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 photo-eye Gallery Opening
©Carlos Tarrats, Jeffris Elliott,  Hiroyasu Matsui
©Carlos Tarrats, Jeffris Elliott,  Hiroyasu Matsui
photo-eye Gallery, 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is pleased to announce THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S SHOWCASE SERIES KICKOFF, an exhibition of work by photographer's represented by The Photographer's Showcase at photo-eye.com.

Nearly ten years ago, photo-eye conceived of an online gallery to show the work of talented emerging photographers. Over that time, photo-eye's juried online exhibition space has inspired imitators, but none can boast such a well-rounded and ever-expanding collection of fine art photography. Growing to include outstanding work from photographers across the globe, the Photographer's Showcase has established itself as a resource for curators and galleries, collectors, critics and photography enthusiasts to discover and purchase exceptional photography.

While photo-eye Gallery has at times included work from Showcase artists in exhibitions, the Photographer's Showcase Series marks a new and exciting collaboration between the Photographer's Showcase and photo-eye Gallery. Over the coming year, photo-eye Gallery and the Photographer's Showcase are pleased to announce an on-going series of exhibitions featuring work from the Photographer's Showcase.

THE PHOTOGRAPER'S SHOWCASE SERIES KICK OFF will feature work by seven Photographer's Showcase Artists,

Erik Boker
Jessica Bruah
Jeffris Elliott
Mihai Mangiulea
Hiroyasu Matsui
Eric Percher
Carlos Tarrats

Opening Reception: Friday, March 20th, 2009, 5-7pm
Exhibition Dates: March 20th - May 2nd, 2009
Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10-5
 photo-eye Events
©Eddie Soloway
©Eddie Soloway
photo-eye Bookstore is pleased to host an exhibition of work by Eddie Soloway featuring works made using the polymer photogravure process. For this project, Soloway used a soft-focus camera, warm-toned inks, handmade rag papers and embossed plate edges to create pieces about place. Also showing is a group of Soloway's chromogenic prints.

The opening reception will be held Friday, February 20th, 4 to 6 pm at photo-eye Bookstore, 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM. The exhibition will continue through March 31st, 2009.
 In the Magazine
Joshua Lutz: Meadowlands
reviewed by Ryon James

For ten years, Joshua Lutz has been exploring the meadowlands in northern New Jersey, a vast swath of wetlands abutting one of the most populated areas in the US. Meadowlands, Lutz's first monograph, presents this decade long project begun under the pretense of finding Jimmy Hoffa, but which ultimately developed into a record of this place, one denied of its natural state by human development...

read the whole review
Richard Benson: The Printed Picture
from Michael More

Richard Benson has been teaching at Yale for thirty years. He was named Dean of the Art School in 1995, and when he stepped down from that job in 2006, a tribute by photographer Tod Papageorge in the Yale Art Gallery Bulletin described his career as "crooked" and "careening."

The young Benson looked so much like his father that the family called him Chip, as in "off the old block." John Howard Benson was a legendary calligrapher and stonecutter whom his son recalls as an "odd" m...

read the whole review
Nacho Lopez: La Ciudad de Mexico III (Mexico City III) Nacho Lopez: La Ciudad de Mexico III (Mexico City III)
"Photographer Nacho López was Mexico's Eugene Smith, fusing social commitment with searing imagery to dramatize the plight of the helpless, the poor, and the marginalized in the pages of glossy illustrated magazines. Even today, López's photographs forcefully belie the picturesque exoticism that is invariably presented as the essence of Mexico."—University of Minnesota Press
Included in Parr & Badger, vol. II
Bids shown below are current as of 6:45 pm MT, 02.18.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
David Maisel: Oblivion (Deluxe Edition with Print): David Maisel: Oblivion (Deluxe Edition with Print) - 0
2d 22h 14m
Kiyoshi Suzuki: The Light That Has Lighted The World: Kiyoshi Suzuki: The Light That Has Lighted The World - 0
3d 22h 14m
John Baldessari: A Different Kind of Order + Life's Balance (Set of Major Exhibition Catalogues): John Baldessari: A Different Kind of Order + Life's Balance (Set of Major Exhibition Catalogues) - 0
3d 22h 14m
Nancy Rexroth: Iowa + The Platinotype (BOTH SIGNED!) : Nancy Rexroth: Iowa + The Platinotype (BOTH SIGNED!) $350 1
4d 21h 14m
  Jim Goldberg: Raised by Wolves : Jim Goldberg: Raised by Wolves $170 1
4d 23h 14m
Miklos Gaal: Imitation of Life: Fotografien 1999-2003 : Miklos Gaal: Imitation of Life: Fotografien 1999-2003 $150 1
5d 0h 14m
Takashi Homma: Babyland : Takashi Homma: Babyland - 0
5d 19h 14m
René Groebli: Das Auge der Liebe (The Eye of Love)--SIGNED!: René Groebli: Das Auge der Liebe (The Eye of Love)--SIGNED! - 0
5d 21h 14m
Nacho Lopez: La Ciudad de Mexico III (Mexico City III): Nacho Lopez: La Ciudad de Mexico III (Mexico City III) - 0
6d 23h 14m

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 365 Book a Day
John Szarkowski: Looking at Photographs John Szarkowski: Looking at Photographs

Copies due in March.

"Originally published in 1973, this marvelous collection of photographs with accompanying texts by the revered late Museum of Modern Art photography curator John Szarkowski has long been recognized as a classic. Reissued in 1999-with new digital duotones-this volume is now available to a new generation of readers."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ171S Softbound List Price $39.95
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

Daido Moriyama: Hokkaido Daido Moriyama: Hokkaido

Copies arriving in two to four weeks.

"Early summer in 1978, Moriyama stayed in Hokkaido, in the northern part of Japan, for three months renting a room. During that period, he took many photographs. This book contains a huge number of Photographs that have not printed for about 30 years."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD660H Hardbound List Price: $275.00
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Marianne Mueller: The Proper Ornaments Marianne Mueller: The Proper Ornaments
"The camera is the medium through which Marianne Mueller observes self and world, at home and on trips, day and night. This was her starting point for The Proper Ornaments, an art book that simultaneously displays the last twelve years of her work."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ID986H Hardbound List Price: $78.50
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The Proper Ornaments
Ed Kashi: Curse of the Black Gold Ed Kashi: Curse of the Black Gold
"Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta takes a graphic look at the profound cost of oil exploitation in West Africa. Featuring images by world—renowned photojournalist Ed Kashi and text by prominent Nigerian journalists and human rights activists."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PY260H Hardbound List Price: $45.00
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Curse of the Black Gold
Mark Cohen: Italian Riviera Mark Cohen: Italian Riviera

Copies arriving in two to four weeks.

"Mark Cohen adheres to the fundamental principles of street photography. He uses small format equipment and chooses the urban context as his unique field of action. Despite this he does not haunt large metropolises but, almost without exception, produces his work in small towns and, above all, in his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, a coal mining suburb of Pennsylvania, where he was born and where he has always lived. This is also true of the series he produced along the Levante Riviera in Liguria, during his stay in Rapallo."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD625H Hardbound List Price: $33.00
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Italian Riviera
Bruce Weber: All-American VIII Bruce Weber: All-American VIII
"This year, our journal explores the parallels between traditional perceptions of the natural world and the tensions that exist within our conceptualization of human nature.

This lofty theme is illustrated through the works and observations of an eclectic cast of characters, in what has become the signature form of the All-American series."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD609S Softbound List Price $155.00
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All-American VIII
Joshua Lutz: Meadowlands Joshua Lutz: Meadowlands
"Just two miles west of Manhattan lies the Meadowlands, a 32—square—mile stretch of sweeping wilderness that evokes morbid fantasies of Mafia hits and buried remains. Development has claimed two—thirds of the region, making way for scores of landfills, motels, and gas stations. The growth of poorly planned communities and the impending construction of Xanadu, a five million—square—foot entertainment and retail complex, threaten to change these lands forever."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# PY251H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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 Alec Soth in Albuquerque, NM
Alec Soth will be speaking on the campus of the University of New Mexico at 5:30 pm February 19th in the George Pearl Hall auditorium (the new architecture building across the street from Frontier Restaurant.)

The lecture is part of the Robert Heinecken Memorial Lecture Series.
 In the News
Congratulations to gallery artist, Keith Carter!
Keith is one of the recipients of the Texas Medal of Arts Awards for 2009. He also a recipient of the Texas Artist of the Year for 2009 (Art League in Houston). Keith's works was accepted into the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian.

Animals are Outside Today
Photographs by Photographer's Showcase artist Colleen Plumb
Exhibition is on display until March 22nd, 2009

Historic Water Tower City Gallery, Chicago
806 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
Gallery is open Monday-Saturday 10am-6:30pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Ten: Gifts of SBMA Photofutures
Featuring work by Photographer's Showcase Artist David Wolf
Exhibition is on display until April 5, 2009

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
1130 State Street
Santa Barbara, California
Museum is open Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

Photographer's Showcase Artist Krista Elrick will be teaching a workshop with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop called "Wings Over Alaska: Shorebird Migration." More information available at:

Photographer's Showcase Artist Jeff Rich has been featured in Daylight magazine's podcast, which can be viewed here:

Photographer's Showcase Artist Susan Bank has an interview in the most recent issue of SHOTS Magazine. Read the full interview here.
 Photographic Workshops

The New Business of Photography
With Mary Virginia Swanson
March 8-14, 2009
From art galleries to book covers, from commercial media to corporate décor, photography is a universal language, crossing geographic and demographic boundaries to appear in almost all media and markets. This new workshop with Mary Virginia Swanson guides participants through today?s tricky business climate for photographers, introducing and exploring new avenues for operating successfully in a broad spectrum of markets. Other topics addressed include branding your business, marketing and promoting in print and on the Internet, and copyrighting and licensing your work.
For more details visit: The New Business of Photography: Mary Virginia Swanson

Moving Forward with Your Photography: Developing and Marketing Your Work
With Joyce Tenneson
March 15-21
Are you a photographer who creates wonderful images but does not have an outlet for them? This is a week for brainstorming and investigating ways to promote your work for galleries, book projects, or commercial use. Through information-packed PowerPoint presentations and field trips that encourage participants to see their work in new ways, the goal is to inspire everyone to re-connect with that original passion for photography and feel confident about moving forward in the future.

This is not a workshop devoted to making new photographs. Instead, Joyce focuses on working one-on-one to address each individual's photography and goals. Based on the portfolios participants bring to Santa Fe, Joyce designs exercises that will aid in building their work and creating a blueprint for the future.
For more details visit: Moving Forward with Your Photography: Developing and Marketing Your: With Joyce Tenneson

Publishing the Photographic Book
with Sam Abell and Leah Bendavid-Val
March 22-28

This workshop is for photographers seriously interested in publishing a book of their photographs. We address every aspect of book publishing, from editing and writing, to layout and design, to manufacturing and marketing. By focusing on the unique aspects of your work, together we arrive at decisions leading toward an appropriate book format. Using materials you bring to the workshop, including photographs and text (manuscripts, journals, notes, ephemera, etc.), daily sessions are devoted to refining and structuring your body of work.
For more details visit: Publishing the Photographic Book: Sam Abell and Leah Bendavid—Val

Designing Your Photographic Book
With Mim Adkins and Elsa Kendall
March 29-April 4

Any photographer who has dreamed of publishing a photographic project in book form faces some daunting questions. Where do you begin? What tools do you use? How do you collaborate with an editor and designer? How do you decide on style, shape, size, and other specifics? In this workshop participants turn their projects into book prototypes that can serve as BLADs (Basic Layout and Design)?abbreviated book concepts to send to publishers?or as the focused beginnings of a book idea to be completed after the workshop. Topics covered include the types of books best suited to each project, the bookmaking process, and venues for publishing. Mim and Elsa have extensive experience transforming photographers' work into well-edited, beautifully designed books uniquely tailored to each project. They guide participants through initial editing sessions, intensive tutorials on using Adobe Bridge and InDesign for on-screen editing and creating the book layout, and one-on-one design consultations. The week also covers working with commercial printers, the various avenues of publishing, how to approach publishers, and self-publishing issues.
For more details visit: Designing Your Photographic Book: Mim Adkins and Elsa Kendall
 Palm Springs Photo Festival
The Palm Springs Photo Festival is an intense week—long event for Professional, Emerging and Serious Advanced Amateur Photographers. We are dedicated to providing a rich program intended to inspire, educate and instill or reignite passion for the art and commerce of photography. No other photography event in the country offers such a high level of content. Attendees are encouraged to arrive on Sunday, March 29 in order to enjoy our Open Portfolio Review and Opening Reception.
 Book Awards
©Jennette Williams
©Jennette Williams
Jennette Williams, a fine arts photography instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, has been selected to receive the fourth Center for Documentary Studies/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography for her stunning platinum prints and color photographs of women at European and Turkish bath houses.

Celebrated photographer Mary Ellen Mark judged the competition and chose Williams for the prize because of her "original and beautifully rendered" photographs. "Jennette is both an excellent documentary photographer and a superb portraitist—a rare combination." Mark also commented on the difficult decision she had to make, given the quality of the submissions. "It was a long and challenging process—especially knowing how much passion and work the photographers put into their projects."

The next First Book Prize in Photography competition will be held in 2010. For more information, see the CDS Web site at http://cds.aas.duke.edu/bp/index.html.

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