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Linda Elvira Piedra's Portfolio "Water"
"The camera opened a door inside me through which I could observe the world, and it has often been that the camera itself has reavealed the world to me...I had to find some way to make a relationship between my own nature and the Nature of Reality."—Linda Elvira Piedra
Image © Linda Elvira Piedra
Image © Linda Elvira Piedra
    Floating Stones, El Rito, 2001

Gelatin-Silver Print
10x8" Image
17x14" Mat

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  A U C T I O N S
A landmark of 1950's Italian Neo-Realism, Carrieri's Milano is the product of two years of singular devotion to photographing Italy's largest city. Visceral and raw, it ranks with William Klein's New York... as a vivid urban portrait.
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Josef Koudelka: Exiles (1st. edition!): Josef Koudelka: Exiles (1st. edition!) $300 3
18h 56m
Larry Fink: Social Graces (1st edition): Larry Fink: Social Graces (1st edition) $180 2
19h 26m
René Burri: Les Allemands: René Burri: Les Allemands $250 2
1d 19h 26m
Mario Carrieri: Milano, Italia: Mario Carrieri: Milano, Italia $1,020 18
1d 19h 56m
Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (SIGNED 1st edition!): Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (SIGNED 1st edition!) $450 2
4d 18h 56m
André Kertész: 3 rue Gozlin : André Kertész: 3 rue Gozlin - 0
5d 20h 56m
Ikko Narahara: Broadway (INSCRIBED): Ikko Narahara: Broadway (INSCRIBED) - 0
7d 20h 26m
Dave Heath: Dialogue With Solitude (limited edition with print!): Dave Heath: Dialogue With Solitude (limited edition with print!) - 0
7d 20h 56m
The Body Beautiful (early nude photography)--2 vols.: The Body Beautiful (early nude photography)--2 vols. - 0
8d 19h 56m

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  F O C U S    O N    P U B L I S H E R S :    H A R R Y    N.    A B R A M S
Founded by Harry N. Abrams in 1949, HNA was the first company in the United States to specialize in the creation and distribution of art books. The Abrams adult line publishes visually stunning illustrated books on the subjects of art, photography, interior and garden design, architecture, entertainment, fashion, and general interest.
John Loengard: As I See It John Loengard: As I See It
John Loengard, one of the great LIFE magazine photographers, sums up his 50-year career in this handsome volume. READ MORE

Cat# AB320H Hardbound $35.00 Online Price: $31.50 Save 10%
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As I See It
Digital Photography: Photography Reborn Digital Photography: Photography Reborn
"Not long ago photographers considered digital pictures apostasy—but now film is increasingly being replaced as a great alternative medium for professionals, artists, and everyday snapshooters. Photography Reborn is the first comprehensive survey of this exciting new medium of visual expression and an essential reference for anyone who wants to understand this revolution."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# AB325S Softbound $24.95 Online Price: $22.45 Save 10%
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Photography Reborn
Richard Avedon: Woman in the Mirror Richard Avedon: Woman in the Mirror
"Always transcending categorization—he was both a fashion photographer and known as a 'poet of portraiture'—Avedon was interested in seeing how elemental facts of modern life and human existence were reflected in his work. And what could be more elemental than women, who have mesmerized artists across the centuries?"—the publisher

Explore books by Richard Avedon at photo-eye. READ MORE

Cat# AB317H Hardbound $65.00 Online Price: $58.50 Save 10%
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Woman in the Mirror
  J U S T I N & R E C O M M E N D E D
Wang Wusheng: Celestial Realm Wang Wusheng: Celestial Realm
For more than three decades, Wang Wusheng has been captivated by the beauty of Mount Huangshan, which has often been described as the world?s most beautiful and enchanting mountain. Inspired by the legacy of Chinese landscape painting, Wang Wusheng has sought to portray this scenic wonder in a stunning collection of ninety photographs. READ MORE

Cat# AV087H Hardbound $55.00 Online Price: $49.50 Save 10%
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Celestial Realm
Katherine Adams: Couturier Dreams Katherine Adams: Couturier Dreams
"A self-confessed "plain dresser," Katharine Adams instead dazzles the world with the fabulous collection that is Couturier Dreams. Gorgeous floating emulsion "garments" dance on every page, with a life and style all of their own."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR176H Hardbound $75.00
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Cat# TR176L Limited Edition $250.00
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Couturier Dreams
  S I G N E D    B O O K S
David Goldes: Water Being Water David Goldes: Water Being Water—Signed
"Photographer David Goldes creates photographic still lives from scenes of scientific experiments that explore water, electricity, air movement, wind, and breath. Goldes manipulates and documents the phenomena to illustrate science's omissions, invoking metaphor, memory, narrative and emotion. The artist's first book, Water Being Water features essays from prominent science and art writers Philip Ball and Vince Leo."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC641S Softbound $25.00
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Water Being Water
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  N E W S W I R E
Photo District News 2005 Photobook Round-Up

John Loengard: As I See It
Richard Avedon: Woman In the Mirror 1945-2004
Reflex: A Vik Muniz Primer
Irving Penn: Platinum Prints
The Photobook: A History, Vol. I
Harri Kallio: The Dodo and Mauritius Island: Imaginary Encounters
Italia: Portrait of a Country throughout 60 Years of Photography
Eirik Johnson: Borderlands
John Heseltine: Roads to Rome
Magnum Stories
Bruce Gilden: A Beautiful Catastrophe
Jamel Shabazz: A Time Before Crack
Txema Salvans: Nice to Meet You
Katy Grannan: Model American
Reuel Golden: Witness: The World's Greatest News Photographers
Nazar: Photographs From the Arab World
All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860
Magnum Ireland
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