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Keith Sharp's portfolio Nature Boy Series
When I was a little boy, I very much enjoyed exploring nature by collecting bugs, looking for critters in creeks, and by taking walks. In the "Nature Boy" series, I have combined my interests in nature and self-portraiture by having portrayed myself transforming into a tree creature. The inherent awkwardness of this character trying to blend in portrays my experiences as an outsider trying to fit in to my environment.
Image © Keith Sharp
Image © Keith Sharp
    Tree Man, 2004

Toned Gelatin-Silver Print
9x9" Image
16x20" Mat
Edition of 15

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  A U C T I O N S
Published by his own Lustrum Press, Ralph Gibson's trilogy established him a major figure in contemporary photography.

This lot includes the ridiculously scarce hardbound edition of Déjà-Vu; the two other titles in the trilogy, both signed, are in uncommonly fine condition.
Bids shown below are current as of 5:04 pm MT, 09.27.2006
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
3d 21h 55m
Ikko Narahara: Where Time Has Stopped : Ikko Narahara: Where Time Has Stopped $400 1
4d 19h 25m
James Van Der Zee monograph, INSCRIBED TWICE: James Van Der Zee monograph, INSCRIBED TWICE $250 1
4d 19h 55m
Mike Mandel & Larry Sultan: Evidence (1st edition!): Mike Mandel & Larry Sultan: Evidence (1st edition!) $900 4
4d 20h 25m
Ralph Gibson: The Somnambulist (SIGNED), Déjà-Vu (scarce hardbound edition!), & Days at Sea (SIGNED): Ralph Gibson: The Somnambulist (SIGNED), Déjà-Vu (scarce hardbound edition!), & Days at Sea (SIGNED) - 0
5d 19h 25m
Ansel Adams: Making a Photograph, INSCRIBED ASSOCIATION COPY: Ansel Adams: Making a Photograph, INSCRIBED ASSOCIATION COPY - 0
5d 19h 55m
Mary Ellen Mark: Beth in Isolation--Ward 81, 1976 (silver gelatin print)--reserve lowered!: Mary Ellen Mark: Beth in Isolation--Ward 81, 1976 (silver gelatin print)--reserve lowered! - 0
6d 19h 25m

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  L I M I T E D E D I T I O N
Peter Beard: Peter Beard Limited Edition Peter Beard Limited Edition
Photographer, collector, diarist, and writer of books Peter Beard has fashioned his life into a work of art; the illustrated diaries he kept from a young age evolved into a serious career as an artist and earned him a central position in the international art world. Beard witnessed the dawn of Kenya's population explosion, which challenged finite resources and stressed animal populations — including the starving elephants of Tsavo, dying by the tens of thousands in a wasteland of eaten trees. So he documented what he saw with diaries, photographs, and collages. He went against the wind in publishing unique and sometimes shocking books of these works. The corpses were laid bare; the facts were carefully written down sometimes in type, often by hand, occasionally with blood. Please note that the prices listed here are pre-publication offers, and the price for the Art Edition will rise after the book's release to $2500.

The Collector's Edition with a print is currently $5000, but will increase to $6500.00.
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Cat# TD162 $1,900.00
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Peter Beard Limited Edition
  J U S T I N & R E C O M M E N D E D
Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits Jill Greenberg: Monkey Portraits
"We share about 98 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, our closest biological cousins. And never have the similarities between simians and humans been so amusingly and brilliantly captured as in Monkey Portraits by photographer Jill Greenberg. These monkeys, in all their glory, will make you laugh out loud and wonder just how different we truly are."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# BF217H Hardbound $24.99 Online Price: $22.49 Save 10%
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Monkey Portraits
Josef Hoflehner: Yemen: Photographic Works Josef Hoflehner: Yemen: Photographic Works—Signed
"In his gorgeous new monograph Yemen: Photographic Works, renowned Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner takes us on journey through this desert country, located on the Arabian peninsula. The book features breathtaking photographs taken during an intensive study of Yemen over the past year, showcasing his dramatic, peaceful and hauntingly beautiful black-and-white images." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC694H Hardbound $82.00
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Yemen: Photographic Works
Richard Avedon: Eye of the Beholder Richard Avedon: Eye of the Beholder
"When Richard Avedon died on October 1st, 2004, he left an extraordinary collection of photographs that spans two centuries and reflects an eye attuned equally to masterworks and mug shots. Few had seen the private collection with which he surrounded himself in his apartment on East 75th Street in New York. These photographs are the subject of Eye of the Beholder: Photographs from the Collection of Richard Avedon. "—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# FR026S Softbound $50.00
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Eye of the Beholder
Matthew Weinstein: Ikebana Matthew Weinstein: Ikebana
"Drawing on a variety of influences ranging from early Japanese animation and the ancient aesthetic discipline of Ikebana floral arranging to futuristic science fiction, Matthew Weinstein explores the relationship between artifice and nature in his lush, constructed compositions. Bypassing photography altogether, Weinstein works with the latest 3-D computer animation technology which he believes provides the perfect balance between reality and abstraction."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC885H Hardbound $30.00
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  B A C K   I N   S T O C K
Mike Slack: Scorpio Mike Slack: Scorpio
"A new series of 41 Polaroids by Mike Slack. Beginning with what appears to be an asteroid and ending with what might be a stray dog. This installment links architecture, geology and space with recurring narrative elements to suggest a familiar but unspecified terrain. "—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC814H Hardbound $30.00
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Mike Slack: OK OK OK Mike Slack: OK OK OK
"Originally published in 2002 by J&L Books. OK OK OK was described by Printed Matter as 'a series of beautifully composed polaroids taken by Mike Slack into a wordless trip around the country. Sequenced like a dream, the nameless places and close-up abstractions are anchored to no narrative but relate to each other through their use of color. They belong together but to a different time, or maybe a different world.' "—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC815H Hardbound $30.00
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  T I T L E S F E A T U R E D I N T H E M A G A Z I N E
Elizabeth Heyert: The Travelers Elizabeth Heyert: The Travelers
Elizabeth Heyert, whose 2002 work The Sleepers examined the mystery of the sleeping self, stumbled across Isaiah Owens' Harlem funeral home in early 2003. Heyert was captivated by the Southern Baptist practice of meticulous preparation that bodies go through prior to "going to the party," the celebration of entering paradise. Men and women of various ages are carefully decked out in their finest clothes, including hats, gloves, jewelry and Masonic or religious regalia... Reviewed by Phil Harris. READ MORE

Cat# PX063H Hardbound $65.00 Online Price: $58.50 Save 10%
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The Travelers
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THE CREATIVITY OF LIMITATIONS Raymond Meeks talks about using books in his creative process. BY DARIUS HIMES
TREASURES IN LEIPZIG Our foreign correspondent discovers a treasure trove in Germany. BY MARY GOODWIN
QUARTOS UNDER GLASS An exhibition of photobooks at Howard Greenberg Gallery is reviewed. BY GEORGE SLADE
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