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© Eric Cousineau
© Eric Cousineau
Eric Cousineau's portfolio American Motel

"This project was inspired by an overnight stay in a road side motel in the summer of 2003. The preserved shag carpet and wood paneling of the room that perhaps were once stylish and appealing now expressed how tired and overlooked the motel had become. I began photographing rooms of single story drive-up motels to document this dying breed of privately owned and operated lodging. I am drawn to capture the unique details of each of the rooms within the motels that are so unlike the routine manufactured comfort of corporately owned hotel and motel chains."— Eric Cousineau

Eric Cousineau
Couch, Room 11, 2006

Archival Inkjet Print
14x18" Image
20x22" Mat
1 / 20

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Les Krims: The Three Box Sets: Stack O'Wheat Murders + Deerslayers + Little People of America Les Krims: The Three Box Sets: Stack O'Wheat Murders + Deerslayers + Little People of America
Little Know Fact About Les Krims:
When a young Cindy Sherman was studying painting and then photography at State University of New York at Buffalo, which she entered in 1972, one of her tutors was Les Krims, whose Incredible Case of the Stack O'Wheat Murders came out that same year.
Bids shown below are current as of 5:09 pm MT, 04.20.2010
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Antonin Kratochvil: Incognito + Broken Dream (Both Signed!): Antonin Kratochvil: Incognito + Broken Dream (Both Signed!) $215 1
2d 22h 50m
 Terry Richardson: Son of Bob (SIGNED)    : Terry Richardson: Son of Bob (SIGNED) $125 1
3d 0h 50m
Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print!: Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print! - 0
3d 23h 50m
  	 Les Krims: The Incredible Case of the Stack O'Wheat Murders: Les Krims: The Incredible Case of the Stack O'Wheat Murders - 0
4d 0h 50m
Les Krims: The Deerslayers: Les Krims: The Deerslayers - 0
4d 1h 50m
Les Krims: The Little People of America 1971 (SIGNED): Les Krims: The Little People of America 1971 (SIGNED) $205 1
4d 23h 50m
Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane (Nap)--First Edition!: Rinko Kawauchi: Utatane (Nap)--First Edition! $355 1
5d 0h 50m
Robert Frank: Come Again (SIGNED): Robert Frank: Come Again (SIGNED) $250 1
5d 2h 50m
Araki: Pseudo-Reportage (1980)--INSCRIBED: Araki: Pseudo-Reportage (1980)--INSCRIBED $225 1
6d 23h 50m
  Masafumi Sanai: Wakaranai (I Don't Know)--SIGNED!    : Masafumi Sanai: Wakaranai (I Don't Know)--SIGNED! $195 1
7d 23h 20m

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 photo-eye Magazine Reviews
© Edward Burtynsky
© Edward Burtynsky

"Edward Burtynsky's impressive book Oil is exquisite with an environmentally difficult narrative portrayed with mesmerizing details in sublimely beautiful photographs. This large scale book is befitting of his use of a large format camera and his even larger scale exhibition prints. The pages almost glow with the deeply saturated colors."— from Douglas Stockdale's review of Edward Burtynsky's Oil

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 photo-eye Deep Discounts
Eduardo & Mirta Gome Delvalle: One Picture Book #57 Eduardo & Mirta Gome Delvalle: One Picture Book #57
"In the rural cemeteries of Yucatán, Mexico the dead are not normally embalmed before burial. Typically, the remains are unearthed after three years in the ground and transferred to an ossuary or makeshift container for all eternity and for all to view. En Vista offers a strikingly beautiful and memorable selection of 14 color reproductions and one original type-c print from an original negative. The book opens with an insightful excerpt from The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz."—the publisher

En Vista normally sells for $150. photo-eye has a limited number of copies available at a special price of $135.

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Cat# TR322H Hardbound List Price: $135.00
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One Picture Book #57
 photo-eye Featured Books
Fotofest: Fotofest 2010 Biennial Fotofest 2010 Biennial
"The 2010 Biennial catalogue from FotoFest is a two-volume publication with essays and images representing the renowned Biennial's major exhibitions. The catalogue contains over 200 color images, artist and curator bios, and website links."—the publisher READ MORE

Cat# ZE047S Softbound List Price $45.00
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Fazal Sheikh: Ladli Fazal Sheikh: Ladli—Signed
"In India it costs a poor family 50 rupees to hire a midwife to oversee the birth of a child. For an additional 10 rupees, the parents are assured that the birth of a girl will be met with an act of infanticide by the midwife. The alternative for many is an institution like the Delhi orphanage, in which Fazal Sheikh's work on the predicament of the girl-child in India begins-and 99 percent of that orphanage's population are girls. Ladli follows on the heels of Sheik's 2005 Moksha, which documented the plight of the Indian widow, and for which, in combination with this companion volume, the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson granted Sheikh its 2005 HCB Award." — the publisher

photo-eye has a very limited number of signed copies available. Once these signed copies are gone, we do not anticipate obtaining any more.

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Cat# DP647H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
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 photo-eye Deep Discounts
Nobuyoshi Araki: Kaori Love Nobuyoshi Araki: Kaori Love
"Forty full-page photographs of Araki's muse, Kaori, are collected in this fine, large format, edition. Each of the images has been painted over in bright colours, such as green, red, blue and yellow - in the immediately recognizable signature Araki style."—the publisher

This book was originally priced at $56 and we have a few copies on sale for $40. We do not plan to re-stock Kaori Love once it sells out.

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Cat# ID906H Hardbound List Price: $39.98
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 photo-eye in Chicago
photo-eye at Art Chicago April 30th - May 3rd, 2010

photo-eye Gallery will be exhibiting at Art Chicago, which runs April 30th - May 3rd at the Merchandise Mart.

For directions to Art Chicago click here.

For more information on Art Chicago, please visit www.artchicago.com.

 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
© Images shown from right to left: Joan Zalenski, Jennifer Spelman, and G. Alan Myers
© Images shown from right to left: Joan Zalenski, Jennifer Spelman, and G. Alan Myers

photo-eye First Wednesday Salon, May 5, 2010

First Wednesday's May Salon will be held on May 5th, 2010, with the opening reception starting at 6:30pm and the salon running from 6:45pm to 9pm. Joan Zalenski, Jennifer Spelman and G. Alan Myers and one more artist to be announced will be presenting work that evening. For more information contact Melanie McWhorter at 505.988.5152 x 112 or melanie@photoeye.com or we'll see you in the photo-eye Gallery on First Wednesday!

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