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Vrba, Lori: The Moth Wing Diaries. Vrba, Lori
The Moth Wing Diaries
"The Moth Wing Diaries is a photographic narrative addressing themes of memory, providence, revival and dreams, by native Texan photographer Lori Vrba (born 1964)... More
  Palma, Luis Gonzalez: Luis González Palma. Palma, Luis Gonzalez
Luis González Palma
"This book explores the artistic evolution of Guatemalan photographer Luis Gónzález Palma (born 1957). Gónzalez Palma's carefully composed images are characterized by his luxuriant use of props... More
: Some More Hong Kong Seating Arrangements.
Some More Hong Kong Seating Arrangements

With this fifth volume it is clear that this series of books develops to Michael Wolf´s "Hong Kong Back Alley Encyclopedia". For 20 years now the photographer has lived in Hong Kong... More

  Brykczynski, Jan: The Gardener. Brykczynski, Jan
The Gardener

Picked as Book of the Week by ... More

: Adrift.

"In 2013 I traveled from the continent of Antarctica to Barrow, Alaska, 320 miles north of the Artic Circle, through seventeen countries in the Americas. I documented dwellings... More

  : Dear Erin Hart,.
Dear Erin Hart,

Jessamyn Lovell's identity was stolen by a San Francisco-based woman named Erin Hart. Dear Erin Hart... More

: Still/Life.

Still/Life features new constructed images and concludes with an illustrated summary of the artist’s forty year career... More

  : Of Men.
Of Men

"In a series of elegant black and white protraits Zoë Zimmerman constructs images of men in close contact, craddling and carrying each other in ways that might suggest intamcy... More

Lerner, Ben: Blossom. Lerner, Ben

The texts and images presented here are part of Blossom, a collaboration between the artist Thomas Demand and writer Ben Lerner... More

  : H. said he loved us.
H. said he loved us

Picked as Book of the Week by ... More

Kawada, Kikuji: The Last Cosmology. Kawada, Kikuji
The Last Cosmology

I was born at the beginning of the Showa Era. There was a great war during my boyhood and then I lived during the period of re... More

  : Staging Disorder.
Staging Disorder

The concept of Staging Disorder looks not to how photographers have staged disordered reality themselves... More

Knibbeler, Sjoerd: Paper Planes. Knibbeler, Sjoerd
Paper Planes

Dutch visual artist Sjoerd Knibbeler’s most recent work involves folding paper to create model airplanes; not playthings... More

  Weinberg, Jonathan: Coming Out. Weinberg, Jonathan
Coming Out
"Amateur photographer Leonard Fink lived and worked in New York City, documenting over 25 years of its gay life, including pride parades, bars... More
: Jaunt.

Picked as Book of the Week by John Phelan

Lotte Reimann’s series about steel... More

  : Paradiesvogel (Birds of Paradise) 2.
Paradiesvogel (Birds of Paradise) 2

Self-published through Erik van der Weijde’s own imprint, this magazine-style book contains an inventory of heavily rasterized reproductions taken from a publication on German tanks... More

: Prophet.


  Michael Ashkin: Long Branch. Michael Ashkin
Long Branch

Michael Ashkin’s Long Branch documents the eradication of a New Jersey working-class... More

Ruwedel, Mark: Mark Ruwedel. Ruwedel, Mark
Mark Ruwedel

Over the past three decades, Mark Ruwedel (born 1954) has examined the intersections of representation, cultural memory and shifting perceptions of space... More

  Tichy, Miroslav: Miroslav Tichy. Pictures of Fair to Middling Women. Tichy, Miroslav
Miroslav Tichy. Pictures of Fair to Middling Women
"The Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt staged Miroslav Tichy's (1926-2011) first solo exhibition in Germany in 2003, just after his photographs were rediscovered... More

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