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  p h o t o - e y e G A L L E R Y S a n t a F e
©Laurie Tumer
©Laurie Tumer
Laurie Tümer: New Work Glowing Evidence I & II
Bringing together art and science, Tümer provides a surprising picture of what pesticides would look like if we could see them—on our clothes, skin, children's toys, and in our blood, rivers, homes and gardens. One of her latest additions to the Glowing Evidence series is a suite of lenticular prints titled Studies in Red, White and Blue. In these collections of objects, Tümer uses wit and irony as she draws from our collective associations, providing proof that absolutely everything has been impacted by our industrialized agricultural system. The unique animated feature of lenticular photography allows viewers to simultaneously witness what is visible and invisible.

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  P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S S H O W C A S E
Bonnie Portelance's portfolio Wavelengths of Light
"Coupling the photographic concern for light with the X-ray's revelation of the body's condition through light, Wavelengths of Light presents a literal and figurative illumination of the body. This series utilizes the ephemeral nature of the X-ray film to explore the ethereal nature of its imagery...These are portraits stripped of flesh, leaving only echoes of the actual physical person yet revealing a tangible understanding of the psyche."—Bonnie Portelance
Image © Bonnie Portelance
Image © Bonnie Portelance
    Mistrust, 2005

Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
20x16" Image
24x20" Mat
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  A U C T I O N S
Robert Frank's Extraordinarily Rare <i>Flower Is...</i> Open for BiddingRobert Frank's Extraordinarily Rare Flower Is... Open for Bidding
The second book Frank published with the help of his Japanese patron Kazuhiko Motomura (the first was The Lines of My Hand). This one, however, was never published abroad. To say this book is scarce—the whole edition was 500 copies!—would be an understatement. Like the Japanese edition of The Lines of My Hand, it is a gorgeous production, bound in grey silk and elegantly slipcased. A rare opportunity!
Bids shown below are current as of 5:07 pm MT, 05.11.2005
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
William Klein. Tokyo: William Klein. Tokyo $375 8
20h 22m
Peter Beard: Diary (Inscribed with hand prints!): Peter Beard: Diary (Inscribed with hand prints!) - 0
5d 19h 52m
Aaron Siskind: Places (Ltd. Ed.--1/100-- Signed with Print!): Aaron Siskind: Places (Ltd. Ed.--1/100-- Signed with Print!) $840 8
5d 20h 52m
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Europeans: Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Europeans $320 11
6d 18h 52m
3 Scarce Duane Michals Books (1 SIGNED): 3 Scarce Duane Michals Books (1 SIGNED) $80 1
6d 19h 52m
Robert Frank: Flower Is...: Robert Frank: Flower Is... $1,500 1
6d 20h 52m
  J U S T I N & R E C O M M E N D E D
Jeff Burton: The Other Place Jeff Burton: The Other Place
"This fantastic volume presents the most comprehensive collection of Jeff Burton's sexy, tantalizing photographs to date. Burton's hardcore porn color palate and his astonishing skill for cropping in a way that doesn't reveal too much makes for extremely enjoyably viewing, both viscerally and intellectually."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TT132H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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The Other Place
Tina Barney: The Europeans Tina Barney: The Europeans
"Barney has confirmed a New World fantasy: that (even if your vantage point starts out high) the Old World rich live differently from you and me."—Merry Foresta READ MORE

Cat# DP247H Hardbound $50.00 Online Price: $45.00 Save 10%
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The Europeans
Gary Schneider: Gary Schneider: Nudes Gary Schneider: Nudes
"Schneider illuminates the interdisciplinary issues of contemporary art and science, conceptual art and performance, portraiture and identity, and privacy within the public sphere."—Deborah Martin Kao READ MORE

Cat# AP499H Hardbound $70.00 Online Price: $63.00 Save 10%
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Gary Schneider: Nudes
Edward S. Curtis: Edward S. Curtis: The Women Edward S. Curtis: The Women
"This book, the follow-up to Edward S. Curtis: The Great Warriors, collects 100 of his most compelling photographs of Native American women. The images are drawn from the collection of Christopher Cardozo and includes iconic Curtis pictures as well as several little-known gems and never-before-published images."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# BF202H Hardbound $35.00 Online Price: $31.50 Save 10%
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Edward S. Curtis: The Women
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  S I G N E D B O O K S
Naoya Hatakeyama: Atmos Naoya Hatakeyama: Atmos—Signed
Naoya Hatakeyama is a leading figure in contemporary Japanese art. The photographs in Atmos were made in En Camarque, Fos-sure Mer in 2003. Hatakeyama photographed this industrial area from two distinct perspectives: from inside the mill located within the town's borders, and from the outskirts of the town itself. The former document the terrifying power of machines man builds to produce goods; the latter reveal the dream-like variations in the surrounding landscape..."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR142H Hardbound $75.00
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  P H O T O J O U R N A L I S M   N E W S
World Press Photo Announces 2005 Contest Winners
Held annually, the World Press Photo Contest creates an overview of how press photographers tackle their work worldwide. It is the only international event of this stature, not simply bringing together pictures from all parts of the globe but also reflecting trends and developments in photojournalism, and revealing how the press gives us the news.

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  p h o t o - e y e S p r i n g B o o k l i s t
Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Spring Booklist Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Spring Booklist
The cover of our Spring Booklist features an image from John Gossage's new monograph, Berlin in the Time of the Wall. Jim Stone contributes a wonderful review of the book and of Gossage's work in general. Along with a survey of thirty of the most important books of the season, the Spring issue includes the photo-eye awards for Best Books of 2004, a review of the reissue of Danny's Lyon's 1969 book, The Destruction of Lower Manhattan, an interview with Chan Chao on his new book, Echo, and the fourth installment in the series Publishing the Photography Book by Mary Virginia Swanson and our editor Darius Himes.

Cat# PE022S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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