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Vladimir Zidlicky: Zidlicky 1970-2007. Vladimir Zidlicky
Zidlicky 1970-2007
  Jock Sturges: Mit Jock Sturges Familär. Jock Sturges
Mit Jock Sturges Familär
Erik Kessels: In Almost Every Picture Limited Edition #6-10. Erik Kessels
In Almost Every Picture Limited Edition #6-10
"A limited edition of the best selling series in almost every picture. Issues # 6-10 are boxed in a hand made felt slipcase. Includes the shooting gallery photo's of in almost every picture # 7... More
  Kesselskramer: Cahiers Collection Limited Edition. Kesselskramer
Cahiers Collection Limited Edition
"This compilation comprises a series of experiments, notes on how we humans perceive our world through the pictures we take. initiated by the creative thinkers of KesselsKramer... More
Arthur Tress: Pointers. Arthur Tress
"Special binding: 4 folders in an acrylic glass sculpture

INTROS by Steven Brown
Part I : The Beach
Arthur Tress....
  Sebastian Burger: Baku. Sebastian Burger
Alvin Booth: Triptych. Alvin Booth
"Special edition with 3 books in a slipcase / Each book contains a signed and numbered print by Alvin Booth (Giclée-Print).

  Renato D’agostin: The Beautiful Cliché. Renato D’agostin
The Beautiful Cliché
"Finally a book on Venice without gondolette, silvery reflections... More
Vladimir Zidlicky: Zidlicky 1970-2007. Vladimir Zidlicky
Zidlicky 1970-2007
  Hermann FÖrsterling: Floramagica. Hermann FÖrsterling
Enrique Metinides: Series. Enrique Metinides
  T. R. Ericsson: Étant Donnés 2°. T. R. Ericsson
Étant Donnés 2°
"T. R. Ericsson's self-published artist's book is a clever take on Marcel Duchamp's enigmatic last work Étant Donnés... More
Tom Chambers: Entropic Kingdom. Tom Chambers
Entropic Kingdom
"About the limited edition:
Limited Edition Box Set, is limited to 100 copies and contains the print  More
  Lewis Baltz: Venezia Marghera. Lewis Baltz
Venezia Marghera
"“The only remarkable thing about Marghera is her proximity to Venice. Otherwise Marghera is just another episode in the deindustrialization of Western Europe. Marghera sells aluminum, chemicals... More
Hans Bol: Paradise City. Hans Bol
Paradise City
  Jack Spencer: Jack Spencer. Jack Spencer
Jack Spencer
"Jack Spencer is as equally fine a painter as an artist of the photographic image. His sensibilities show through in each of the four 16" x 20" prints that were personally printed, hand-varnished... More
Maki: Welcome 2 My Room (Cardboard Box). Maki
Welcome 2 My Room (Cardboard Box)
"This a cardboard box set made in Philippines by Maki. Inside you will find 43 matte inkjet color prints with photos from the serie WELCOME 2 MY ROOM... More
  Yael Ben-Zion: 5683 Miles Away. Yael Ben-Zion
5683 Miles Away
Jim Krantz: Homage. Jim Krantz

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