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Friday, April 18th 2003    Volume 3, No. 16

  p h o t o - e y e   G A L L E R Y - S A N T A   F E
Zoë Zimmerman: Elements of Containment
Opening Reception Friday, April 18th, 5-7pm
Exhibition continues through May 24, 2003
Image © by Zoë Zimmerman

© Zoë Zimmerman

Sumi-e I

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  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S   S H O W C A S E ®
Jennifer Drucker's new portfolio
"I have always been fascinated by the constant struggle between light and darkness from both a physical and symbolic perspective."—Jennifer Drucker
Image © by Jennifer Drucker
© Jennifer Drucker

Hydrogen Peroxide, 2002

Gelatin-Silver Print
16x16" Image
20x20" Mat
Edition of 25

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  J U S T - I N   A N D   R E C O M M E N D E D
Andy Goldsworthy: Refuges D'Art Andy Goldsworthy: Refuges d'Art
Refuges d�Art is a walk in the countryside surrounding Digne, France peppered with works by Goldsworthy. "It combines contemplation with interaction—an approach reflected in this accompanying catalogue and CD-ROM. Sketches, descriptions of the works along the path and a unique diary written by Goldsworthy during the construction of Refuges d�Art are illustrated by full page photographs. In French and English."—the publisher

Very few copies in stock, back orders to be filled by summer.

Cat# ID645S Softbound $24.75
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Andy Goldsworthy: Refuges D'Art
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  D E E P    D I S C O U N T S
Nadav Kander: Beauty's Nothing
Nadav Kander: Beauty's Nothing
Kander, born in Israel and raised in South Africa, moved to London where he set up his first photography studio in the mid-80s and promptly began shooting for a variety of magazines, both editorially and commercially. This is his first monograph, with the images arranged like chapters, interspersed with texts and poems.

Cat# AE037H Hardbound $60.00 Online Price $19.95  Save 67%
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Nadav Kander: Beauty's Nothing

John Rawlings: 30 Years in Vogue
John Rawlings: 30 Years in Vogue
"John Rawlings (1912-1970) was one of the most prolific photographers of the twentieth century, with more than 200 Vogue and Glamour covers to his credit, as well as an extensive roster of commercial ad campaigns. Rawling's work, perhaps more than that of any other mid-century American fashion photographer, distinguishes itself as a veritable time capsule from the era in which American fashion and American style truly came into their own."—the publisher.

Cat# AE034H Hardbound $60.00 Online Price $19.95  Save 67%
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John Rawlings: 30 Years in Vogue
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  S I G N E D   B O O K S
Esko Männikkö: The Female Pike
Esko Männikkö: The Female Pike—Signed
Revolving around the experience of fishing for pike in midwinter, Female Pike is a native son's study of rural Finnish people and their culture. Documentary/editorial in nature, the work has a sympathetic quality that comes only from an intimacy with the language and life these people live. Mannikko's color photography is shimmering at times and gorgeously muted at others, carrying the quiet paradox of despair and acceptance that pervades so many rural towns.

Cat# ZC055H Signed Hardbound $49.00
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Esko Männikkö: The Female Pike

Esko Männikkö: Mexas
Esko Männikkö: Mexas—Signed
A brilliant Finnish photographer who works primarily in rich, saturated color, Mannikko has been the subject of numerous exhibitions both in his homeland and abroad. The work presented in this monograph was made in and around San Antonio and Batesville, Texas near the Mexican border. He is most concerned with people and their surroundings, both natural and created. The printing, done in Finland, is lush and reminds one of the award-winning book, IChickenMoon of several years ago.

Cat# ZC054H Signed Hardbound $40.00
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Esko Männikkö: Mexas

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   O U T - O F - P R I N T
Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales
Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales
With limited availability, this rare Koudelka monograph is already a sought after collectable. In Reconnaissance, the longtime Magnum photographer continues his panoramic camera work, creating a dark, lyrical, and compelling view of the Welsh countryside. Unique and beautifully printed, the book is designed as an accordion-fold with spectacular double-page images and an illustrated index.

Cat# ZB431H Hardbound Accordian-Fold $200.00
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Josef Koudelka: Reconnaissance Wales

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photo-eye Spring 2003 Booklist Spring 2003 Booklist
"Two major changes have coalesced with this issue, one obvious the other not: COLOR & SUBSCRIPTIONS. As you can see we're sporting a fresh new color design giving you a better sense of the true look of the books we sell. With this issue our Booklist is now subscription based. However, if you place an order you'll receive the Booklist for a year at no charge."— Rixon Reed, photo-eye Director.

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photo-eye Spring 2003 Booklist

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