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  P H O T O L. A.
Visit photo-eye at Photo L.A. January 20-23
The 14th International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition will be held from January 20-23 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Please come by booth #19 and visit with some of our photo-eye staff, Rixon Reed, photo-eye Director, Joslin Van Arsdale, Assistant Gallery Director, and Vicki Bohannon, Gallery Associate. This year, for the first time, we will be featuring artists from our juried Photo Showcase alongside our gallery artists. Please introduce yourself in case we don't know you. We'd love to see you! Photo l.a. 2005 features the finest photographic art, from the earliest 19th Century photographic experiments to the most contemporary photography and photo-based art.

In association with photo l.a., the Santa Fe Center for Photography will be presenting a half-day seminar, Publishing the Photographic Book. Among the presenters will by photo-eye Booklist editor Darius Himes. Panels will include, The Role of the Photographic Book in your Career; The Evolution of the Photographic Book: From Concept to Sales; Self-Publishing as a Springboard for Marketing Your Work to the Publisher; and The Book Contract: A Primer.

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  A U C T I O N S
Open for Bidding: Eikoh Hoeoe's Embrace (rare 1st edition)Open for Bidding: Eikoh Hoeoe's Embrace (rare 1st edition)
His depictions of the body have a Surrealist quality that is startlingly intimate, yet also serves to render the flesh totally abstract and strange. The Embrace series was produced in 1969-1970.

Closing this week: a fine first edition of Evans' American Photographs; Lewis Baltz's San Quentin Point; Dorthea Lange's American Exodus; Berenice Abbott: Changing New York
Bids shown below are current as of 4:46 pm MT, 01.19.2005
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Walker Evans: American Photographs (1st edition): Walker Evans: American Photographs (1st edition) $525 12
19h 13m
Dorthea Lange: An American Exodus : Dorthea Lange: An American Exodus $450 3
1d 19h 13m
William Klein:  I Città + I Moniali=Torino '90                 : William Klein: I Città + I Moniali=Torino '90 $400 9
4d 20h 43m
Mark & Leibovitz: The Photojournalist (SIGNED by both) + Mark's Streetwise (rare Japanese edition): Mark & Leibovitz: The Photojournalist (SIGNED by both) + Mark's Streetwise (rare Japanese edition) $80 1
5d 20h 13m
Eikoh Hosoe: Embrace (1st edition): Eikoh Hosoe: Embrace (1st edition) $500 1
6d 20h 13m
Corcoran monograph: M. Alvarez Bravo, SIGNED: Corcoran monograph: M. Alvarez Bravo, SIGNED - 0
6d 21h 13m
Richard Avedon: Nothing Personal: Richard Avedon: Nothing Personal $80 1
7d 20h 13m
  A U C T I O N N E W S
Photography Books From the Library of Lee Witkin
When Lee Witkin opened his gallery in 1969—the first successful gallery entirely devoted to photography—prices for prints, including those by Weston, Ansel Adams, Alvarez Bravo, Kertész, and others—topped out at around $200. With the exception of the Museum of Modern Art, photography departments at major museums were still in their infancy; Witkin was one of the groundbreakers who helped launch photography into the public consciousness as a serious art form, to be considered alongside the other "fine arts."
In the coming weeks photo-eye Auctions will be featuring an assortment of inscribed, association copies of books from the library of Lee Witkin. Among them will be books by Larry Clark, Ruth Orkin, Andre Kertesz, and Wright Morris. This is a rare opportunity to acquire titles associated with a major figure in the history of post-war photography.
  L I M I T E D E D I T I O N
John Gossage: Berlin in the Time of the Wall <b>(Limited Edition)</b> John Gossage: Berlin in the Time of the Wall (Limited Edition)
This limited edition is signed by John Gossage. Special cloth binding and slipcase with two original fiber black and white photographs from the book, one on front cover and one on back cover. Each book is different in its choice of photographs tipped into the covers. Each copy includes a loose 13 x 10' fiber photograph, signed, dated, and printed by the artist. The Edition of 50 copies."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC398H Hardbound $795.00
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Berlin in the Time of the Wall <b>(Limited Edition)</b>
  J U S T - I N A N D R E C O M M E N D E D
Martin Parr: The Photobook: A History Martin Parr: The Photobook: A History
From Philip Gefter's Sunday New York Times article:
"It seems that more photography books are being published now than ever before, and that the number of publishers with lists devoted entirely to photography has never been higher. Could it be that people are reading less and looking at pictures more, or has the rapidly rising price of photographs sent would-be collectors in search of alternatives? Whatever cultural forces are at work, books on photography are having their moment in more ways than one."

Read Gefter's article Photography Reveals Itself Between Covers READ MORE

Cat# PI146H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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The Photobook: A History
  S I G N E D B O O K S
Mark Klett: Third Views, Second Sights Mark Klett: Third Views, Second Sights—Signed
"Third Views, Second Sights presents forty-three photographs taken from a third survey, pairing them with both the original 19th century landscape survey images of the west, and rephotographs taken in the 1970's."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MX039H Hardbound $60.00
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Third Views, Second Sights
  D E E P D I S C O U N T S
Site Santa Fe: Longing and Belonging Site Santa Fe: Longing and Belonging
The inaugural exhibition of SITE Santa Fe presented works by 31 contemporary artists, addressing personal, political, social, and group identities in the complex and increasingly global cultural environment. READ MORE

Cat# ZB068H Hardbound $65.00 Online Price: $12.99 Save 80%
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  M A G A Z I N E S
Numerous Contributing: B&W 35: February 2005 Numerous Contributing: B&W 35: February 2005
Includes a preview of exhibitions celebrating the 100th anniversary of the New York subway and the 200th of the Lewis & Clark expedition plus features on Art Shay, Harvey Stein, Kent Bowser, and others. READ MORE

Cat# MZ178S Softbound $7.95
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  p h o t o - e y e   H O L I D A Y   B O O K L I S T
Photo-Eye Booklist: 2004 Holiday Booklist Photo-Eye Booklist: 2004 Holiday Booklist
In this issue of the Booklist, Vince Aletti writes about a new book published by Fraenkel Gallery on Arbus' libraries; Alex Sweetman spends time with Martin Parr and his new history of the photobook. Both of these books, and the articles, contribute to a deeper understanding of the potentials of a photography book.

As usual you will find the Survey of New Books, in which roughly thirty new titles from across the publishing spectrum are reviewed; a second dose of editorial content in the form of articles and interviews; and advertising from a wide array of publishers and photography-related businesses.

View features from the Booklist

Cat# PE021S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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