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Photographs by Roger Guaus, Juan Diego Valera and Daniel S. Alvarez.
Standard Books, 2013. 138 pp., 3 books, 46 pages each, black & white and color illustrations throughout, 6½x8½".

Publisher's Description
Pes/1 contains three books by three different authors who work exactly the same distance: short distance. Three different pathways and perspectives on intimacy: Roger Guas in 'El creient' playfully decomposes the codes of family albums presenting a dialogue between a bleak depiction of the mountain of Montserrat combined with portraits of his mother; Juan Diego Valera in 'Bitacora' presents a vital collection of memories composing a fleeting account of constant change, bits and pieces of his life that together compose a route where unconsciousness works a as compass on the trip life is; and in 'Okuhe' by Daniel Alvarez, we witness a love story told through a narrative that slowly breaks down, and using the photographic process as a narrative drive explores the limitations of the image as a tool for capturing reality. Three itineraries that explore how (and if) intimacy can be captured through photography.

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