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: Archipelago.

Archipelago is a journey into an interior, upriver, towards an enigmatic hinterland. At any one instance, Matthew Porter sets up correlations between disparate images... More

  : Coastline.

Zhang Xiao started his journey from 2009-2013 along the coastline of China.  ... More

Teresa Eng: Speaking of Scars. Teresa Eng
Speaking of Scars
"‘Speaking of scars’ deals with trauma and memory. During a 3-year period, photography was used to process an experience that couldn’t be processed. In the book memory takes the form of images... More
  Charles Johnstone: Libby. Charles Johnstone
"Libby brings together a selection of polaroids from the archive of Charles Johnstone. Never intended to be made into a book, the project was conceived in late 2011 by 70South founder Corey Presha... More
: Aphasia.

This slim volume of only 22 images has a mysterious, lenticular-printed cover in bright pink and black quite a contrast with the banal subjects in shades of grey found within... More

  : Leviathan.

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to escape the farm where I grew up. I traveled with?friends to cities and towns with no plan and very little money, making our way as we went: sleeping in cars... More

: Private Rooms.
Private Rooms

Pictures, pictures, pictures - the Internet is packed.

For his series ... More

  : Nightfall.

Nightfall captures the humble, banal moments I encounter in my hours awake... More

: TimeKeepers.

Matjac Tancic went to Yi County, Anhui Province in 2012 for the first time. He took portraits of more than 20 people in their living rooms with 3D photo technology... More

  Robbins, Kathleen: Into the Flatland. Robbins, Kathleen
Into the Flatland

Capturing the rich contrasts of the land and the intimate history of generations in the Mississippi Delta, Into the Flatland, by Kathleen Robbins... More

: Some More Hong Kong Seating Arrangements.
Some More Hong Kong Seating Arrangements

With this fifth volume it is clear that this series of books develops to Michael Wolf´s "Hong Kong Back Alley Encyclopedia". For 20 years now the photographer has lived in Hong Kong... More

  Vrba, Lori: The Moth Wing Diaries. Vrba, Lori
The Moth Wing Diaries
"The Moth Wing Diaries is a photographic narrative addressing themes of memory, providence, revival and dreams, by native Texan photographer Lori Vrba (born 1964)... More
Arthur, Olivia: Stranger. Arthur, Olivia

On 8th April 1961 the MV Dara, a ship carrying passengers between India, Pakistan and the Gulf, sank just off the port of Dubai. An estimated 238 people lost their lives... More

  : Lockdown Archive.
Lockdown Archive

This project is a companion piece to our previous work Shelter in Plates. Both artworks recognize the unprecedented lockdown of thousands of Watertown residents, including we, the artists... More

: Adrift.

"In 2013 I traveled from the continent of Antarctica to Barrow, Alaska, 320 miles north of the Artic Circle, through seventeen countries in the Americas. I documented dwellings... More

  : Dear Erin Hart,.
Dear Erin Hart,

Jessamyn Lovell's identity was stolen by a San Francisco-based woman named Erin Hart. Dear Erin Hart... More

: Still/Life.

Still/Life features new constructed images and concludes with an illustrated summary of the artist’s forty year career... More

  : My Disguise.
My Disguise

"My Disguise is a terse (16 page), but intimate self portrait; it is a work of human form, containing no nudes, but rather focusing on the postures and gestures of an individual... More

: Of Men.
Of Men

"In a series of elegant black and white protraits Zoë Zimmerman constructs images of men in close contact, craddling and carrying each other in ways that might suggest intamcy... More

  : Prophet.



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