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Photographs by Zoë Zimmerman.: Of Men. Of Men
Photographs by Zoë Zimmerman.

  Photographs by Julia Borissova.: Running to the Edge. Running to the Edge
Photographs by Julia Borissova.

Photographs by Michael Light.: Lake Las Vegas / Black Mountain. Lake Las Vegas / Black Mountain
Photographs by Michael Light.

Radius Books
  Photographs by Halil. Graphic Design by Thorsten Kirchhoff.: I Am Playing Ping-Pong Now. I Am Playing Ping-Pong Now
Photographs by Halil. Graphic Design by Thorsten Kirchhoff.

Focuscop Foto Form
Photographs and text by Jason Vaughn.: hide. hide
Photographs and text by Jason Vaughn.

Trema Förlag
  Photographs by Giles Cassels.: Floatation Tank. Floatation Tank
Photographs by Giles Cassels.

Photographs by Mike Brodie.: Tones of Dirt and Bone. Tones of Dirt and Bone
Photographs by Mike Brodie.

Twin Palms Publishers
  Photographs by Jon Cazenave.: Ama Lur. Ama Lur
Photographs by Jon Cazenave.

By Martin Parr.: We Love Britain! Photographs. We Love Britain! Photographs
By Martin Parr.

  Photographs by Martin Parr.: Martin Parr. Martin Parr
Photographs by Martin Parr.

By Florian Braakman.: She Comes in Colors. She Comes in Colors
By Florian Braakman.

  Text and photographs by Coco Young. Editor by Maxwell Anderson.: Vanity. Vanity
Text and photographs by Coco Young. Editor by Maxwell Anderson.

Photographs by Ryuichi Ishikawa.: okinawan portraits 2010-2012. okinawan portraits 2010-2012
Photographs by Ryuichi Ishikawa.

T&M Projects
  Photographs by Daniel Traub.: North Philadelphia. North Philadelphia
Photographs by Daniel Traub.

Kehrer Verlag
Photographs by Michael Wolf.: Hong Kong Informal Seating Arrangements. Hong Kong Informal Seating Arrangements
Photographs by Michael Wolf.

Peperoni Books
  By Jh Engström and Margot Wallard.: Karaoke Sunne. Karaoke Sunne
By Jh Engström and Margot Wallard.

Super Labo
Illustrated by Maggie Taylor. Text by Lewis Carroll.: Lewis Carroll Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Illustrated by Maggie Taylor. Text by Lewis Carroll.

  Photographs by Lucas Blalock.: SPBH BOOK CLUB VOL VII. SPBH BOOK CLUB VOL VII
Photographs by Lucas Blalock.

SPBH Editions
Photographs by Curtis Hamilton.: Tar Beach Blind. Tar Beach Blind
Photographs by Curtis Hamilton.

  Photographs by Melinda Gibson.: Spbh Book Club Vol VI. Spbh Book Club Vol VI
Photographs by Melinda Gibson.

SPBH Editions

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