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Tria Giovan's portfolio Cuba The Elusive Island
"This body of work attempts to capture Cuba before the inevitable changes that tourism and development will bring. As a testament to the spirit of the Cuban people, as well as a documentation of a difficult and important period of Cuba's history these photographs will only increase in their historical value as the change and development continues."—Tria Giovan
Image © Tria Giovan
Image © Tria Giovan
    Office With Che and Camilo-Havana, Cuba, 1993

Chromogenic Print
15 x 22" Image
23 x 30" Mat
Edition 2 of 30

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  A U C T I O N S
Diary of Light, The Definitive Kertész CatalogueDiary of Light, The Definitive Kertész Catalogue
"A brilliant retrospective of Kertész's career. Stunning facsimile reproductions are achieved through the Tritone process."—the publisher.
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Mandel & Sultan: Evidence (1st edition): Mandel & Sultan: Evidence (1st edition) $350 4
1d 23h 44m
Frederick Sommer: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars: Frederick Sommer: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars $40 3
2d 0h 14m
Linda Connor. Solos (Signed): Linda Connor. Solos (Signed) $100 7
5d 1h 14m
André Kertész: Diary of Light, 1912-1985: André Kertész: Diary of Light, 1912-1985 $675 7
6d 0h 14m
Edouard Boubat: Pauses: Edouard Boubat: Pauses $130 1
6d 0h 44m
Robert Heinecken: Selected Works, 1966-1986: Robert Heinecken: Selected Works, 1966-1986 - 0
8d 0h 14m
  L I M I T E D E D I T I O N
Arthur Tress: Memories Arthur Tress: Memories
"Arguably one of his era's most important visionaries, 11 of Tress' most classic images are presented here as stunningly rich platinum prints, each fully signed by the artist. Limited to 40 copies, of which only 25 are available for sale.—the publisher. Only three copies remain at this price level and only 5 copies remain for sale in the entire edition.

All platinum print images are represented in the BookTease. READ MORE

Cat# ZC334L Limited Edition $14,000.00
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  J U S T - I N A N D R E C O M M E N D E D
Bruno Stevens: Baghdad: Truth Lies Within Bruno Stevens: Baghdad: Truth Lies Within
"..more than anything else, as its title—Truth Lies Within—suggests, this book is concerned with telling the truth-and rightly so, because few wars of modern times have ever been so lied about. Includes written contributions from highly esteemed journalists."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP031S Softbound $39.95 Online Price: $35.95 Save 10%
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Baghdad: Truth Lies Within
Fashion: Fashioning Fiction in Photography Fashioning Fiction in Photography
"Fashioning Fiction in Photography Since 1990 presents a selection of high-profile fashion photographs influenced by two aesthetic strategies: cinema and the amateur photograph."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PK957H Hardbound $34.95 Online Price: $31.45 Save 10%
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Fashioning Fiction in Photography
Jason Fulford: Paper Placemats Jason Fulford: Paper Placemats
"40 paper placemats from 40 contributors, bound on one side with glue. You can rip out each placemat and use it! Conceived as a public art project, the placemats will be donated to restaurants across the U.S. with the help of volunteers in each state. Additional copies will be sold domestically and internationally in bookstores."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC299S Softbound $25.00
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Paper Placemats
Larry Sultan: Larry Sultan: the Valley Larry Sultan: the Valley
"The Valley is a dense series of pictures of middle-class homes invaded by the porn industry. Sultan's lens focuses on pedestrian details. The lush and intricate images adroitly play with artifice and reality, adding up to rich, elliptical narratives that circle around the concepts of home and desire."—the publisher

Also by Larry Sultan READ MORE

Cat# PK959H Hardbound $85.00 Online Price: $76.50 Save 10%
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Larry Sultan: the Valley
  S I G N E D B O O K S
Juan Rulfo: Pedro Paramo Juan Rulfo: Pedro Paramo—Signed
Josephine Sacabo has distilled the elusive world of Mexican novelist Juan Rulfo into a series of images that explore the physical and emotional landscape of his classic tale of love and death. READ MORE

Cat# UT113H Hardbound $35.00
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  N E W S W I R E
New Curator for the Center for Creative Photography
Douglas Nickel, director of the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) at the University of Arizona, today announced that Dr. Britt Salvesen has been named curator of photography at the CCP. Salvesen is currently associate curator of prints, drawings and photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM). She brings to the CCP extensive experience as a scholar and curator, having worked at a number of major art museums in the U.S. and abroad since 1990. Salvesen's doctoral work at the University of Chicago focused on modern photography, theory and historiography, and she is the author and editor of numerous publications. She will assume her new position at the CCP in September 2004.

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: 2004 Summer Booklist. 2004 Summer Booklist.
The photo-eye Booklist is in a brand-new format! The cover of our Summer issue features a photograph by rising star Mona Kuhn. Her first monograph, Photographs, was published by the pre-eminent Steidl press in Germany and contains both color and black-and-white work. Writer and photographer Charles Katz has known Kuhn for several years and offers a personal response to her work in About Our Cover. Also in this issue: Aaron Rothman concludes his two part essay on photography, perception, and landscape, Denise Wolff interviews Gary Schneider at the Harvard Symposium on Contemporary Photography, a visit with the Starn brothers in their Brooklyn studio to review their newest body of work, Attracted to Light, writer and consultant Mary Virginia Swanson and our Editor Darius Himes introduce a new column on Publishing the Photography Book, and as always, we survey the best new photography books available today.

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Cat# PE019S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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