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: Opening the Sky.
Opening the Sky

In 1980, the American photographer Larry Fink received a grant from the Seattle Museum of Art, or as he tells the story, ‘My star was starting to rise. I was called... More

  : The Ground.
The Ground

Picked as Book of the Week by Michael Light

"Tate Shaw&rsquo... More

: Before the War.
Before the War

Now in its second edition.

In 2008 the war against the drug cartels erupted in México... More

  : Star of the Stars.
Star of the Stars

Star of the Stars, Yoichi Nagata’s first book, presents his portraits of fantastically dressed clubgoers at events in Tokyo. It was privately ... More

Leiter, Saul: Painted Nudes. Leiter, Saul
Painted Nudes
Saul Leiter’s prolific career as a photographer spans seventy years. Since the publication of Early Color in 2006, his work has found widespread acclaim... More
  : Written in the West, Revisited.
Written in the West, Revisited

In late 1983, looking for the subjects and locations that would bring the desolate landscape of the American West to life for his iconic film Paris, Texas... More

Meene, Hellen Van: The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits. Meene, Hellen Van
The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits

Over the last 20 years, Hellen van Meene has produced a complex body of work, offering a contemporary take on photographic portraiture. Characterized by her exquisite use of light... More

  : Dusk.
"Axel Hoedt: Dusk undermines the carnival as cliché: Hoedt's (born 1966) photographs of celebrations in the villages of Austria and Switzerland deliver no debauchery... More
: Cubic Feet / Sec.
Cubic Feet / Sec

Cubic Feet/Sec., the rate at which flowing water is measured in a river, documents 9 trips by boat through the Grand Canyon which Andrew Phelps made with his father and friends from 1979... More

  Salgado, SebastiÃo: Other Americas. Salgado, SebastiÃo
Other Americas

The first edition of Sebastião Salgado: Other Americas was published in 1985 by the French publisher Contrejour, and included photographs from Salgado'... More

: Edges of the Experiment.
Edges of the Experiment

'Edges of the Experiment' investigates the idyllic notion of the American landscape, showing which elements contribute to the iconic landscape, and at what cost they can be maintained... More

  : Encyclopedia of Flowers, Part 2.
Encyclopedia of Flowers, Part 2
"Flower artist Makoto Azuma and botanical photographer Shunsuke Shiinoki present a second edition of their vibrant anthology, two years after the first... More
: New Mexico.
New Mexico

NEW MEXICO, sequel to the Mikael Kennedy's collection 'California'

Limited edition... More

  : Dédale.

Laurent Chardon's Dédale includes various series of photographs taken between the years 2003 to 2013 and documents a Paris and its surroundings in transformation... More

Cynthia Young: Capa in Color. Cynthia Young
Capa in Color
"This beautiful book looks at Robert Capa’s color photography, a little-known but important aspect of the great photographer’s work, and includes many never-before-published images... More
  : Archipelago.

Archipelago is a journey into an interior, upriver, towards an enigmatic hinterland. At any one instance, Matthew Porter sets up correlations between disparate images... More

: No Time.
No Time

Aaron McElroy&rsquo... More

  : Coastline.

Zhang Xiao started his journey from 2009-2013 along the coastline of China... More

: Japan Drug.
Japan Drug
Selected as one of the  More
  : Lockdown Archive.
Lockdown Archive

This project is a companion piece to our previous work Shelter in Plates. Both artworks recognize the unprecedented lockdown of thousands of Watertown residents, including we, the artists... More


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