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 Photographer's Showcase
©Lucia Ganieva
©Lucia Ganieva 
Lucia Ganieva
Factory # 1

Digital Inkjet Print
16x36" Image
24x20" Mat

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"A series of photographs made in a textile factory in the town of Ivanovo, some 275 km north-east of Moscow. The town was called the 'town of brides' because the population counted almost only women, working in the textile branch.

During the regime of the czars, this town was the center of textile industry in Russia. There were approximately 30 different plants where all kinds of fabrics were manufactured, mostly based on cotton and linen. In the course of time, due to the competition of low labor-cost countries, such as China, almost all of the plants had to close down. At the present time, only a handful are active, but it is to be expected that they will not last long.

The factory where I made my series, the 'Kombinat,' named after F.N.Samoilova, was a very big plant, where a complete range of fabrics were produced, but now it has restricted its activities. Now, only the bleaching and printing of the fabrics continues.

My intention was to make a portrait of the factory, by combining its interior, the fabrics they work up, and the women doing the work. The fabrics portrayed come from different collections over the years - old and new - as with the interior images, showcasing older and newer equipment, and the same applies for the workers, who are women of different ages."— Lucia Ganieva

Lucia Ganieva was the winner of the Juror's Choice Award for Center's Project Competition.

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 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
©Nick Brandt
©Nick Brandt
This weeks staff pick, Elephant Mother & Baby Holding Leg, Serengeti, 2002 by Nick Brandt, was chosen by Gallery Associate Director Heather Prichard.

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 In the Magazine
Home: Tom Arndt's Minnesota
from Richard Gordon

Agape. Yes, why not start there. Let us begin with unconditional love. In my forty some years of looking at photographs and books, this has not been the first word that pops unbidden into this Jew's mind. Midway through my first look at Home, agape came to mind among cascading layers of emotions and thoughts. I've never used that word in conversation or print (unless for some long forgotten college paper) before now. Rachmonis, yes ? for you Lutherans, Yiddish for a broad sympathy...

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Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!) Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!)
"Inspired by a global event, the Dome at Greenwich has been a British construction project of unprecedented ambition, a building site where records have routinely been broken, an engineering feat of mind-boggling statistics. Superstructure is a remarkable record of the Dome's genesis up to the day it was opened to the public, 1 January 2000..."—the publisher
Bids shown below are current as of 6:01 pm MT, 05.13.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Henri Maccheroni: El Pubis: Henri Maccheroni: El Pubis - 0
0h 59m
Josef Koudelka: Reconaissance Wales  : Josef Koudelka: Reconaissance Wales $450 2
21h 59m
Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1990 Philadelphia Museum of Art) + 1983 Corcoran Gallery catalogue: Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1990 Philadelphia Museum of Art) + 1983 Corcoran Gallery catalogue - 0
1d 20h 59m
  Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts: Walter Niedermayr: Reservate des Augenblicks/Momentary Resorts $600 2
1d 21h 59m
Merry Alpern: Dirty Windows: Merry Alpern: Dirty Windows $150 1
2d 0h 59m
Mark Power: Superstructure  (SIGNED!): Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!) - 0
2d 21h 59m
Richard Prince: Adult Comedy Action Drama (Inscribed): Richard Prince: Adult Comedy Action Drama (Inscribed) $650 1
3d 22h 59m
  Frederick Sommer: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars: Frederick Sommer: Venus, Jupiter, and Mars - 0
5d 20h 59m
Sudek by Sonja Bullaty (SIGNED Limited Edition)   : Sudek by Sonja Bullaty (SIGNED Limited Edition) - 0
5d 21h 59m

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 365 A Book A Day
Keizo Kitajima: Back to Okinawa Keizo Kitajima: Back to Okinawa

More copies arriving in 1-2 weeks.

"Folio; newsprint; silkscreened black wrappers; hand-sewn binding; clear plastic bag. Limited edition of 250 copies, signed and numbered."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD729S Softbound List Price $135.00
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Jonathan Torgovnik: Intended Consequences Jonathan Torgovnik: Intended Consequences
"An estimated 20,000 children were born of rapes that occurred during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Fifteen years later, the mothers of these children still face enormous challenges, not least of which is the stigma of bearing and raising a child fathered by a Hutu militiaman. Over the past three years, photographer Jonathan Torgovnik has made repeated visits to Rwanda to document the stories of these women. The portraits and testimonies featured in Intended Consequences offer intensely personal and honest accounts of these survivors' experiences of the genocide, as well as their conflicted feelings about raising a child who is a palpable reminder of horrors endured.

A portion of the proceeds from this book go to Foundation Rwanda."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ223S Softbound List Price $39.95
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Dana Lixenberg: The Last Days of Shishmaref Dana Lixenberg: The Last Days of Shishmaref
"Shishmaref is disappearing. The village on an island off the coast of Alaska is slowly but surely being swallowed up by the sea. Global warming is causing the island?s protective permafrost layer to melt; the Chukchi Sea is freezing later in the season, leaving ravaging waves free to batter the island. It is estimated that the community of 600 Inupiaq Eskimos will have to leave their native land before 2020."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD620S Softbound List Price $80.00
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The Last Days of Shishmaref
Roni Horn: Roni Horn Aka Roni Horn Roni Horn Aka Roni Horn
"Over the course of more than 30 years, Roni Horn has developed a body of work of concentrated visual power, classical in its restraint, beauty and sensitivity to material. Horn's pieces invite conceptual engagement, though her practice defies easy categorization, and also elicit in the viewer a refreshed attention to matter itself, to make being here enough'. Her subtle explorations of the complex energies between object and subject have expanded the vocabulary of every medium in which she works. This slipcased, two-volume set accompanies the most comprehensive overview of Horn's work to date."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DQ224S Softbound List Price $70.00
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Roni Horn Aka Roni Horn
Teun Van Der Heijden: World Press Photo 2009 Teun Van Der Heijden: World Press Photo 2009

Not yet published. Copies arriving in 2-3 weeks.

"Every year since 1958 an international jury has met in the Netherlands under the auspices of the World Press Photo Foundation to choose the world's finest press photographs. Universally recognized as the definitive competition for photographic reportage, it has been described by Michael Rand as 'the international photographic contest.' Publishing the results of the latest annual World Press Photo Contest, this exceptional book contains the very best press photographs from 2008."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# NT253S Softbound List Price $24.95
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Miroslav Tichy: Miroslav Tichy Miroslav Tichy
"Miroslav Tichy created an obsessive photographic work around the female form, reinventing all parts of photography at the margins of any artistic current. His images, captured so instinctively or automatically with approximate optics and tinkered with devices made using scrap materials, propose an extraordinary reality, erotic and dreamlike: they reveal an artist outside the norm."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# CF176H Hardbound List Price: $85.00
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Miroslav Tichy
Robert Adams: denver Robert Adams: denver

Not yet published, due June. Pre-order now.

"The photographs featured in denver and What We Bought show tract housing with mountain ranges in the distance, trailer lots devoid of people, suburban streets through generic windows, shopping mall interiors, and parking lots: subjects distinctly unspectacular, familiar, and banal. Adams's compositions are straightforward and democratic, and it is this precise turn from sentimentality that has made Adams one of the most influential figures in the history of American photography."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# YU115H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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 Signed Books
Amy Stein: Domesticated Amy Stein: Domesticated—Signed
"Amy Stein crafts photographic allegories set simultaneously in a number of different liminal spaces. Her sure and realistic color works manifest the place where the human—built meets the wild, but in addition they show us where the factual descriptive image meets fiction."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD596S Softbound List Price $29.00
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Camille Seaman: The Last Iceberg Camille Seaman: The Last Iceberg—Signed
"It is hardly possible to look at Camille Seaman's icebergs as inert or insentient. Therein lies the gift these images bestow. Though they are made of ice, these massifs of the sea are as diverse and distinct as any terrestrial form. The tabular mesas broken off from the Weddell Ice Shelf are white glazed deserts. The crystal pinnacles cast off from Greenland seem to be mountaintops set adrift."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD597H Hardbound List Price: $45.00
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The Last Iceberg
Donald Weber: Bastard Eden, Our Chernobyl Donald Weber: Bastard Eden, Our Chernobyl—Signed
"These photographs were taken over three years, in the region of Chernobyl, Ukraine — some 20 years after the nuclear reactor incident in 1986. That first morning, as the plume of radioactive debris fell across the land and into the rest of Europe, the authorities evacuated the city of Pripyat and created a 40-kilometer Exclusion Zone around it. Today a ring of silent fire surrounds these pine woods and abandoned apartment buildings. People are not supposed to live here; wild boars, rabbits and deer thrive in the lush greenery. Even the steppe wolves have returned."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD595S Softbound List Price $29.00
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Bastard Eden, Our Chernobyl
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 Staff News
ICP hosted its annual Infinity Awards ceremony yesterday and recognized the recipients of the award. photo-eye Auction Coordinator Eric Miles was amongst the international nominating committee.
View books by some of the recipients:
Rinko Kawauchi, Geert Van Kesteren, Aglaia Konrad, Annie Leibovitz, Tim Walker.

Book Division Manager Melanie McWhorter discusses her portfolio picks from PhotoLucida — Alejandro Cartagena and Angela Bacon-Kidwell — in the Features section of PDN Online. Read the article here.
 Santa Fe Events
Please join us in congratulating photo-eye Staff member, Adam Figliola, and former Staff member, Shoshanna Bettencourt, on the occasion of their final thesis exhibition at College of Santa Fe tomorrow night from 5 to 7 pm in Marion Center for Photographic Arts on the campus of College of Santa Fe.
 photo-eye Gallery News
Photo-eye Gallery photographer Tom Chambers participated in the Fotográfica 2009 Bogotá sponsored by Fotomuseo, the National Museum of Photography in Colombia, from May 2nd to May 9th, 2009. A biennial, Fotográfica 2009 Bogotá was a gathering of sixteen international photographers from around the world, and 24 from Colombia.

These fine art photographers exhibited their work related to the theme of the Portrait. Photographs were displayed in different venues across the city of Bogota, including major museums, historical buildings, and galleries.

In the historic Candeleria district of Bogotá, Tom Chambers exhibited a body of work at the Museo de Bogotá. Teaching a class at the Universidad Nacional Tom explained the process of creating his photomontages to several hundred students. In a public conversation at the Universidad Central with Guatemalan photographer Luis Gonzalez Palma, Tom and Luis discussed the themes and symbolism in their photography. At the city radio station called RadioNica Tom chatted in a live conversation about the meaning of his work. Perhaps the most public presentation of Tom's work occurred in the outdoor displays around the city. In the spirit of Fotomuseo's mission to bring photography into the lives of the Colombian people, Tom's portraits were displayed on the exterior of public buildings and along the thoroughfares of Bogotá. Most remarkable was Tom's piece Fetch measuring approximately 24 feet by 65 feet displayed prominently on the front of the Archivo de Bogotá.
 In the News
Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford
Photographs by Photographer's Showcase artist Kyle Ford
Exhibition is on display May 15th to 28th
Opening reception Friday, May 15th, 6—8 pm

May Poetter Gallery
Savannah, Georgia

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