Nail Houses or the Destruction Of Lower Shanghai.
Photographs by Peter Bialobrzeski.
Hatje Cantz, 2014. 116 pp., 64 color illustrations, 8x11¾".

Publisher's Description
During his travels through China, Peter Bialobrzeski (born 1961) became aware of the constructions known as “nail houses”-derelict houses earmarked for demolition, whose owners refused to vacate. In Nail Houses or the Destruction of Lower Shanghai, the artist gathers photographs of these isolated structures, often captured in the evening hours, when brightly lit windows convey a sense of the domestic comfort these homes provide for their owners, despite their condition. Bialobrzeski stands up for these stubborn homeowners, compelling the viewer to face uncomfortable questions and underscoring the right of every human being to a home and a feeling of security. Following the publication of Case Study Homes and Informal Arrangements, this striking volume completes the Habitat trilogy.

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