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Okri, Ben: Kin. Okri, Ben

Pieter Hugo (born 1976) has garnered critical acclaim for his series of portraits and landscapes, each of which explores a facet of his native South Africa and neighboring African countries... More

  : Sometimes Rivers Flow Backwards - Gatefold Edition.
Sometimes Rivers Flow Backwards - Gatefold Edition

The deluxe gatefold edition of "Sometimes Rivers Flow Backwards" is limited to twenty-five copies and includes reproductions of twelve tintype photographs... More

: A Rabbit Runs In A Circle.
A Rabbit Runs In A Circle

"These photographs were made over the course of two terms in Cortona, Italy as part of the University of Georgia’s study abroad program. This side is from my first trip as a student... More

  : i found it when i stopped looking.
i found it when i stopped looking

"i found it when i stopped looking" is a sixteen page, hard bound, handmade 4" x 5” pamphlet book... More

: When I Was Six.
When I Was Six

Picked as Book of the Week by Melanie McWhorter. Read her statement on photo-eye Blog... More

  : R+R (Rest + Relaxation).
R+R (Rest + Relaxation)


: A Grand Polyphony.
A Grand Polyphony

Capture Okinawa, surpass “Okinawa”. The vibrant chaos of a new generation... More

  : okinawan portraits 2010-2012.
okinawan portraits 2010-2012

"I felt jealous of  Ryuichi Ishikawa for an instant"  —Daido Moriyama 


: A Thread of Red.
A Thread of Red

The work Thread of Red by Junko Yonezawa won Grand Prix at 12th Visual Arts Photo Award. This award is run by Visual Arts College, and the winner can publish a book as a prize. Since 2012... More

  : Night Lights.
Night Lights

This book is a reprint of Night Lights, originally published in 2000 (self-published)... More

: Morphology.

A photography book that manages to capture the likeness of stars being born to form a galaxy, of plants eroding a vacant land, of the sensation of distance when we look intently while touching... More

  : Nude Animal Cigar.
Nude Animal Cigar

Paul Kooiker is among the most interesting conceptual photographers currently working in the Netherlands. Although his work consists of photographic images... More

: Endangered.
"By capturing threatened animal species in ice, photographer Erik Hijweege creates confusion. The images set his audience thinking. Is this animal encased in ice the last of its kind... More
  Martino Marangoni: Alone Together. Martino Marangoni
Alone Together
"When taking photographs Marangoni avoids eye contact to capture the private inner expressions of individuals as they move/live in today’s often unfriendly public places... More
: Mise Au Jour.
Mise Au Jour

Published by Van Zoetendaal, this special collection of photographs by Dutch documentary filmmaker, author... More

  : Father Figure: Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood.
Father Figure: Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood

Lee’s monograph is at once documentary photography and personal visual storytelling. Through intimate black-and-white frames, Father Figure provides insight into often... More

: Tokyo 1961.
Tokyo 1961

William Klein's classic photobook of Tokyo beautifully reprinted in an edition of 1,000 signed and numbered copies. 

Born 1928 in New York... More

  : Between Screens.
Between Screens
Selected as one of the  More
: One Mahogany Left Standing.
One Mahogany Left Standing

"Carol’s imagery is intimate and ghostly – details in her work relay the deep bonds she forged with Nahá families over different periods of time... More


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