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: Souvenirs du Sphinx.
Souvenirs du Sphinx

The pyramids overshadowed the Sphinx for millennia until drawings, prints and, especially, photographs made it an icon. Wouters Deruytter&rsquo... More

  : Concrete Abstraction.
Concrete Abstraction

"Occasions at which people ask me about my photographs have been increasing lately.

On the fundamental question, 'Why landscapes... More

: Beautés D
Beautés D'Archive (The Beauties Archive)

The French Society of Photography holds an abyss of work that has been collected from donations since 1854, the date of its inauguration... More

  : Madalyn.

My niece, Madalyn, and her brother, Copeland, explore Georgia with me, canoeing the Ocmulgee, crossing the rocks below the dam at Juliette to discover an island full of goats... More

: Index.

Index is a photographic work by Antoine d'Agata on the rest areas of highways with a journal in French... More

  Lois Conner: Beijing. Lois Conner
"For nearly 30 years Lois Conner has been traveling to China to photograph the juxtaposition of contemporary architecture... More
: Chizu (Map).
Chizu (Map)

The original 1965 edition of Chizu is a legendary photography book that is virtually impossible to catch sight of today... More

  Lino, Rita: Entartete. Lino, Rita

Entartete (German for Degenerate) is the result of more than 10 years of auto-portraiture by the emerging Portuguese photographer, Rita Lino... More

Leardini, Massimo: Scandinavian. Leardini, Massimo

The first book specifically devoted to the Scandinavian works of the Italian photographer Massimo Leardini... More

  : Leiko Ikemura (Japanese Edition).
Leiko Ikemura (Japanese Edition)
"This tranquilly meandering volume is a record of conversations between two artists who are also long-time friends, conducted through poetry and softly resonant photographs... More
: Facial Signature.
Facial Signature
"Japanese artist Tomoko Sawada uses photography and techniques of performance art to explore ideas of identity, status, culture, individualism, stereotypes... More
  : Colors.

According to Ivan Vartanian, Tokyo-based photographer Yoshinori Mizutani “is part of the Tumblr generation of photographers”. Using social media... More

: New Horizons (12 Postcards).
New Horizons (12 Postcards)

On New Years Eve 2011 artist Bruno van den Elshout launches his camera-machine on the roof of a hotel on the beach in The Hague (NL). His goal is to capture the North Sea-horizon one year round... More

  Weiner, Cyrille: Twice. Weiner, Cyrille
"French photographer Cyrille Weiner is interested in the unexpected uses and appropriation of places. His projects propose a free interpretation of urban, geographic... More
Leardini, Massimo: Catarsi. Leardini, Massimo

Less images of visual phenomena than of perception itself, Catarsiby Massimo Leardini presents a world beyond the depicted... More

  John Gossage: Pomodori a Grappolo. John Gossage
Pomodori a Grappolo


Selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by:

: The Lonely Ones.
The Lonely Ones

Inspired by the late, great cartoonist William Steig and his classic book,The Lonely Ones (which pairs Steig’s line-drawn characters with simple one-liners of dialogue-to-self)... More

  Lange, Michael: Fluss. Lange, Michael

Signed regular edition copies come with a tipped-in print (prints may vary). View the signed plate page  More

Heckert, Virginia: Light, Paper, Process. Heckert, Virginia
Light, Paper, Process
From its beginnings, photography has been shaped by the desire to understand and explore the essence of the medium. Light, Paper... More
  : Opening the Sky.
Opening the Sky

In 1980, the American photographer Larry Fink received a grant from the Seattle Museum of Art, or as he tells the story, ‘My star was starting to rise. I was called... More


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