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Anthony Hernandez: Everything. Anthony Hernandez
Sale $52.00
For nearly a year and a half, Hernandez walked the basin of the Los Angeles River, photographing the changes that occur to the waterway as levels fluctuate in tune with the dry and rainy seasons... More
  William Christenberry: Works on Paper. William Christenberry
Works on Paper
Sale $75.00
"Widely known for his work in photography and sculpture, William Christenberry’s early career was marked by large abstract expressionist paintings (1954–64)... More
Andres Serrano: America and Other Work. Andres Serrano
America and Other Work
Sale $38.39
"To many, Andres Serrano is the man responsible for "Piss Christ" and a national debate over government funding of controversial art. For those who look deeper, he's a highly-accomplished, ever... More
  Scottish Photography
Sale $23.96
A collection of works by contemporary Scottish photographers. Artists featured are Calum Colvin, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Gavin Evans, Owen Logan, Calum Angus Mackay, Wendy McMurdo, Ron O'Donnell... More
Andreas Muller-Pohle: The Danube River Project. Andreas Muller-Pohle
The Danube River Project
Sale $41.60
"The Danube is the European river per se flowing through ten countries—Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria... More
  Santu Mofokeng: Chasing Shadows. Santu Mofokeng
Chasing Shadows
Sale $60.00
"The first monograph on the major South African photographer Santu Mofokeng offers a visual record of the complexities of a multi–layered society, from the apartheid era to the time thereafter... More
Ultima Thule: Ultima Thule. Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule
Sale $48.00
  Karl Blossfeldt: The Berlin Collection. Karl Blossfeldt
The Berlin Collection
Sale $60.00
Selected from 600 vintage prints recently discovered at the Berlin Hochschule der Kunste--the school where Blossfeldt taught--this book presents over 100 of those unpublished images... More
Andrea Modica: Minor League Andrea Modica
Minor League
Sale $20.00
"Among the most compelling and accomplished young photographers to emerge in the last five years, Andrea Modica had her first solo exhibition in 1991... More
  Rick Nahmias: The Migrant Project. Rick Nahmias
The Migrant Project
Sale $17.92
"The images in this book highlight the lives of the men and women who struggle to exist while literally feeding this country... More
Jeff Brouws: Approaching Nowhere. Jeff Brouws
Approaching Nowhere
Sale $40.00
"Like many who grew up during the spread of sprawl—with its predictable landscape of housing developments, shopping malls, interstate highways, and big... More
  Anthropology And Photography: A World on Display. Anthropology And Photography
A World on Display
Sale $19.97
Although the century had turned when the World's Fair came to St. Louis, it was clearly a Victorian event. Not only were the finest arts and crafts of America displayed... More
Athi-Mara Magadi: Santa Fe Originals. Athi-Mara Magadi
Santa Fe Originals
Sale $31.96
"Several years in the making, and much anticipated, Santa Fe Originals features 80 portraits which represents a photographic "Who's Who" of the unconventional, contemporary women of Santa Fe... More
  Arthur Lazar: Arthur Lazar. Arthur Lazar
Arthur Lazar
Sale $38.40
For the first time Arthur Lazar's finest landscape work is available in a beautifully printed monograph. For over 30 years he has photographed in New Mexico, Utah... More
Monika Merva: The City of Children. Monika Merva
The City of Children
Sale $36.00
""Having visited the City of Children many times over the years, I have become increasingly impressed by its quiet, and often hidden, power and beauty... More
  George Tice: Ticetown. George Tice
Sale $38.40
"“In these photographs made between 1992 and 1998, the celebrated photographer George Tice explores his family's three-hundred-year history in America. Entitled Ticetown... More
Ann Parker: Los Ambulantes Ann Parker
Los Ambulantes
Sale $40.00
Now defunct in most parts of the world, the art of itinerant photography still lives in Guatemala... More
  H.H. Bennett: H.H. Bennett. H.H. Bennett
H.H. Bennett
Sale $7.68
Johan Berglund: Eight Hours. Johan Berglund
Eight Hours
Sale $68.00
"Swedish photographer Johan Berglund presents a thought provoking collection of images taken over a ten year period in various locations of armed conflict, such as Somalia, Liberia, Angola and Bosnia... More
  Annaleen Louwes: Minor Details. Annaleen Louwes
Minor Details
Sale $49.00
"A half-naked man, sitting on a chair, looking sideways; a young man awkwardly fumbling with his shirt button; a woman leaning against a wall, her hair hanging in front of her face... More

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