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 Photographer's Showcase
© Rita Moss
© Rita Moss
Rita Maas's portfolio At Home, Looking Outward

"These images were taken in my home, an intimate and familiar place to me. They take on temporal qualities of a slow, quiet nature as I observe their constantly shifting features. Shown in sequences, they reflect on the act of deliberately looking; creating a visual language of fragmented moments, layering the complexities of the human capacity to comprehend."-Rita Maas

Rita Maas
Shades and Shadows, July 29, 2008
Pigment Ink on Archival Rag
12x37" Image
1 / 5

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 photo-eye Gallery Staff Pick
© Jennifer Greenburg
© Jennifer Greenburg
This week's photo-eye Staff selection from the photo-eye Galleries was selected by Online Gallery Coordinator Sarah Bradley. Sarah has selected Jennifer Greenburg's Kikko & Jezabel from Greenburg's 'The Rockabillies' portfolio.

"The Rockabillies is work from the past seven years which examines a unique global subculture and my relationship with it. The individuals portrayed are not actors, but rather contemporary participants of Rockabilly culture who have co-opted the looks and values of mid-twentieth century America."—Jennifer Greenburg

Greenburg has recently added 6 new images to her portfolio. Click here to see them.

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Greenburg's work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.
Ed Ruscha: Lot of Nine Books (with hand-written letter from 1965!) Ed Ruscha: Lot of Nine Books (with hand-written letter from 1965!)
This lot of Nine (9) books by Ed Ruscha is accompanied by a signed letter dated January 20, 1965 and addressed to the owner of a small independent bookstore in Alabama. An extraordinary, humble letter given his current status!!
Bids shown below are current as of 5:51 pm MT, 09.09.2009
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
J.H. Lartigue: Diary of a Century : J.H. Lartigue: Diary of a Century $350 4
21h 8m
Anonymous: Long Live Bright Instruction (Chinese Revolutionary Propaganda Book): Anonymous: Long Live Bright Instruction (Chinese Revolutionary Propaganda Book) - 0
1d 22h 8m
Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (Inscribed) + 1 other: Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (Inscribed) + 1 other - 0
3d 0h 8m
André Kertész: Distortions (First U.K. Edition): André Kertész: Distortions (First U.K. Edition) - 0
6d 1h 8m
   Michael Kenna: 1990 Gallery Min Catalogue (Scarce Hardbound Edition)--Signed!: Michael Kenna: 1990 Gallery Min Catalogue (Scarce Hardbound Edition)--Signed! - 0
8d 0h 8m
Ed Ruscha: Lot of Nine Books (with hand-written letter from 1965!): Ed Ruscha: Lot of Nine Books (with hand-written letter from 1965!) - 0
9d 22h 8m

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 photo-eye Weekly Bestsellers
Bestselling Books at photo-eye for the week ending September 5, 2009

1. Michael Kenna: 2010 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar (1)
2. Peter van Agtmael: 2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die - SIGNED (5)
3. Michael Kenna & Bianca Rossi: Love in Black and White (1)
4. Frank Gohlke: Thoughts on Landscape (1)
5. Nick Brandt: A Shadow Falls - SIGNED (6)
6. Elliott McDowell: Mystical Dreamscapes (1)
7. Josef Hoflehner: China (1)
8. Hiroshi Watanabe: Findings - SIGNED (14)
9. Roger Ballen: Boarding House - SIGNED (4)
10. Lee Friedlander: New Mexico - LTD (9)

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 Limited Editions
Joel Meyerowitz: The Legacy Box Set Joel Meyerowitz: The Legacy Box Set
Each custom-designed clamshell box contains a copy of Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks with a special-edition bellyband, as well as The Hallett, a limited-edition book featuring one of the artist's favorite spots-the Hallett Nature Sanctuary in Manhattan. The Hallett was designed and printed exclusively for this edition using an HP Indigo Digital Press. Also included is a 10 x 12 inch HP archival pigment print, made personally by the artist. Each book and print is signed and numbered by Meyerowitz.

The hardbound version of Legacy can also be pre-ordered. Both versions are due in October. Reserve your copy now. READ MORE

Cat# AP587H Hardbound List Price: $350.00
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 Signed and Limited Edition
Josef Hoflehner: China Josef Hoflehner: China

Signed and limited editions arriving in 2-4 weeks.

This new book features more than 100 of Josef Hoflehner's epic photographs from China. Most of them are published for the first time. Superbly printed in duotone by China's leading art book printer.

About the Limited Edition:
The Deluxe Limited Edition of China comes with an original signed silver-gelatin print of the cover-image Shanghai Skyline. It is housed in a custom-made clamshell box covered by black Chinese silk. Limited to 100 signed & numbered copies only. READ MORE

Cat# ZD775H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
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Cat# ZD775L Limited Edition $550.00
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 365 A Book A Day

This week's 365 Book A Day featured items are

Night Shift with photographs by Janne Lehtinen.
"The setting of Lehtinen's latest project is a small city in Finland. Between January and December 2006, the photographer prowled its streets at night, camera in hand, and in the process, he also took portraits of the father at six o'clock in the morning, just as he was coming off his night shift at a paper mill."

Love in Black and White Photographs by Michael Kenna and poems by Bianca Rossi.
"British-born photographer Michael Kenna and Brazilian-born author and actress Bianca Rossini worked together to create a book of photographs and poems entitled "Love in black and white" Beautifully printed on natural Japanese paper in a limited edition of 1,500 hardcover copies, this gorgeous new book comprises 45 of Rossini's original poems, accompanied by selected photographs of Kenna's landscapes taken in locations around the world."

China with photographs by Josef Hoflehner.
"Josef Hoflehner's China monograph spans four years of intensive travel to the Middle Kingdom and is an amazing testament to the unique confluence of geography, history and commerce that has shaped this vast nation. Through an original and often startling juxtaposition of images, classical sites from antiquity mix with new urban skylines to form a collection that underscores the contrasts of modern Chinese life and the sweeping changes taking place.' - from the Introduction by Scott Minick. "

Thoughts on Landscape with writings and interviews by Frank Gohlke.
"Frank Gohlke has been a leading figure in American landscape photography for thirty years. Photographing grain silos in Minnesota, the aftermaths of a tornado in Texas and the Mount St. Helens eruption in Washington, and a river's quiet course in Massachusetts, his is a career of deep, unbroken contemplation of the land, and of our livelihood and survival within it."

On Prior Lane: A Firefly's Light with photographs by Paul Caponigro.
"An acclaimed master of the medium, for more than fifty years Paul Caponigro has cultivated an extraordinary artistic vision. His primary subject matter - landscapes and still lifes - are transformed into metaphysical "equivalents"; the real world, acutely seen and rendered, becomes a transcendental domain."

A Shadow Falls with photographs by Nick Brandt.
"In A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt continues his ambitious and ongoing photographic project to memorialize the vanishing natural grandeur of East Africa. Brandt's wide-screen panoramas of animals and landscapes capture an epic vision of Africa not seen before. His iconic portraits of its majestic animals are filled with an empathy usually reserved for human subjects."

Palermo Unsung by Mauro D'Agati.
"Palermo Unsung tells the story of singers, cantanti neomelodici, performing at the music festivals in the south of Italy and their frenzied public. It is a story of the common man, ragamuffin, culturally corrupt but human and paradoxically authentic."

Check the 365 calendar everyday for the new featured books or simply sign up for the RSS feed!

All quotes from the publisher unless otherwise noted.
 Signed Books
Martin Bogren: Ocean Martin Bogren: Ocean—Signed

Signed copies arriving in 2-4 weeks.

"For those that don't live within reach of the sea, the experience of visiting it can be tremendous. Martin Bogren's compact collection of black and white photographs, captures the joy and playfulness surrounding a group of Indians first visit to the Indian Ocean after they travelled more than 1000 miles by bus from the province of Rajasthan, India."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# IB035H Hardbound List Price: $38.00
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 New Arrivals
Yousuf Karsh: Regarding Heroes Yousuf Karsh: Regarding Heroes
"In his sixty-year career, he seldom wavered from this goal, even when fame and fortune came his way. Neither did he discard his trademark variations in lighting style that he perfected in the late 1940s while other fashions came and went. Unchanging, too, was his genius at capturing the revealing and ephemeral psychological expressions, those fleeting disclosures of character and purpose for which his famous sitters trusted him."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# GO055H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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Regarding Heroes
Sam Falls: Color Dying Light Sam Falls: Color Dying Light
"Last time I spoke with him, he said he wanted more abstraction. He said, "Show me anything I've never seen before." Some might take this to betray a certain cynicism or discontent with the world as it is. I would disagree. Sam's work is more hyper-real than surreal. The fantasy contained in his photographs is not a move away from reality, but closer to it."— Joshua Willey on Sam Falls, August, 2009 READ MORE

Cat# ZD851S Softbound List Price $14.00
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Graciela Iturbide: El Baño de Frida Kahlo Graciela Iturbide: El Baño de Frida Kahlo
"In 2005, the bathroom of Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo's private home, was reopened for the first time since her death 51 years ago. On this occasion Graciela Iturbide embarked on a voyage of discovery of the Mexican artist's private life, documenting the fundamental "witnesses" of her human and artistic career during this week-long "journey": medical supplies, artificial limbs, corsets, hospital gowns and stuffed animals, a portrait of Stalin and her hot-water bottle."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZD854H Hardbound List Price: $35.00
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 Santa Fe Events
© T. Harmon Parkhust
© T. Harmon Parkhust 
Through the Lens: Creating Santa Fe lecture with Katherine Ware

The New Mexico Museum of Art's Curator of Photography Katherine Ware will speak on "Turnabout is Fair Play: Revisionist Images of Santa Fe" in the next Through the Lens: Creating Santa Fe lecture. This free, public event begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 18, in the auditorium of the New Mexico History Museum, 113 Lincoln Ave.

Ware will discuss how images in the exhibition at the Palace of the Governors as well as the book, Through the Lens: Creating Santa Fe (Museum of New Mexico Press, 2009), challenge mainstream culture and some of the generally accepted myths about the City Different.

For information on the exhibition or lecture, contact Mary Anne Redding at 476-5026.
 In the News
© Susan Bank
© Susan Bank
New England Photography Biennial 2009
Featuring photographs by Photographer's Showcase artist Susan Bank
Opening reception September 12th, 6-8pm
Exhibition is on display September 13th to November 8th

Danforth Museum of Art
Framingham, Massachusetts
© Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin
© Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin
Photographer's Showcase artist Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin has been featured in this month's issue of the UK magazine Black+White Photography.

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