Your Assignment.

By Douglas Holleley PHD.
Clarellen, 2009. 148 pp., Black & white illustrations throuhgout, 6x9".

Publisher's Description
PHOTO DEVELOPING is a series of books addressing conceptual and practical issues relevant to photographic education. This is Volume 1I.

The art of photography can help us see ourselves just as much as it can help us see the world around us. But just how does photography become an act of self-discovery? How do we decode the meaning of images? This book addresses not only the acquisition of photographic skills and techniques, but also shows us how we can recognize the signs, and understand the meanings, contained within the images we make. The exercises in this book will enable both beginners and advanced students of photography, to sharpen their abilities and enhance their awareness, of themselves and the world.

Teachers will find inside this volume a well-reasoned and coherent curriculum. It provides many valuable resources they can share with their class. Students will gain a greater understanding of the process of photographic education because each assignment is accompanied by a detailed rationale that explains not only what is being asked of them, but more importantly, why.

Whether you intend it or not, after reading this book, your images will be more thoughtful, insightful, and indeed more beautiful, than ever before.

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