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© Tom Chambers
© Tom Chambers
Tom Chambers on Dreaming in Reverse

"In the past few years, photographer Tom Chambers has received much attention for his works. His series Entropic Kingdom has earned particular recognition when it places second at 2010 Px3 in Paris in the digital category. Images "Saccharine Perch" and "The Goatherd" took first place at FotoWeek DC and at the 2009 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards respectively. In 2009 Chambers was invited to participate in the Fotografica Bogota sponsored by Fotomuseo, the National Museum of Photography in Colombia. A biennial, Fotografica 2009 Bogota was a gathering of sixteen international and twenty-four Colombian photographers. Chambers has also been invited to participate in the 2010 Salon d'Automne where one of his images was chosen for the official poster." — from Anne Kelly's post on photo-eye Blog

Read the rest of Anne Kelly's post here.
Nexus Press Books: Clarissa Sligh's Voyage(r)

"I am sure many of you bibliophiles out there know about the great, and unfortunately now defunct, Nexus Press. Well, there are still a few of their books out there to be had including some of my favorites — Clifton Meador's (Whisky) Defense and Memory Lapse, Bill Burke's Mine Fields and Phillip Perkis's Warwick Mountain Series. I recently had the pleasure of hosting a book signing for Clarissa Sligh, a photographer and a bookmaker whose work is featured in one of the Nexus publications. Another of my Nexus favorites is Sligh's Voyage(r) — a Smythe sewn, duotone offset printed soft cover in an edition of 80. Subtitled Tourist Map to Japan, this volume is not just an expression of Sligh's own experience in Japan, but she also takes on the facts and artist interpretations of the bombing of this country by her own country during WWII. Completing the presentation is a small cloth bag which holds the book and whose pattern brings to mind a Japanese fan motif. A few signed copies in stock." — from Melanie McWhorter's post on photo-eye Blog

Read Melanie McWhorter's full blog post here.

Purchase a copy of Clarissa Clarissa Sligh's Voyage(r) here.

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Emmet Gowin. Edith, Danville, Virginia, 1980 Emmet Gowin. Edith, Danville, Virginia, 1980
Excerpt from the book The Model Wife, by Arthur Ollman

"Emmet Gowin is a contemplative man. Contemplation is a solitary activity. It requires stillness, time, and focus. He believes that the connections between things are not always apparent. He speaks slowly, deliberately, poetically. Gowin continually shows an interest in nuance, in subtle distinctions...READ MORE
Bids shown below are current as of 12:28 pm MT, 08.18.2010
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Herb Ritts: Notorious (Inscribed!): Herb Ritts: Notorious (Inscribed!) - 0
3h 31m
Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED!): Mark Power: The Treasury Project (SIGNED!) - 0
1d 3h 31m
 Kishin Shinoyama and Takuma Nakahira: The Battle of a Photo Theory [Kettou Shashin ron]      : Kishin Shinoyama and Takuma Nakahira: The Battle of a Photo Theory [Kettou Shashin ron] - 0
2d 2h 31m
Dave Heath: Dialogue with Solitude: Dave Heath: Dialogue with Solitude - 0
3d 3h 31m
Emmet Gowin. Edith, Danville, Virginia, 1980: Emmet Gowin. Edith, Danville, Virginia, 1980 - 0
4d 5h 31m
Erwin Olaf: Fall (SIGNED): Erwin Olaf: Fall (SIGNED) - 0
6d 3h 31m
William Eggleston (Rare Fondation Cartier Exhibition Catalogue)--SIGNED : William Eggleston (Rare Fondation Cartier Exhibition Catalogue)--SIGNED - 0
7d 4h 31m
 Gilles Peress: Telex Iran     : Gilles Peress: Telex Iran - 0
7d 5h 31m
 Blind Spot (No. 32--Special Hardbound Limited Edition, with 5 Signed Prints!)   : Blind Spot (No. 32--Special Hardbound Limited Edition, with 5 Signed Prints!) - 0
8d 4h 31m
Nobuyoshi Araki: Pseudo-Diary : Nobuyoshi Araki: Pseudo-Diary - 0
8d 5h 31m

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 Limited Editions
Andrew Miksys: Baxt Andrew Miksys: Baxt—Signed

More signed copies and limited editions arriving in 2-4 weeks.

"In this extraordinary book of color photographs, Andrew Miksys delves deep into the heart of the Roma (Gypsy) community of Lithuania. Miksys spent several years in Lithuania and has produced a body of work that has succeeded in joining Roma people to feel them from inside and not as yet another casual Western observer having a field trip to some ethnographic zoo. The book also contains an essay by poet and NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu who explores Miksys' photography and the context of the post-Soviet world where the pictures were taken."— the publisher

About the Limited Edition:
Numbered Deluxe Edition of BAXT (edition of 75), slipcase, 8x10 edition print (signed and numbered). The Deluxe Edition is also signed by photographer Andrew Miksys and essay author Andrei Codrescu. READ MORE

Cat# ZD082 List Price: $55.00
Purchase Signed Limited Edition / Check Online Price

Cat# ZD082L Limited Edition $500.00
Purchase Limited Edition


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 Signed Books
Jonnie Craig: Jonnie Craig Jonnie Craig—Signed
"When I first became aware of Jonnie Craig's work I was shocked. His photos were blurred, fogged, and from a traditional stance, everything that could be wrong with them was. Then his work was published and I really started looking, and suddenly I thought 'this is brilliant" —Gavin Watson, photographer

photo-eye has 5 copies left in stock. We do not anticipate getting any more signed copies in once these have sold out. Order quickly to reserve your copy. READ MORE

Cat# ZD873H Hardbound List Price: $27.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

Jonnie Craig

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
from the book
from the book 

"Without a doubt, Tim Davis is one of the top five most savvy, wry photographers working today. His images make no bones about coming at you, forcefully, and making you wrestle with the issues he nonchalantly tosses at you. Nonchalantly, like a professional baseball player calmly tossing a laser from third to first and then looking down and kicking a clump of dirt that annoyed him. Davis's photographs make a beeline for your intellectual-visceral-visual cortex and force you to reconcile irony, truth, and amazing insight in a single frame." —From George Slade's review of The New Antiquity with photographs by Tim Davis

from the book 100 flowers
from the book 100 flowers

"China is a popular topic for photographers. The country's economic transformation, large factories and the environmental fall out of this progress have fueled the majority of the imagery. Louis Porter goes in the opposite direction and focuses on the smaller scale, the urban constructed floral landscape. His book 100 Flowers is a small soft cover bursting with the colors of flowers in various states of planting in Beijing just before the 2008 Olympic Games." —From Tom Leininger's review of 100 Flowers with photographs by Louis Porter

"Wien 2 is a collection of 140 photographs taken in Vienna, Austria between 1995 and 2009. Many of the images are exterior architectural views that deal with the process of urban regeneration. The photographs have an ambiguous sense of place because they avoid obvious landmarks and are for a large part untitled. Oberdanner uses a snapshot aesthetic that attempts to create a rhythm of seeing. Her approach is similar to a 19th century flâneur, wandering around cities as a detached observer in an effort to comprehend urban phenomena and modernity." —From John Mathews' review of Wien 2 with photographs by Annelies Oberdanner

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 Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
A Word From Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

Projects and the Arts of Travel and Color
The Workshops new Fall program is as rich with inspiration as the mountains are with golden hues. Move your long-term project toward completion with Sam Abell and Leah Bendavid-Val in The Project Workshop. Explore the Fine Art of Travel Photography with Mark Edward Harris. Discover the power of color and light with Stephen Wilkes in The Art of Color Photography.

Fall 2010 workshops begin September 22. Less time, less money, same great Workshops experience! We've got shorter, four-day workshops with a Wednesday through Saturday format. And an expanded offering of intensives. View details on the 2010 Fall schedule or call (505) 983-1400.

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