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John Chervinsky's portfolio Mode of Inquiry

"The entry point into my work is the idea of optical illusion as metaphor. I produce a different type of conceptual still life - one done in the manner of a science demonstration or imaginary physics experiment.... The images are conceived to symbolically form a framework for open-ended narratives that ask questions rather than provide answers. It is hoped that viewers can bring their own history, reason and belief toward their interpretation."— John Chervinsky

Image © John Chervinsky
Image © John Chervinsky

18x23" Image
26x31" Mat
Edition of 15

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Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts (In Shrinkwrap!) Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts (In Shrinkwrap!)
"Photographically, Niedermayr's images are beautiful, though not romantic. Indeed, they are anti-romantic. They hold firmly to depicting the social utilization of mountains, as opposed to showing man within the sublimity of nature....Niedermayr's pictures [also] show the rate of despoliation when access to the peaks is mechanized."—Parr and Badger, The Photobook: A History, Vol. I

Coming soon: One of the most monumental propaganda books ever produced, the Mussolini-era Italia Imperiale (a special issue of La Rivista Illustrata del 'popolo d'italia'). Click here to see a recent auction result.
Bids shown below are current as of 7:53 pm MT, 06.13.2007
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Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Anton Giulio Bragaglia: Fotodinamismo Futurista (Futurist Photodynamics)--scarce reprint: Anton Giulio Bragaglia: Fotodinamismo Futurista (Futurist Photodynamics)--scarce reprint $180 1
17h 6m
Josef Koudelka: Exiles (1st Edition!): Josef Koudelka: Exiles (1st Edition!) $300 4
1d 18h 6m
William Klein: Films (SIGNED!): William Klein: Films (SIGNED!) $180 1
2d 19h 6m
Robert Frank: Die Amerikaner: Robert Frank: Die Amerikaner - 0
2d 20h 6m
Willy Ronis: Photographe (Portfolio with 12 Gravure Plates): Willy Ronis: Photographe (Portfolio with 12 Gravure Plates) - 0
2d 21h 6m
Josef Sudek: Praha Panoramaticka: Josef Sudek: Praha Panoramaticka $700 1
2d 22h 6m
Ikko Narahara: Where Time Has Vanished: Ikko Narahara: Where Time Has Vanished $500 1
2d 23h 6m
Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts (In Shrinkwrap!): Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts (In Shrinkwrap!) $500 1
6d 16h 6m
Axel Hütte: London: Axel Hütte: London $300 1
6d 17h 6m
Massimo Vitali: Les Plages du Var (The Beaches of the Var): Massimo Vitali: Les Plages du Var (The Beaches of the Var) - 0
6d 18h 6m
Linda Butler: Looking Glass, Genova, 1994 (Print from Italy in the Shadow of Time): Linda Butler: Looking Glass, Genova, 1994 (Print from Italy in the Shadow of Time) $700 1
7d 16h 6m

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  I N T H E B O O K S T O R E
© Tricia Cronin
© Tricia Cronin
Santa Fe Workshops' instructors Chris Rainier and Mary Virginia Swanson visit
The Santa Fe Workshops are in full swing for the summer season. Being so close to the workshops, photo-eye Bookstore gets frequent visits from the students and teachers. On Tuesday, Chris Rainier stopped by for a brief discussion about publishing the photobook with our Book Division Manager, Melanie McWhorter, and Mary Virginia Swanson's class will drop by on Thursday for a publishing talk with photo-eye Booklist editor, Darius Himes. The photos above are from Chris Rainier's class visit.

To learn more about the Santa Fe Workshops, go to Santa Fe Workshops website.

Click here to pre-order signed copies of Chris Rainier's book, Ancient Marks.
© Bobby Abrahamson
© Bobby Abrahamson 
Bobby Abrahamson visits Santa Fe on June 15th at 4pm
Bobby Abrahamson, photographer of One Summer Across America, a photo-eye bestseller, will be visiting the booktore for in informal book signing on Friday, June 15th at 4pm. Stop by our space at 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe to say hello and take a look at this small book of work that Robert Frank states in a letter to Abrahamson "Nice work human color good size exotic & ordinary in America the photographs show that you had a good trip You must be a good person to be able to feel the liberty to do what you see with heart & camera it shows in all your photos I like your text - the honesty in your acceptance of a spirit in america so profound - so simple."

Click here to order One Summer Across America.
  A L M O S T O U T - O F - P R I N T
Richard Misrach: Chronologies Richard Misrach: Chronologies
This book is almost out-of-print. We have a few copies available for order.

"Chronologies, as a book, fleshes out the element of time in Misrach's work, summarizing and subsequently enlarging on what we know of this artist and his work."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP273H Hardbound $85.00 Online Price: $76.50 Save 10%
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Martin Parr: Tutta Roma Martin Parr: Tutta Roma
Almost out-of-print. Place your backorders now as we have some of the last remaining copies arriving shortly.

"Tutta Roma stems from the Rome International Festival of Photography. For the 2006 edition, the city assigned British photographer Martin Parr the task of creating a comprehensive guide of the eternal city. His resulting portrait is that of a place filled not only with natives but, above all, with visitors, the latter contributing to Rome's life with their enthusiasm and curiosity, their many languages and fashions, their colorful presence."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC935S Softbound $30.00
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Tutta Roma
  S I G N E D B O O K S
Jim Krantz: Explorations & Optigrams Jim Krantz: Explorations & Optigrams—Signed
"Intrigued by redefining processes and formal explorations, I work with paints and resins on translucent materials creating images and arrangements, intuitively and spontaneously, that simply feel right to me. I begin with an agenda drawn from a specific image, then remap the surface, alternatively I rely purely on mood and chance; the intention is not abstraction but this is often the result."—Jim Krantz READ MORE

Cat# ZD067S Softbound $15.00
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Explorations & Optigrams
Jim Krantz: Surviving Cambodia Jim Krantz: Surviving Cambodia—Signed
"Cambodia is a world of extremes. The shattered legacy of broken families and the ghostly remains of dismembered bodies, victims of the Pol Pot regime, haunt the ancient temples that once represented a dynamic, vital civilization."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD068S Softbound $15.00
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Surviving Cambodia
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© Frank E. Watson
© Frank E. Watson
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