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Tichy, Miroslav: Miroslav Tichy. Pictures of Fair to Middling Women. Tichy, Miroslav
Miroslav Tichy. Pictures of Fair to Middling Women
"The Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt staged Miroslav Tichy's (1926-2011) first solo exhibition in Germany in 2003, just after his photographs were rediscovered... More
  : In Almost Every Picture 14.
In Almost Every Picture 14

The fourteenth edition of Erik Kessels’ found photography series presents a semi-nude detective story: who chopped the heads off all the sunbathers... More

: Hong Kong Umbrella.
Hong Kong Umbrella

Hong Kong's rich vernacular culture is the subject of many works by Michael Wolf. In his new book 'Hong Kong Umbrella'... More

  Alinder, Mary Street: Group f.64. Alinder, Mary Street
Group f.64

Group f.64 is perhaps the most famous movement in the history of photography, counting among its members Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange, Willard Van Dyke... More

Ying Ang: Gold Coast. Ying Ang
Gold Coast
Selected as one of the  More
  Soth, Alec: Songbook. Soth, Alec

Now in its second printing. Due April 2015.

Known for his haunting portraits of solitary Americans in Sleeping by the Mississippi and Broken Manual... More

: Home.

What is home? What can it mean? How do you show it?

Home can mean stability, comfort and sanctuary. Home can also be a stage where drama is played out.

HOME... More

  Parr, Martin: Black Country Stories. Parr, Martin
Black Country Stories

Black Country Stories has taken Martin across the region visiting markets, temples, factories, foundries, social clubs, tea dances, dog training classes, summer fetes and many, many other place... More

: Vision Quest Cards; Photo Assignments for Personal & Spiritual Growth.
Vision Quest Cards; Photo Assignments for Personal & Spiritual Growth

A deck of 36 beautifully designed and printed cards, with a unique photo assignment on the back of each one, housed in an elegant box and printed on recycled paper... More

  Thoma Keenan & Tirdad Zolghad: The Human Snapshot. Thoma Keenan & Tirdad Zolghad
The Human Snapshot

Picked as Book of the Week by Andrew Roth

The 1955 MoMA exhibition "... More

Parr & Badger: The Photobook: A History. Parr & Badger
The Photobook: A History
"The third and final volume in Phaidon's acclaimed Photobook series... More
  Martin Parr: Martin Parr. Martin Parr
Martin Parr
"The acute observation, wit and colour of Martin Parr's work since the mid... More
McPhee, Laura: The Home and the World. A View of Calcutta. McPhee, Laura
The Home and the World. A View of Calcutta
Photographer Laura McPhee, noted for her stunning large-scale landscapes and portraits of the people who live and work in them, has been traveling to eastern India for over a decade... More
  Zelich, Cristina: Florence Henri. Mirror of the Avant-garde 1927-40. Zelich, Cristina
Florence Henri. Mirror of the Avant-garde 1927-40

Florence Henri's work occupied a central place in the world of avant-garde photography in the late 1920s and this survey pays homage to the artist's essential contribution... More

: Maydan Hundred Portraits.
Maydan Hundred Portraits
Selected as one of the  More
  Maija Tammi: Leftover / Removals. Maija Tammi
Leftover / Removals
Selected as one of the  More
: The Pattaya Sex Bubble.
The Pattaya Sex Bubble

Jan Hoek travelled to Pattaya, Thailand’s sex capital, to make ten different magazines in which a cast of unusual characters plays out strange narratives and suggests seedy encounters... More

  Laura Letinsky: Ill Form & Void Full. Laura Letinsky
Ill Form & Void Full
"Chicago-based photographer Laura Letinsky (born 1962) is known for her depictions of the remnants of foods and objects common to the dining table, ranging from a lipstick-smeared half... More
Timothy Rodgers: Covert Operations. Timothy Rodgers
Covert Operations
"Following the tragedies of September 11, 2001, contemporary artists such as Ahmed Basiony, Thomas Demand, Harun Farocki, Jenny Holzer... More
  Martin Parr: Grand Paris. Martin Parr
Grand Paris
"Since 1982, Paris Audiovisual and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) have commissioned great photographers to capture their views of Paris. Taking up the task after Henri Cartier-Bresson... More

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