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Announcing The International Photography Guide and VisualServer (tm) for Photographers
photo-eye is pleased to announce The International Photography Guide. We expect this comprehensive resource guide to become the most complete resource for fine-art photography on the web.

In addition, we will also be rolling out a new web service VisualServer (tm) for Photographers, our unique, industry-leading program for photography website management. It will make maintaining your website a snap!

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  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S S H O W C A S E
Gaylen Morgan's Portfolio: Breath Series
BREATH SERIES: I composed these images to be immediate and physical in their impact, but also to be suggestive in a metaphysical sense. Breaths, some quiet and some energetic, capture a sense of life's passing and delicacy as well as its source and direction."
Image © Gaylen Morgan
Image © Gaylen Morgan
    Breath # 12

16x11" Image
24x20" Mat
Edition 1 of 20

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Contact Joslin van Arsdale, Assistant Gallery Director, for further information.
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  A U C T I O N S
Open for Bidding: Rare Signed Copy of Cindy Sherman MonographOpen for Bidding: Rare Signed Copy of Cindy Sherman Monograph
"She's good enough to be a real actress"—Andy Warhol
A rare signed copy of this 1984 Cindy Sherman monograph in Fine condition

Also on the block are signed books by Irving Penn, Danny Lyon, André Kertész, George Tice, plus an autographed letter by Edward Steichen.
Bids shown below are current as of 6:25 pm MT, 02.09.2005
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Cindy Sherman (SIGNED): Cindy Sherman (SIGNED) $400 10
5d 18h 4m
Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (SIGNED): Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (SIGNED) $240 7
5d 18h 34m
Edward Weston Nudes, Association Copy INSCRIBED BY CHARIS WILSON + early MOMA Weston book: Edward Weston Nudes, Association Copy INSCRIBED BY CHARIS WILSON + early MOMA Weston book - 0
5d 19h 4m
Robert Frank: The Lines of My Hand (1972 Lustrum Press edition): Robert Frank: The Lines of My Hand (1972 Lustrum Press edition) $150 2
6d 18h 34m
Lartigue: Diary of a Century: Lartigue: Diary of a Century $200 7
6d 19h 4m
George Tice: Paterson (SIGNED): George Tice: Paterson (SIGNED) $160 6
7d 17h 34m
Bill Brandt: Shadow of Light: Bill Brandt: Shadow of Light $60 1
8d 18h 34m

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  J U S T - I N A N D R E C O M M E N D E D
Bettina Rheims: Shanghai Bettina Rheims: Shanghai
"The women of China are often pictured in the West with an outdated, stereotypical image of submissive and subjugated ladies, quietly waiting at the beck and call of men. But, as famed erotic photographer Bettina Rheims reveals in Shanghai, once visitors catch a glimpse of Shanghainese women, they will stand corrected."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PY132H Hardbound $85.00 Online Price: $76.50 Save 10%
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Lisa Eisner: Shriners Lisa Eisner: Shriners
Through her images, Eisner reveals the dignity behind the kitsch and the wisdom of not taking life too seriously. READ MORE

Cat# DP021H Hardbound $55.00 Online Price: $49.50 Save 10%
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Werner Bischof: Questions to My Father Werner Bischof: Questions to My Father
"Werner Bischof's...photographs of a post-war Europe in poverty and despair expressed infinite hope for the human condtion, yet he was only 29...Fifty years later his son Marco has gathered together 70 previously unpublished photographs"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PI140H Hardbound $49.95 Online Price: $44.95 Save 10%
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Questions to My Father
  S I G N E D B O O K S
Roy Decarava: A Retrospective Roy Decarava: A Retrospective—Signed
This book is the catalogue to a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. First acclaimed for his work documenting life in Harlem, DeCarava is also known for his jazz photographs. Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, and Milt Jackson are only a few of his portrait subjects. Above all, however, DeCarava photographs people, and his masterful images combine social conviction with tenderness.
Pre-order your signed copy of this out-of-print book by this renowned photographer. READ MORE

Cat# AB162H Hardbound $360.00
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Cat# AB162S Softbound $200.00
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Larry Dale Gordon: American Nomad Larry Dale Gordon: American Nomad—Signed
This retrospective collection, finely reproduced, clearly demonstrates Larry Dale Gordon's versatility and skill, honed over decades and many continents. READ MORE

Cat# ZC383H Hardbound $100.00
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American Nomad
David Carol: 40 Miles of Bad Road.. David Carol: 40 Miles of Bad Road..—Signed
"The first printing is limited to 750 copies. Of this first edition, fifty copies have been numbered 1-50 and signed and numbered by David Carol.


Cat# ZC415H Hardbound $40.00
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40 Miles of Bad Road..
  p h o t o - e y e   H O L I D A Y   B O O K L I S T
Photo-Eye Booklist: 2004 Holiday Booklist Photo-Eye Booklist: 2004 Holiday Booklist
In this issue of the Booklist, Vince Aletti writes about a new book published by Fraenkel Gallery on Arbus' libraries; Alex Sweetman spends time with Martin Parr and his new history of the photobook. Both of these books, and the articles, contribute to a deeper understanding of the potentials of a photography book.

As usual you will find the Survey of New Books, in which roughly thirty new titles from across the publishing spectrum are reviewed; a second dose of editorial content in the form of articles and interviews; and advertising from a wide array of publishers and photography-related businesses.

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Cat# PE021S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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