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Meg Birnbaum's portfolio Corn Dogs and Blue Ribbons
Corn dogs, Blue Ribbons and the American Pastoral

"Passing through the gates of the first fair since I was a kid, I was surprised at how vividly I remembered the fairs of my youth and I found myself smitten again.

I was touched by the devoted volunteer work and planning that goes into commanding so many layers of activity to happen simultaneously. And I found that, as I had remembered, fairs are a complicated balance of startling innocence and huckster sleaze. Everything is for sale; from whirlpool baths to religious salvation. All of these disparate elements exist in harmony against a backdrop of gleeful screams, bells and whistles and the aroma of fried dough mixed with the pungent essence of livestock and exotic poultry."

Image © Meg Birnbaum
Image © Meg Birnbaum
   Circle Swing, 2007

Gelatin-Silver Print
15x15" Image
22x22" Mat
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©Alan Kupchick
©Alan Kupchick
Melanie McWhorter, Book Division Manager, has choosen, Little Building, Canyon De Chelly, Arizona, 2004 by Alan Kupchick as her Staff Pick this week.

"My images are of places and things. They are of buildings and fabricated structures in nature and light, but they are really about order and design. They are about structure."—Alan Kupchick

Archival Digital Print
11x14" Image
19x22" Mat
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 In the Magazine - Reviews
China, Portrait of a Country
reviewed by Charles Dee Mitchell

Editor Liu Heung Shing began gathering images for this forty-year survey of Chinese photography in 1997. He searched China for photographers once employed by the Maoist government either as official photographers or with the state-run media, elderly men and women who still had negatives in shoeboxes under their beds and prints they had shown no one for decades...

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Takuma Nakahira: Aratanaru Gyoushi (A New Gaze) Takuma Nakahira: Aratanaru Gyoushi (A New Gaze)
Takuma Nakahira was a founding member of the hugely influential Provoke movement. His masterpiece from this period—and one of the most emblematic of the Provoke movement—is For a Language to Come, published in 1970.

A short time later, Nakahira repudiated his entire past output in the book Why an Illustrated Botanical Dictionary. He advocated for a "photography to come", in which color images would be stripped all vestiges of subjectivity. In setting such a goal for himself, Nakahira was basically staring into an aesthetic abyss. In 1977, he was struck with a severe case of amnesia, brought on by acute alcohol poisoning.

A New Gaze contains work that he produced during his recovery. As Masashi Kohara writes in his cogent essay, A Portrait of Takuma Nakahira (published on the Shugoarts web site), "Photography manifests itself in these pictures in its primal unruliness."
A brilliat book; highly recommended!!

See images from Nakahira s 2003 survey, Degree Zero - Yokohama.
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Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts: Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts $450 2
5h 37m
Robert Adams: The New West (First Edition!): Robert Adams: The New West (First Edition!) - 0
6h 37m
Stephen Gill: Buried: Stephen Gill: Buried $160 3
8h 37m
Nayoa Hatakeyama: Limeworks (First Edition!): Nayoa Hatakeyama: Limeworks (First Edition!) $400 1
2d 7h 37m
Takuma Nakahira (Hysteric Six): Takuma Nakahira (Hysteric Six) - 0
2d 8h 37m
Takuma Nakahira: Aratanaru Gyoushi (A New Gaze): Takuma Nakahira: Aratanaru Gyoushi (A New Gaze) - 0
3d 7h 37m
Anders Petersen: Cafe Lehmitz (1st edition!): Anders Petersen: Cafe Lehmitz (1st edition!) $300 2
6d 4h 37m
Shoji Ueda: Rare exhibition catalogue (INSCRIBED): Shoji Ueda: Rare exhibition catalogue (INSCRIBED) $350 1
6d 5h 37m

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Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens
"In this remarkable work, renowned photographer Masahisa Fukase explores the world of the raven, a constant presence in the landscape of his native Japan. He photographs ravens, singly and in groups, in every conceivable setting, both natural and manmade. His images are spiritually and emotionally powerful, endowing the raven with meanings that are sometimes exhilarating, at other times terrifying."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD558H Hardbound List Price: $90.00
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Michael Kenna: 2009 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar 2009 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar
"Michael Kenna's intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our thirteenth calendar featuring his work. The 2009 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using 'Daido black' ink. It features both well-known and previously unpublished photographs."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR309S Softbound List Price $25.00
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 365 Book a Day
John Stezaker: Masks John Stezaker: Masks
"This exhibition catalog from Stezaker's recent show in London includes eighteen collages that focus on the British artist's fascination with the hidden face. As the artist explains it, the masks are 'a way of negotiating a threshold between the living and the dead, which in a way is what I think all art is trying to do, it's trying to reanimate the dead.'"—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# MW125S Softbound List Price $39.95
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Jona Frank: Right Jona Frank: Right—Signed
"Patrick Henry College is the higher education institution of choice among politically far-right young people aspiring to enter the conservative power elite. The explicit mission of PHC is to cultivate leaders to take American politics and culture back to God, through careers in politics and entertainment. Acclaimed photographer Jona Frank presents an honest, intimate, and eye-opening portrait of the school and its students."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CI211H Hardbound List Price: $40.00
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Philippe Halsman: Unknown Halsman Philippe Halsman: Unknown Halsman
"Unknown Halsman reveals an overlooked, playful and bizarre side of Philippe Halsman, one of the most innovative photographers of the twentieth century. Edited by his grandson Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, most of the images in this distinctive volume which include private and experimental photographs, decontextualized advertisements, outtakes from famous sittings, contact sheets and family snapshots, have never been seen as a body of work in their own right."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ023H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
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Jaakko Heikkilä: Bright Humility Jaakko Heikkilä: Bright Humility
"Lars-Levi Laestadius (1800-1861), parson, thinker and a man of strong influence, has left his mark on the mind of all those who come from the northern regions of the Nordic countries. In this work, Heikkilä walks in the northernmost Swedish Lapland, in the birth place of the Laestadian religious movement."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD425H Hardbound List Price: $99.50
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Bright Humility
Michael Schmidt: Irgendwo Michael Schmidt: Irgendwo
"Irgendwo — 'Somewhere' — a beautifully produced new book, looks at present-day Germany in the intriguing shades of grey that are the artist's trademark."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZC896H Hardbound List Price: $79.95
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Rikard Laving: Caravan Rikard Laving: Caravan
"Most people have memories or associations with caravan parks and camping grounds, the people and surroundings. Photographer Richard Laving images reflect his personal experiences from the Flatenbadet camping ground situated south of Stockholm. Laving's insights reveal a world inside a world — always personal and sometimes a little hard and bleak."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ID951H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
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Miroslav Tichy: Miroslav Tichy Miroslav Tichy
"After studying at the Academy of Arts in Prague, Miroslav Tichy, born in 1926 in the former Czechoslovakia, withdrew to a life of isolation in his hometown of Kyjov. In the late 1950s, he stopped painting and, during his daily walks, began to take photographs of women with cameras he made by hand. He mounted his prints on handmade frames and added finishing touches in pencil, shifting from photography to drawing. Disregarding the rules of photography, for four decades Tichy created a large oeuvre of poetic, dreamlike views of female beauty."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ155H Hardbound List Price: $80.00
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Miroslav Tichy

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