenberg. Lucia Ganieva
Sale $21.00
"Who in today’s modern western society would choose to become a priest? That is the question that the non-believer Lucia Ganieva asked herself. She was particularly curious to know ‘why’... More
Jorg Sasse: Skizzen - Der Grenoble Block. Jorg Sasse
Skizzen - Der Grenoble Block
Sale $52.00
"Jörg Sasse, born in 1962, is continually surprising the art world with his new and innovative projects. He became known in the 1980s with what, in terms of color and composition... More
  ZoÉ Beausire: Rosette, Mauricette et Roby. ZoÉ Beausire
Rosette, Mauricette et Roby
Sale $24.00
"The photo book by Zoé Beausire (*1987) document in a very empathetic and personal way the artist’s preoccupation with the process of aging and the resulting bodily and mental changes within the artist More
Gian Paolo Barbieri: Dark Memories. Gian Paolo Barbieri
Dark Memories
Sale $45.00
"Sculptural nudes immortalized through black and white pictures by a great contemporary photographer. Barbieri's approach to nude photography has been a lengthy one, slow and carefully planned... More
  Koos Breukel: Being Dutch. Koos Breukel
Being Dutch
Sale $32.70
"Award-winning Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel (Den Haag, 1962), examines in this exhibition catalogue the “Dutch Identity” today. In ‘Being Dutch’, he portrays those of all walks of life... More
Sara Blokland: The Police Band of Suriname. Sara Blokland
The Police Band of Suriname
Sale $36.00
"The police band in Suriname cannot pride itself on being the oldest band in Suriname, nor even that it is very old... More
  Laurenz Berges: Laurenz Berges - Fotografien. Laurenz Berges
Laurenz Berges - Fotografien
Sale $50.00
A former student of the Bechers, Berges spent four years photographing abandoned Soviet army barracks. With scant traces left by those who formerly inhabited these quarters and living areas... More
Satoru Toma: Ask the Cat. Satoru Toma
Ask the Cat
Sale $34.95
"A walk along Brussels' boundaries

As soon as I arrived in Brussels, I walked around a lot here and there, like a stray cat, to discover this new territory. I regularly took the tram...
  Daido Moriyama: View from the Laboratory. Daido Moriyama
View from the Laboratory
Sale $56.95
Martin Boyce: A Partial Eclipse. Martin Boyce
A Partial Eclipse
Sale $59.95
"Martin Boyce is known for his large installation work in sculpture, creating angular replications of the world around him... More
  Richard Gilligan: DIY. Richard Gilligan
Sale $32.95
"Richard Gilligan is a young photographer who has been documenting temporary skateboarding locales since 2008. From silent expanses to forgotten places and abandoned corners of the urban landscape... More
Katja Stuke: Eleven to Liverpool Street. Katja Stuke
Eleven to Liverpool Street
Sale $19.95
"This newspaper-style book shows large video portraits, taken during a busride in London in April 2009 on the Route 11 from ›World's End‹ to ›Liverpool Street Station‹... More
  Hanna Liden: Out of My Mind… Back in 5 Minutes. Hanna Liden
Out of My Mind… Back in 5 Minutes
Sale $25.00
"An artist book that combines diaristic documentation of objects informing liden’s work with installations and photography. Shopping bags, trash heaps, cigarettes... More

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