Will They Sing Like Raindrops Or Leave Me Thristy.
Photographs by Max Pinckers.
Self-Published, 2014. 232 pp., 140 color illustrations, 8¼x11½".

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Publisher's Description
A popular subgenre within the tradition of Bollywood cinema is known as masala. Like the spice blend of the same name, masala films are known for their heterogeneous mix, packing genres such as romance, comedy, action, drama, and melodrama into the same movie. Although Max Pinckers has made romance the specific focus of his series Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty, it could easily be filed in the masala category. Pinckers’s photographs offer humor, drama, allegory, and poetry. Visually inspired by the culture of Bollywood—with its dramatized body language, passionate romance, and clashes between tradition and contemporary mores—Pinckers’s delicately constructed situations, and the genuine characters that populate them, are more fragile and nuanced than their cinematic ur-narratives, carefully balancing real-life constraints with the starry-eyed sensations of love. He captures the paradoxes of romance in a city where different generations, religions, and the push-and-pull of past and future have a stronghold on society and culture, even on the film industry. - Excerpt from a text by Paula Kupfer, Aperture Foundation, New York, March 2014.

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Cat# ZF924S Softbound [Signed] $100.00
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