Photographs by Rein Jelle Terpstra.
Post Editions, 2014. 88 pp., 45 color illustrations, 8¾x11¾".

Publisher's Description
Dutch photographer Rein Jelle Terpstra centers his new series and publication on people about to loose their eyesight. In Retracing, there is a thoughtful investigation into visual perception and the tension between remembrance and forgetting. Terpstra photographed scenes his subjects wish to remember on Kodachrome slides, with a promise to later describe their images in words. His use of Kodachrome film adds an additional layer to the project—besides its exceptional color—since the film is no longer produced. As only the memories of images exist to his participants, so does the history of the material used. This beautiful, linen-bound book reflects that conceptual construction: the first section, printed on photo paper, reproduces the Kodachrome slides across the page as film stills; while the second, on matte stock, documents the exhibition of projections.

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