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Mark Surloff: Florida Portfolio 2
"It's early in the morning and the sun is out, a fine day to take a long walk. The walk will be about "seeing". I want to look for strangely beautiful, expressive shapes and textures of nature or half completed works of man; maybe it's their relationship to one another along with the shadows they've created. When such discoveries are made, they will be savored, but only after a photo has first been made."—Mark Surloff
Image © Mark Surloff
Image © Mark Surloff

Archival Pigment Print
20x16" Image
28x22" Mat
Edition of 25

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  N E W S W I R E
Six Hundred Signs, Doors, and Stoplights
"As a photographer, Lee Friedlander is revered, especially among critics and curators, for his crisp and canny pictures of everyday life. But his photos can also be easy to dismiss: his subjects are so common, so ordinary, that it can be hard to understand what the fuss is about...
The last photographer to receive a show of this magnitude at the Museum of Modern Art was Eugène Atget, in the 1980's, and the work was divided into four individual exhibitions several years apart. So why didn't [Peter] Galassi [the show's curator] consider the same treatment for Mr. Friedlander? 'The point of a retrospective is to try to see the thing whole,' he said, adding, 'You know, if you're measuring in square inches, then this show is a lot smaller than the Pollock show.'"—Philip Gefter, The New York Times

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  A U C T I O N S
On the Block: Scarce 1995 Sugimoto CatalogueOn the Block: Scarce 1995 Sugimoto Catalogue
In addition to examples from his day and night seascapes, this rare catalogue, prepared for an 1995 exhibition in Basel, also includes work from the interior and drive-in theaters, diorama, and both Wax Museum series.
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Bruce Weber: O Rio de Janeiro: Bruce Weber: O Rio de Janeiro $400 3
1d 20h 51m
William Eggleston's Guide: William Eggleston's Guide - 0
5d 20h 21m
Larry Clark: Teenage Lust (SIGNED 1st edition): Larry Clark: Teenage Lust (SIGNED 1st edition) $400 5
5d 20h 51m
3 Signed Books by Sally Mann: 3 Signed Books by Sally Mann - 0
6d 20h 21m
Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Exposed: Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Exposed - 0
6d 20h 51m
Aaron Siskind: Pleasures and Terrors, SIGNED: Aaron Siskind: Pleasures and Terrors, SIGNED $230 5
Auction Ended

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  J U S T I N & R E C O M M E N D E D
Mary Ellen Mark: Exposure Mary Ellen Mark: Exposure
"A beautifully edited career retrospective of the respected and influential documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark including famous as well as unknown images. Images carefully selected by Mark from her own archive, with sequencing and book design in collaboration with the photographer."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PI150H Hardbound $79.95 Online Price: $71.95 Save 10%
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Camille Solyagua: Twenty One Red-Crowned Cranes and One Black Crow Camille Solyagua: Twenty One Red-Crowned Cranes and One Black Crow
""Since 2002, Camille Solyagua has repeatedly traveled to the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido in mid-winter to pay homage and photograph Red-Crowned Cranes, long considered sacred by the Japanese. With grace and elegance she has produced a series of remarkable photographs, brought together here in her contribution to our One Picture Book series. This is the artist's fourth book with Nazraeli Press."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR174H Hardbound $40.00
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Twenty One Red-Crowned Cranes and One Black Crow
Bruce Weber: Stern Portfolio No. 38: Bruce Weber Stern Portfolio No. 38: Bruce Weber
"The collection of photographs presented in this portfolio is testimony to his achievements and to the range of Weber's talents. Whether interiors, landscapes, bold, sexy male nudes, or erotic yet nostalgic takes on American adolescence, the reader will be dazzled with the breadth of Weber's contributions on display."—the publisher
NOTE: This title is out-of-print, but limited copies remain available. READ MORE

Cat# TY080S Softbound $50.00 Online Price: $45.00 Save 10%
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Stern Portfolio No. 38: Bruce Weber
  S I G N E D B O O K S
Mitch Epstein: Recreation Mitch Epstein: Recreation—Signed
"Epstein's wit is laced with compassion, as he turns these rituals of boredom and beauty, excess and denial, alienation and possibility into a distillation of modern America."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP127H Hardbound $75.00
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Carrie Nuttall: Rhythm & Light Carrie Nuttall: Rhythm & Light—Signed
"Neil Peart, drummer for the legendary rock band Rush, is often recognized as one of the world's greatest drummers. This photo book features intimate portraits of Peart as captured by photographer Carrie Nuttal (who is also Peart's wife.)"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC431H Hardbound $40.00
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Rhythm & Light
  p h o t o - e y e S p r i n g B o o k l i s t
Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Spring Booklist Photo-Eye Booklist: 2005 Spring Booklist
The cover of our Spring Booklist features an image from John Gossage's new monograph, Berlin in the Time of the Wall. Jim Stone contributes a wonderful review of the book and of Gossage's work in general. Along with a survey of thirty of the most important books of the season, the Spring issue includes the photo-eye awards for Best Books of 2004, a review of the reissue of Danny's Lyon's 1969 book, The Destruction of Lower Manhattan, an interview with Chan Chao on his new book, Echo, and the fourth installment in the series Publishing the Photography Book by Mary Virginia Swanson and our editor Darius Himes.

Cat# PE022S Softbound $4.00 (per issue-domestic)
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