TJ / Double Negative.
The Various Names of Johannesburg. 50 Years of the City.

Photographs by David Goldblatt.
Contrasto, 2010. 468 pp., 300 color and black & white illustrations, 12x11".

Publisher's Description
This is a luxurious box containing two books, a large book on Johannesburg, TJ, with astonishing pictures by David Goldblatt, and a smaller second book, Double Negative, with a novel by Ivan Vladislavic. This collection is an exceptional duo-edition in a special format—part fiction and part photo-essay.

The book is about Johannesburg and about life in the city, home, habit, change, memory, mortality, friendship, ghosts, gardens, walking, falling, selling, and stealing. It is a partial account of both authors' lives in their neighborhoods; it is a selective self-portrait.

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