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Friday, June 7th, 2002    Volume 2, No. 21

 P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S    S H O W C A S E sm
Image © by Robert Bianchi
© Robert Bianchi
Robert Bianchi
”Using the nude, my work explores the sensibilities of form and abstraction. The interplay of light and shadow and how that reflects and comments upon our perceptions, along with how individuals approach the nude—both with their carnal and spiritual desires—is the subject of my exploration.” -- Robert Bianchi.

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p h o t o - e y e    G A L L E R Y    -    S a n t a    F e
Opening Tonight in Our Santa Fe Gallery!
  Image © Hiroshi Watanabe
© Hiroshi Watanabe
Image © Carlos Diaz
© Carlos Diaz
Image © Doug Keyes
© Doug Keyes
Join us this evening for an artist reception with Carlos Diaz from 5 to 7 for his exhibition Invented Landscapes. Also opening, Doug Keyes: Collective Memory and Hiroshi Watanabe: Quiet Observations. Don't miss the special appearance of Widgets by sculptor James Brems. Contact Wendy Lewis, Gallery Director, for further information.

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  J U S T    I N    A N D    R E C O M M E N D E D
August Sanders: People of the 20th Century August Sander: People of the 20th Century
Born in 1876, Sander was a prolific recorder of all aspects of life in Germany during the first half of the twentieth century, but it is his typological work on the people of Germany for which he is most known. Staying faithful to Sander's underlying ideas, this new edition appears in seven volumes, addressing each of the major divisions of his work.

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S I G N E D   B O O K S
Carl Chiarenza: Evocations Carl Chiarenza: Evocations
Chiarenza has had a unique and unqualified influence on the American photography scene. Most known for his innovative approach to collage, he has simultaneously developed a career as educator, art historian and critic. This new volume brings together 80 of Chiarenza's most important photographs from a definitive period, the mid-1980s to 2000.

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O U T - O F - P R I N T    B O O K S
Eduard Steichen: The Master Prints 1895-1914 Steichen: The Master Prints 1895–1914
The surviving photographs by Edward Steichen during the turn-of-the-century years are works of unparalleled richness in the history of the medium. These transcendent compositions on paper present sumptuous surfaces and subtle color tones and shadings that confound the usual preconceptions of what a photograph looks like. This hardbound copy, with the original dustjacket, is in Fine condition, with slight sunfading on the spine of the jacket.

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D E E P    D I S C O U N T S
Ghost in the Shell: Photography in the Human Soul Ghost in the Shell: Photography in the Human Soul
Ghost in the Shell takes a deeper look at portraiture, collecting works in search of the 'inner' experience. In three heavily, inventively illustrated essays, the authors relate 150 years of photographers' searches for the soul. From Nadar and the medical photographs of Duchenne de Boulogne, to Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol, no stone remains unturned.

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T E C H N I C A L    B O O K S
Douglas Holleley: Digital Book Design and Publishing Douglas Holleley: Digital Book Design and Publishing
A highly informative and extremely useful book, Digital Book Design and Publishing contains a wealth of information for anyone who is interested in the book form or publishing in general. Major sections of the book include Establishing a Layout Style, Assembling the Document Digitally, and Bookbinding. Holleley also extensively addresses image-scanning pitfalls, typography issues, and the use of QuarkXPressTM for the overall design.

Cat# RT003S Softbound $39.95 Online Price $35.95 - Save 10%
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