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: 2007 Fall photo-eye Booklist 2007 Fall photo-eye Booklist
The Fall issue of the photo-eye Booklist is now available for purchase through the photo-eye Bookstore. Our cover features a photograph by Paul Graham, from his new book A Shimmer of Possibility.


About Our Cover
Paul Graham's Chekhov-inspired work shimmers with possibility.
Interview by Richard Woodward

Publisher Profile
One by one, we interview the publishers of the books we love.
A photo-eye questionnaire

Survey of New Books
The quarterly survey of the best new photography books.
By various contributors

Rooted to Place
An Influential career seen through a lifetime of books.
By Mary Anne Redding

Out There, Hidden
This new book by Taryn Simon will take you by surprise.
A photo-eye presentation

Minnesota to Paris
Alec Soth is the third to tackle the witty Fashion Magazine.
By Jen Bekman

Publishing the Photography Book
A column about the ins-and-outs of publishing photography books.
By Mary Virginia Swanson and Darius Himes

Roving Eye
Our Parisian-based correspondent offers up a new column.
By Avis Cardella

The Old & Rare Survey
A regular column that surveys important books of the past. By Eric Miles

Editor's Choice
In this new column, our editor reviews a singular title of the season. By Darius Himes

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Cat# PE032S Softbound $8.95 (per issue + shipping)
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Paul Graham: A Shimmer of Possibility Paul Graham: A Shimmer of Possibility

Due December. Pre-order now.

"Inspired by Chekhov's short stories-and by his own contagious joy in the book form-photographer Paul Graham has created A Shimmer of Possibility, comprised of 10 individual books, each a photographic short story of everyday life. The 10 books gathered here are identical in trim size, but vary in length from just a single photograph to 60 pages of images made at one street corner."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP773H Hardbound $250.00 Online Price: $225.00 Save 10%
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Alec Soth: Fashion Magazine Alec Soth: Fashion Magazine

Due September. Pre-order now.

"I'm not really comfortable saying I know anything about Paris or its fashion world. And I suspect that most fashionable Parisians know just as little about Minnesota. What is interesting is the space between us."— Alec Soth READ MORE

Cat# DP748S Softbound $25.00 Online Price: $22.50 Save 10%
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: Bob Richardson Bob Richardson

Due September. Pre-order now.

"Fashion photographer Bob Richardson (1928-2005) first began to publish his powerful, transgressive and emotionally charged black-and-white images in the high-fashion press of the 1960s, highlighting the new freedoms and attendant disillusions of the era in a distinctive, maverick style that matched his own edgy way of life."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP731H Hardbound $75.00 Online Price: $67.50 Save 10%
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KayLynn Deveney: The Day to Day Life of Albert Hastings KayLynn Deveney: The Day to Day Life of Albert Hastings—Signed

Signed copies arriving in about three weeks.

"When Albert Hastings was eighty-five years old, photographer KayLynn Deveney moved near his small flat in Wales. KayLynn took notice of the small rituals and routines—gardening, laundry, grocery shopping—that made up Bert's life. A friendship slowly developed as KayLynn began photographing parts of Bert's day."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PP034H Hardbound $24.95
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The Day to Day Life of Albert Hastings
Jeffrey Fraenkel: The Book of Shadows Jeffrey Fraenkel: The Book of Shadows—Signed

Signed by Jeffrey Fraenkel.

"A meditation on the nature of photography itself, The Book of Shadows is a collection of 88 anonymous photographs spanning the twentieth century, all of which share a common 'mistake'—the photographer's shadow falling into the image. Selected by gallerist Jeffrey Fraenkel from his personal collection of more than 2000, these images represent, in Fraenkel's words, 'the most tenacious, peculiar, and downright sublime of the crop.'"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP743H Hardbound $45.00
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The Book of Shadows
Lars Tunbjork: I Love Boras Lars Tunbjork: I Love Boras
"Photographer Lars Tunbj√∂rk documents his aimless journey around Sweden between 1988 and 1995. ...these photographs reveal a dark and frenzied view of Sweden during the economic recession of the early 90s, and an equally dark take on modern western society as a whole."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP545H Hardbound $90.00 Online Price: $81.00 Save 10%
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I Love Boras
Tod Papageorge: Passing Through Eden Tod Papageorge: Passing Through Eden—Signed
"...Passing Through Eden, convey the passion that Rosalind Krauss once described in Papageorge's work-embracing 'the sensuous richness of physical reality that fullness which Baudelaire used to call intimacy, when he meant eroticism. It challenges the reader to succumb (or not) to the pleasures of the 'fullness' of each individual photograph, while ignoring (or not) the tug of a tale asking to be told."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DP621H Hardbound $60.00
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Passing Through Eden
Andrea Robbins & Max Becher: The Transportation of Place Andrea Robbins & Max Becher: The Transportation of Place—Signed

Signed by Robbins and Becher.

"As the title implies, the sites and subjects describe places out of place or found 'sociogeographic collage,' as Lucy Lippard describes in her accompanying essay. The histories and situations of place are richly complex, while the images look simple and lie with transparency.—JULIE ANAND READ MORE

Cat# DP365H Hardbound $50.00
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The Transportation of Place
  A U C T I O N S
Paul Graham: A1- The Great North Road Paul Graham: A1- The Great North Road
Paul Graham's first book, self-published in 1983, documents The Great North Road that runs the length of England 400 miles from London to Edinburgh. Graham's subdued color photos are a mournful document of a grey nowhere land in a country moving too fast to stop for a cup of tea. Photographed with a large format camera 1981 to 1982
Bids shown below are current as of 7:20 pm MT, 08.29.2007
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees: Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees $600 1
18h 39m
Richard Avedon: Avedon at Work: In the American West (SIGNED by Avedon and author Laura Wilson): Richard Avedon: Avedon at Work: In the American West (SIGNED by Avedon and author Laura Wilson) $270 2
1d 16h 39m
Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits (Shrink-wrapped!): Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits (Shrink-wrapped!) $300 1
1d 17h 9m
Jock Sturges: 2 Signed Books: Jock Sturges: 2 Signed Books $260 5
1d 18h 9m
Atget (2000 Museum of Art Monograph--SIGNED by John Szarkowski): Atget (2000 Museum of Art Monograph--SIGNED by John Szarkowski) $130 1
1d 18h 39m
Bruce Gilden: Go (SIGNED!): Bruce Gilden: Go (SIGNED!) - 0
3d 17h 39m
Chan Chao: Echo (SIGNED, Limited Edition!): Chan Chao: Echo (SIGNED, Limited Edition!) $400 3
3d 19h 39m
Toshio Shibata: Dam (SIGNED, Limited Edition!): Toshio Shibata: Dam (SIGNED, Limited Edition!) - 0
3d 23h 39m
Roni Horn: Still Water: Roni Horn: Still Water - 0
5d 20h 9m
Camera Magazine Large (But Incomplete) Run 1967-1978: Camera Magazine Large (But Incomplete) Run 1967-1978 - 0
6d 16h 39m
Paul Graham: A1- The Great North Road: Paul Graham: A1- The Great North Road - 0
9d 23h 39m

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