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Saturday, March 29th 2003    Volume 3, No. 13

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photo-eye Spring 2003 Booklist Spring 2003 Booklist
Two major changes have coalesced with this issue, one obvious the other not: COLOR & SUBSCRIPTIONS. As you can see we're sporting a fresh new color design giving you a better sense of the true look of the books we sell. With this issue our Booklist is now subscription based. Domestic customers: place an order and receive the Booklist for a year at no charge. — Rixon Reed, photo-eye Director.

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photo-eye Spring 2003 Booklist
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  B E S T   O F   2 0 0 2   A W A R D S
Best of 2002 Awards Best of 2002 Awards
"Each Winter since 1994 the staff of photo-eye has the pleasure of poring over the books of the previous year at an informal party, the goal of which, by the end of the night, is to come up with a list of titles which are deemed to be the year�s best. The preliminary discussions, always boisterous and heated�for we�re an opinionated bunch�are then followed by raucous voting which produces a group of roughly two dozen amazing titles. They represent what we feel are the most significant, in terms of the work contained, beautiful, in the overall quality of production, and well-designed books of the last year."—from the Awards article by Darius Himes

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Here are two of the award-winning books:

John Gossage and Terri Weifenbach: Snake Eyes John Gossage and Terri Weifenbach: Snake Eyes
It would be well-nigh impossible to overstate the beauty of this book, as it would be to overstate Weifenbach's embrace of the beautiful in her work. She moves calmly and deliberately among the gardens and roads of the tiny Italian town she has taken as subject. Then along comes Mr. Gossage, her husband and complete photographic antithesis. Only 500 copies were printed, each with an original color print tipped onto the cover.

Cat# ZC017H Hardbound $150
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John Gossage and Terri Weifenbach: Snake Eyes

Masao Yamamoto: Nakazora
'Nakazora' is a Buddhist term that has multiple meanings, including "the space between sky and earth; a state when the feet do not touch the ground; the center of the sky; the zenith." It is a perfect word to use in relation to Yamamoto's work, for he is seemingly not concerned so much with subject matter as he is with allowing the subject to be a signpost to the immaterial, to the 'other'.

Cat# TR091H Hardbound $200.00
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Masao Yamamoto: Nakazora
  B O O K L I S T    H I G H L I G H T S
Hasselblad Award 2001: Sugimoto
Hasselblad Award 2001: Sugimoto
Since 1980, the Hasselblad Center in Sweden has offered a yearly award to a major figure in photography whose work is internationally known. The award for 2001 went to Hiroshi Sugimoto, a Japanese-born photographer who has lived in New York since 1974 and whose work is deeply concerned with the paradoxes of time.

Cat# ZC076H Hardbound $35.00 Online Price $31.50  Save 10%
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Hasselblad Award 2001: Sugimoto

The Allen Sisters: Pictorial Photographers, 1885-1920
The Allen Sisters: Pictorial Photographers, 1885-1920
Sisters Mary and Frances Allen set themselves apart from other prominent fin-de-si�cle women photographers in their pastoral, quotidian subject matter of New England country life. Presented as a collection of platinum prints, this clothbound exhibition catalogue accompanies a travelling show originating at the Memorial Hall Museum, in Deerfield, MA.

Cat# ZC074H Hardbound $50.00 Online Price $45.00  Save 10%
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The Allen Sisters: Pictorial Photographers, 1885-1920

Wynn Bullock
Wynn Bullock
The Shape of Survival, on the work of John Cohen, and Wynn Bullock are the latest in an ongoing, informal series of exhibition catalogues by the Stephen Daiter Gallery. Finely printed in duotone and ingenuously designed, these petite volumes each present around 25 images.

Cat# ZC071S Soft bound $25.00 Online Price $22.50  Save 10%
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Wynn Bullock

  D E E P    D I S C O U N T S
Elvis and Presley
Elvis & Presley
These two European-born photojournalists each dressed as Elvis, left Manhattan on a Greyhound bus and made their way, over a three week period, to Death Valley. Huber photographed Vanfleteren in black-and-white while Vanfleteren photographed Huber in color. A trippy travelogue that could only be pulled off in America.

Cat# PK644H Hardbound $45.00 Online Price $14.95  Save 67%
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Elvis and Presley

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  E R R A T A—L I M I T E D    E D I T I O N
Ellen von Unwerth: Revenge Ellen von Unwerth: Revenge

Price change: In the March 14th email newsletter two prices were misquoted: Regular edition is $40 not $60; Limited Edition is $100 not $200. If you ordered then you have been refunded the difference.

Ellen von Unwerth is known for her sexy, unrestrained approach to fashion and photography, as witnessed in Couples. In Revenge, her first book in several years, she is the director on the set of a lusty, sadomasochistic tale. The limited edition is signed/numbered to 200. The deluxe edition, which comes in a clamshell box with a 5x7" original silver print, is signed/numbered to 250.

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Cat# TT118H Hardbound $40.00 Online Price $36.00  Save 10%
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Cat# TT118L Slipcased Hardbound $100.00
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Cat# TT121D Slipcased Hardbound $300.00
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Ellen von Unwerth: Revenge

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