Redstone Diary 2014.
By Redstone Press.
Redstone Press, 2013. 160 pp., illustrated, 10x6¾".

Publisher's Description
Humankind – as the word implies – is social. We have meetings to attend, appointments to keep, trains and planes to catch or meet. We must attend to business! Hunt and gather, sow in spring, harvest in autumn, work, work, work in factory, farm and office. But how could we be human without the customs and rituals of social life, the ceremonies that mark the turning year, the rites of our passage and the pleasures of our celebrations? We need the church, the temple and the mosque; we need the cafe´s, bars and restaurants, the clubs and the dance halls. We love the stimulants - coffee, tea, beers and cocktails - that raise our spirits. We are social beings! Redstone’s Social Diary celebrates the days and nights of our human year.

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