Photographs by David Magnusson.
Max Ström, 2014. Unpaged, color illustrations, 10¾x13¼".

Publisher's Description
'Purity Balls are a relatively recent American phenomenon, and thus caught the eye of Swedish photographer David Magnusson. There was nothing like that in his country. He was intrigued, so he hung around some of the balls and gradually gained access. The resulting portraits are gorgeous. Each portrait shows a father and daughter (sometimes multiple daughters) embracing. The subjects wear their formal Purity Ball outfits, generally black-tie and ballgown. Using pre-dawn daylight with natural backdrops, Magnusson has imbued his photos with an ethereal glow. The tones are low-contrast, over exposed by a few stops, and given a cotton candy pink/cyan colorcast. I've never seen heaven but if I had to imagine a photograph of it, these would be close.' - From the review by Blake Andrews

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