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Ken Rosenthal's portfolio A Dream Half Remembered
My latest series, A Dream Half Remembered, continues my exploration of personal and collective memories. I began work on this series focusing on the shards of memory retained from the dream state, and the often-random structure and narrative of dreams. I utilize diffusion in printing in order to strip away much specificity from the subject, allowing for a more universal reading of the work.
Image © Ken Rosenthal
Image © Ken Rosenthal
    A Dream Half Remembered #FB-41-1

Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
15x15" Image
20x24" Mat
Edition 13 of 25

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  A U C T I O N S
Open for Biddding: A Rare Signed Copy of Klein's Classic New York Open for Biddding: A Rare Signed Copy of Klein's Classic New York
"Improvising, thriving on accident and surprise, Klein turned out raw, kinetic, and utterly original photographs—each one a gut reaction to the energy of the urban street, writes Vince Aletti in The Book of 101 Books: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century. A rare signed copy of one of the undisputed classics of photographic literature!
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
2 Scarce books by Manuel Alvarez Bravo: 2 Scarce books by Manuel Alvarez Bravo $310 8
18h 50m
William Klein: New York...(1st Italian edition, SIGNED!): William Klein: New York...(1st Italian edition, SIGNED!) - 0
6d 18h 50m
Edouard Boubat: Ode Maritime: Edouard Boubat: Ode Maritime - 0
7d 18h 20m
Lee Witkin & Barbara London: The Photograph Collector's Guide (SIGNED): Lee Witkin & Barbara London: The Photograph Collector's Guide (SIGNED) - 0
7d 19h 20m
Andre Kertesz: A Lifetime of Perception, INSCRIBED ASSOCIATION Copy: Andre Kertesz: A Lifetime of Perception, INSCRIBED ASSOCIATION Copy - 0
7d 19h 50m
Richard Misrach: 1979 exhibition catalogue, Grapestake Gallery: Richard Misrach: 1979 exhibition catalogue, Grapestake Gallery - 0
8d 18h 50m
Duane Michals--2 scarce titles--BOTH SIGNED!: Duane Michals--2 scarce titles--BOTH SIGNED! - 0
8d 19h 20m

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  F O C U S O N P U B L I S H E R S: S T E I D L
Gerhard Steidl began working as a designer and printer in 1967, when he was just 17 years old. On the occasion of an Andy Warhol exhibition in Cologne the following year, Steidl approached the artist. Fascinated by the intensity and saturated colours of Warhol's work, Steidl asked about his silkscreen printing technique. Giddily he returned to his hometown of Göttingen, two hours north of Frankfurt, and set up his first printing studio, following the principle of "learning by doing".

Steidl is one of the few remaining publishing houses to be independently operated by its founding owner, and to control every step of the manufacturing process—the editing, design, typography, scanning, marketing, distribution, public relations and printing. There are only 35 employees working at Steidl's head office in Göttingen.

What began as a backyard enterprise has evolved into one of the world's most sophisticated and distinguished printing and publishing companies.

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Ed Ruscha: Then & Now Ed Ruscha: Then & Now
Between 1963 and 1978 Ed Ruscha produced eighteen small artists' books. Usually self-published in small print-runs, these publications have become seminal works in the history of conceptual art and the photography book. Using the same techniques, Then & Now reprises the most famous of these, Every Building on Sunset Strip, using material shot on Hollywood Boulevard in 1973 and 2003. READ MORE

Cat# DP259H Hardbound $175.00 Online Price: $157.50 Save 10%
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Then & Now
Philip Trager: Faces Philip Trager: Faces
"Faces evolved from Philip Trager's extensive work photographing dancers and builds on his successful 1992 book, titled aptly enough, Dancers. His intensive approach allows him to develop a personal relationship with his subjects that is clearly expressed throughout this new work."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP303H Hardbound $45.00 Online Price: $40.50 Save 10%
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Bruce Davidson: England/Scotland 1960 Bruce Davidson: England/Scotland 1960
"England/Scotland 1960 offers a visionary insight into the very heart of English and Scottish cultures. Reflecting a postwar era in which the revolutions of the 1960s had hardly yet filtered into the mainstream, Davidson's photographs reveal countries driven by difference—the extremes of city and country life, of the landed gentry and the common people—and lucidly portrays the mood of these times in personal and provocative imagery that is as fresh today as it was in that time."—the publisher

Pre-order this book; due in January More books by Bruce Davidson READ MORE

Cat# DP290H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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Mary Ellen Mark: Falkland Road Mary Ellen Mark: Falkland Road
"Mary Ellen Mark's extraordinary portrait of Falkland Road was first published in 1981 and has long been recognized as one of the major bodies of work in the canon of this significant Magnum photographer. Her images are beautiful, electric, shocking, and remarkable for their emotional power and for the visceral brilliance of their color."—the publisher

Pre-order this book; due in January. READ MORE

Cat# DP289H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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  J U S T    I N    &    R E C O M M E N D E D
Edward Weston: Edward Weston: A Photographer's Love of Life Edward Weston: A Photographer's Love of Life
"Based on the The Dayton Art Institute's special exhibition, Edward Weston: A Photographer's Love of Life offers full-size reproductions of Edward Weston's photographs along with an in-depth profile of the man behind the camera."—the publisher

Explore books by Edward Weston at photo-eye READ MORE

Cat# ZC666H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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Edward Weston: A Photographer's Love of Life
More New Arrivals
  S I G N E D    B O O K S
Timothy Archibald: Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews Timothy Archibald: Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews—Signed
After contacting an active but intensely private Internet community of sex machine inventors, photographer Timothy Archibald eventually won their trust and was invited into workshops and homes. The resulting book is a powerful document that is by turns thought provoking, humorous, and always fascinating. READ MORE

Cat# ZC640H Hardbound $24.95
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Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews
More Signed Books
  N E W S W I R E
Loving the Imperfections of Toy Cameras
"Thanks to digital technology, it's become progressively easier to take perfect pictures. But not everyone strives for perfection — a growing community of photographers is becoming attached to the simplicity and imperfections of what they call "toy cameras."

These cameras, with names like Holga, the Diana-F and the Lomo Action Sampler, are cheaply made plastic devices.

There's even a new magazine devoted to the cameras, Light Leaks, which glorifies the biggest flaw of the toy camera: light often leaks through the plastic casing onto the film, creating odd halo effects and other moments of visual serendipity."—National Public Radio.

Toy Camera books at photo-eye:
Toy Camera (numerous contributing photographers)
Nonfiction by Christopher Anderson
Imagining Antarctica
by Sandy Sorlien (illustrated at left; signed copies available!)

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