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Playing Borders.
Photographs by Anouk Kruithof.
Revolver Publishing by VVV, 2009. Unpaged, Illustrated throughout, 8x12¾".

Publisher's Description
The scenery of my fictitious photographic image-essay Playing borders is an office building from the eighties in Rotterdam. One floor of the building was my studio during the first three months of 2008. The floor consists of cold dreary voids, wherein decay and destruction are clearly visible. All traces of human activity have perished from the floor and there is nothing left but an atmosphere of desolation. This atmosphere embodies the 'state of mind' of Western man in my opinion, as I describe it in my prologue. Playing Borders is an experimental journey with the camera through the abandoned floor, wherein many temporary installations and interferences have playfully been constructed. The materials that have been left behind, which where once the firmaments of the same floor, were reused by me, and they form the base of a newly construed subjective reality. Useless junk gets a meaningful importance again. During the process I invited people, who got into contact with the installations in the rooms. They executed performance like actions at times, or simply left a trail of their presence. The images mainly exist through my constant intuitive reaction to all that happens during the process. There are swift and dynamic constructions and destructions and through this new situations arise. In my story of images, I constantly play with the borders between photography, installation art and performance. The images mainly come into being via constant intuitive reaction. The eventual images are mostly the insignificant intermediate moments, stacking layer upon layer and calling questions considering their meaning into being.

Berlin 2009, Revolver VVV, ill., 20 x 30 – 32,5 cm, slipcover, photos, posters

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