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: 2006 Fall Issue 2006 Fall Issue
The photo-eye Booklist is a magazine devoted to fine-art photography book publishing on an international level. Published quarterly, it features articles and interviews with leading industry figures—from artists to publishers—a survey of some of the best new books reviewed by writers from around the country, and illustrated advertising from across the photography book publishing spectrum.

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One-by-one, the publishers of the books we love are interviewed.
SURVEY OF NEW BOOKS A quarterly review of some of the best new books.
THE PHOTOBOOK, VOL. 2 A phone interview with Martin Parr.
ANDREY A TARKOVSKY A book of Polaroids by the great Russian filmmaker is reviewed. BY KRISHNAN VENKATESH
THE CREATIVITY OF LIMITATIONS Raymond Meeks talks about using books in his creative process. BY DARIUS HIMES
TREASURES IN LEIPZIG Our foreign correspondent discovers a treasure trove in Germany. BY MARY GOODWIN
QUARTOS UNDER GLASS An exhibition of photobooks at Howard Greenberg Gallery is reviewed. BY GEORGE SLADE
THE OLD & RARE SURVEY A regular column that surveys important books of the past. BY ERIC MILES

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Andrey Tarkovsky: Instant Light Andrey Tarkovsky: Instant Light
One of the greatest visual artists of the 20th century, Andrey A. Tarkovsky (1932-86) is best known for a small body of cinematic masterpieces that includes Andrei Rublev, Mirror, Solaris, and Stalker. These are films about the darkest spiritual despair as well as the discovery of hope and love, but they are also films of striking beauty...Reviewed by Krishnan Venkatesh READ MORE

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Instant Light
Trine Sondergaard and Nicolai Howalt: How to Hunt Trine Sondergaard and Nicolai Howalt: How to Hunt
This small book is clothed in a soft, green suede cover with a single image of a bird embossed on the front. In a classic case of not judging a book by its cover, the unexpected title is How to Hunt. The word 'hunting' conjures up images of gore, dominance and fraught relationships between man and nature. This Danish gem, by Trine Sondergaard and Nicolai Howalt, is as far away from the immediacy of such Deerhunter drama as the tactile gentleness of the cover and prosaic Danish countryside can take it...Reviewed by Sheila Wilson

About the Limited Edition:
Housed in a bright orange slipcase (evocative of the color used for hunting vests) and embossed with a silver pheasant, the limited edition is available in a print run of fifty signed and numbered copies. Included is a 5.5x7 inch chromogenic print, signed by both authors and numbered." READ MORE

Cat# ZC916H Hardbound $55.00
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Cat# ZC916L Limited Edition $200.00
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How to Hunt
Henri Cartier-Bresson: An Inner Silence Henri Cartier-Bresson: An Inner Silence
An Inner Silence: The Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson makes clear that Cartier-Bresson believed portraiture can in fact express the personality and character of the sitter. But reaching that high goal involves getting past the chance, momentary expression of a subject to reach the inner person, to a place described by Cartier-Bresson as an "inner silence" where he feels the real person resides. In portraiture, he rejected most things fleeting and everything contrived, writing in The Decisive Moment that he preferred the honesty of passport identity pictures to glamorous fabrication. The restrained design of An Inner Silence respects Cartier-Bresson's quest for quietude...Reviewed by Leah Bendavid-Val READ MORE

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An Inner Silence
Staged Photography: Acting the Part Staged Photography: Acting the Part
Acting the Part: Photography as Theatre is described as, "the first major history of staged photography." This wide-ranging overview explores theatricality and narrative as vital impulses within photography with a historical continuum that has largely been ignored. The book creates a situation in which Rejlander's Poor Jo (1862) shares a page with a billboard inkjet print of video stills from the 21st century. Acting the Part includes four scholarly essays that explore diverse aspects of the directorial mode....Reviewed by Julie Anand READ MORE

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Acting the Part
Jill Greenberg: End Times Jill Greenberg: End Times
This is shaping up to be one of the most controversial bodies of work of the year, for perhaps different reasons than the photographer prepared for. Debates are raging from blogs to the pages of American Photo, with heated claims against what has been perceived as the photographer's psychological abuse of her young subjects, to allegations of harassment by the photographer and her husband against critics—all wrapped up in furtive statements about politics and freedom of expression from both sides. End Times is a harrowing suite of pictures of young children—boys and girls toddler age, naked from the waist up—each wearing urgent expressions of fear, agonized sorrow or fright....Reviewed by Alan Rapp READ MORE

Cat# ZC838S Softbound $25.00
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End Times
  A U C T I O N S
On the Block: Prints by Tom Baril from Botanica On the Block: Prints by Tom Baril from Botanica
Tom Baril initially made his mark as Robert Mapplethorpe's master printer. Botanica, the body of work from which the two available prints are drawn, is reminiscent of both nineteenth-century photo-illustrated books as well as the New Objectivity of Blossfeldt's Urformen der Kunst (1928). Don't miss this opportunity to own major work by Baril at an attractive price.
Bids shown below are current as of 3:17 pm MT, 08.23.2006
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Andre Kertesz: The Manchester Collection (SIGNED!): Andre Kertesz: The Manchester Collection (SIGNED!) $300 1
22h 12m
O. Winston Link: Steam, Steel, & Stars (SIGNED!): O. Winston Link: Steam, Steel, & Stars (SIGNED!) $140 1
1d 21h 42m
3 Books by Aaron Siskind (1 SIGNED!): 3 Books by Aaron Siskind (1 SIGNED!) $220 1
4d 1h 42m
Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful: Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful $230 2
4d 2h 42m
Gilles Peress: Road to Kurdistan, 1979 (from Telex Iran): Gilles Peress: Road to Kurdistan, 1979 (from Telex Iran) - 0
6d 20h 42m
Tom Baril: Hibiscus, 1998 (from Botanica): Tom Baril: Hibiscus, 1998 (from Botanica) - 0
6d 21h 12m
The Work of Atget (4 vol. set): The Work of Atget (4 vol. set) $300 1
6d 21h 42m
Tom Baril: Peony Buds, 1997 (from Botanica): Tom Baril: Peony Buds, 1997 (from Botanica) - 0
6d 22h 42m
Brassai: Paris de Nuit: Brassai: Paris de Nuit $300 1
7d 21h 12m
Edward Weston: Photographs (from the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography) + 1 other: Edward Weston: Photographs (from the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography) + 1 other $560 9
7d 21h 42m

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