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Friday, April 11th 2003    Volume 3, No. 15

  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S   S H O W C A S E ®
Pete Davis's new portfolio Wildwood
"Beauty, mystery, myth, spirituality and history are all represented here, all significant aspects of the British landscape."—Pete Davis
Image © by Pete Davis
© Pete Davis
Pen Gelli Forest

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  J U S T - I N   A N D   R E C O M M E N D E D
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Architecture Hiroshi Sugimoto: Architecture
"I'm trying to recreate the imaginative visions of the architecture before the architect built the building, so I can trace back the original vision from the finished product."—Hiroshi Sugimoto

Cat# PK847H Hardbound $55.00 Online Price $49.50  Save 10%
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Hiroshi Sugimoto: Architecture

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Architecture Another classic from Hiroshi Sugimoto:

Beautifully composed images of the interiors of historic movie theaters and the surroundings of small town drive-ins, Sugimoto records the scene during the length of a movie shown at the same time of the exposure. The result is magical—the screen radiates white light, casting a subtly diffused glow over the entire surroundings. There is also a 1000 copy limited edition, housed in a brushed aluminum case. View the limited edition print.

Cat# ZB774H Hardbound $175.00
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Hiroshi Sugimoto: Architecture

  D E E P    D I S C O U N T S
Patrick Nagatani: Nuclear Enchantment
Patrick Nagatani: Nuclear Enchantment
"Nagatani's work draws on New Mexico's dual role as both birthplace of the Nuclear Age and home to the oldest continuous culture in North America, that of the Pueblo Indians. His large-format photographs, characterized by an intense, sulfuric color, explore with profound wit and irony the artist's deep understanding of nuclear fear in our time."--the publisher. The essay by Eugenia Parry provides insights into Nagatani's work and its cultural context.

Cat# NM092H Hardbound $45.00 Online Price $9.95  Save 78%
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Patrick Nagatani: Nuclear Enchantment
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  B A C K   I N   P R I N T
Richard Avedon Portraits
Richard Avedon Portraits
"You can't get at the thing itself, the real nature of the sitter, by stripping away the surface. The surface is all you've got. You can only get beyond the surface by working with the surface."—Richard Avedon.

Cat# AB261H Hardbound $35.00 Online Price $31.50  Save 10%
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Richard Avedon Portraits

   O U T - O F - P R I N T
Thomas Struth: Strassen
Thomas Struth: Strassen
Although Struth has become most well known for images taken in the world's great museums, the central theme of Struth's work has always been the cityscape. His distinctive black-and-white streetscapes evoke a sense of history and design, making the city block a symbol for its surrounding culture.

Cat# TR048H Hardbound $60.00
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  S A N T A   F E   E V E N T S
Verve Fine Arts: Premiere Opening

Don Kirby: Photographs
The opening reception is Friday, April 11, 2003 5-8pm
Image © by Don Kirby
© Don Kirby
Bluegrass, Jackson Rd., WA, 1997

View Don Kirby's online portfolio and find directions: www.VerveFineArts.com.
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photo-eye Spring 2003 Booklist Spring 2003 Booklist
"Two major changes have coalesced with this issue, one obvious the other not: COLOR & SUBSCRIPTIONS. As you can see we're sporting a fresh new color design giving you a better sense of the true look of the books we sell. With this issue our Booklist is now subscription based. However, if you place an order you'll receive the Booklist for a year at no charge."— Rixon Reed, photo-eye Director.

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photo-eye Spring 2003 Booklist

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