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Theo Anderson: White Sands. Theo Anderson
White Sands
"Theo Anderson's, GUN CRIMES, is the initial artist book based on the episodes of his ongoing work, CADILLAC. "The photographs are not so much about place as they are about transformation... More
  Kazuo Kitai: Barricade. Kazuo Kitai
Chris McCaw: Sunburn. Chris McCaw
  Gary Briechle: Gary Briechle. Gary Briechle
Gary Briechle
Melinda Gibson: The Photographs As Contemporary Art. Melinda Gibson
The Photographs As Contemporary Art
  Fritz Liedtke: Astra Velum. Fritz Liedtke
Astra Velum
Stephen Shore: The Book of Books. Stephen Shore
The Book of Books
"Intrigued by the creative potential of print-on-demand technology, in 2003 Stephen Shore began making a series of books using Apple's iPhoto service... More
  Karianne Bueno: Asper. Karianne Bueno
AndrÉ Cepeda: Rien. AndrÉ Cepeda
  Daido Moriyama: Okinawa. Daido Moriyama
Maurice Scheltens: Unfolded. Maurice Scheltens
  Terri Weifenbach: 17 Days. Terri Weifenbach
17 Days
Kelli Connell: Double Life. Kelli Connell
Double Life
  Brian Rose: Time and Space on the Lower East. Brian Rose
Time and Space on the Lower East
Antoine D’agata: Insomnia. Antoine D’agata
"“The night, the sex, the wandering... The need to record, not as a deliberate act, but as a flat pattern of regular and extreme experiences... More
  Antoine D Antoine D'Agata
Max Kellenberger: Feld Und Flur. Max Kellenberger
Feld Und Flur
"This is a limited edition portfolio with 10 photogravures printed by Unai San Martin.

Number 1-11 are regular photogravures, number 12 ...
  Thatcher Hullerman Cook: Black Apple. Thatcher Hullerman Cook
Black Apple
Issei Suda: Issei Suda. Issei Suda
Issei Suda

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