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Photographs by Munemasa Takahashi.: Laying Stones. Laying Stones
Photographs by Munemasa Takahashi.

T&M Projects
  Photographs by Marco Delogu.: Suspended Light. Suspended Light
Photographs by Marco Delogu.

punctum press
Photographs by Coley Brown.: A Recurring Dream. A Recurring Dream
Photographs by Coley Brown.

Silent Sound
  Photographs by Danny Lyon.: Conversations with the Dead. Conversations with the Dead
Photographs by Danny Lyon.

Phaidon Press
Photographs by Danny Lyon.: Danny Lyon Retrospective. Danny Lyon Retrospective
Photographs by Danny Lyon.

  Photographs by Nicolai Howalt. Text by Morten Søndergaard.: Light Break Photography / Light Therapy. Light Break Photography / Light Therapy
Photographs by Nicolai Howalt. Text by Morten Søndergaard.

Fabrik Books
Photographs by Andrew Phelps.: Cubic Feet / Sec. Cubic Feet / Sec
Photographs by Andrew Phelps.

  Photographs by Laurent Chardon.: Dédale. Dédale
Photographs by Laurent Chardon.

Photographs by Tate Shaw.: The Ground. The Ground
Photographs by Tate Shaw.

Preacher’s Biscuit Books
  Photographs by Maxwell Anderson.: Flower. Flower
Photographs by Maxwell Anderson.

Photographs by Teresa Eng.: Speaking of Scars. Speaking of Scars
Photographs by Teresa Eng.

If / Then Books
  Photographs by Andreas Trogisch.: Aphasia. Aphasia
Photographs by Andreas Trogisch.

Peperoni Books
Photographs by Morgan Ashcom.: Leviathan. Leviathan
Photographs by Morgan Ashcom.

Peperoni Books
  Edited by Fred Hüning.: Private Rooms. Private Rooms
Edited by Fred Hüning.

Peperoni Books
Photographs by Giles Cassels.: Nightfall. Nightfall
Photographs by Giles Cassels.

  Photographs by Kathleen Robbins. Contribution by Cynthia Shearer. Foreword by Tom Rankin.: Into the Flatland. Into the Flatland
Photographs by Kathleen Robbins. Contribution by Cynthia Shearer. Foreword by Tom Rankin.

University of South Carolina Press
Photographs by Sachiko Kawanabe.: sononite. sononite
Photographs by Sachiko Kawanabe.

Super Labo
  By Thomas Sauvin.: Until Death Do Us Part. Until Death Do Us Part
By Thomas Sauvin.

Jiazazhi Press
Edited by Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari.: Lockdown Archive. Lockdown Archive
Edited by Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari.

Eighteen Publication
  Photographs by Takemi Yabuki.: Gengetsu. Gengetsu
Photographs by Takemi Yabuki.

Super Labo

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