Was Einem Heimat War.
Photographs by Peter Granser.
Bücher & Hefte Verlag, 2012. 80 pp., illustrated throughout, 6¾x9½".

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Publisher's Description
Peter Granser set off in search of traces of the town of Gruorn on the Swabian Alb, which was forcibly evacuated in 1939. He documents the eventful history of a landscape that was used for over 100 years as a training ground for the armed forces. In 2005, the terrain, still strongly contaminated with projectiles and unexploded ordnance, was declared a biosphere reserve.

About the Limited Edition

Two special editions limited to 15 copies each are available. They are made up of a signed copy of the book “Was einem Heimat war” and a folder containing a signed 21 × 30 cm print of the motif “Spuren 4” or the triptych “Sighting unit / Mortar shell / Armor- piercing discarding sabot”, along with a DVD of the video work.

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