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© Tom Chambers
© Tom Chambers
New Portfolio by Tom Chambers

Dreaming in Reverse / Soñando Hacia Atrás

"Sensing that little time remains to photograph the beauty of Mexico, I have created the series "Dreaming In Reverse" to express both my concern for cultural loss, as well as my appreciation for the inherent loveliness of Mexican life. Employing magic realism, an art genre used in the early twentieth century in Mexico, I have attempted to create images of Mexico which seem true and believable, but also perhaps improbable. These photomontages illustrate my dreams for the Mexican people that they are able to retain the authenticity of their culture." — Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers
Seabird Mimicry: Mímica de aves marinas

Archival Pigment Ink Print
20x20" Image
28x28" Mat

In case you missed it, be sure to read Anne Kelly's post on the photo-eye Blog.

Contact Anne Kelly, photo-eye Gallery Associate Director, for further information on Tom Chambers' work. Visit photo-eye online Galleries.

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 Limited Editions
Jerry Uelsmann: The Mind's Eye Jerry Uelsmann: The Mind's Eye—Signed
"Using multiple negatives to produce his surreal, dreamlike photographs, Jerry Uelsmann has developed a singular artistic vision which has carried him through a nearly 50 year artistic career.

Firmly entrenched in his traditional darkroom practices, Uelsmann continues to produce magical and thought-provoking imagery without the help of modern computer-base techniques. Uelsmann says, "There's an element of alchemy that I sense in the darkroom that I would never ever sense in front of a computer. There's a technological well that is behind the screen that is beyond any comprehension for me. It's not particularly mystical - it's just technical. In the darkroom it feels much more spiritual." —the publisher

About the Limited Edition:
Limited to 100 copies, The Mind's Eye 50 Years of Photography by Jerry Uelsmann limited edition includes an elegantly-matted silver gelatin photograph printed by Uelsmann entitled Poet's House along with a signed book in a clamshell box. Image size 7.5 x 10 inches. READ MORE

Cat# ZD856H Hardbound List Price: $85.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

Cat# ZD856L Limited Edition $600.00
Purchase Limited Edition

The Mind's Eye

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
from the book Mercy Mercer
from the book Mercy Mercer

Mercy Mercer, the second book of New Zealander Derek Henderson's photographs, is a weighty volume of 128 pages. When first holding it, it has a great object-presence. The gray book cloth is delightfully tactile. The cover photo is one of Henderson's signature images and served as my introduction to his work in 2008 when he won Jen Bekman's Hey, Hot Shot! competition. Once inside, the only text to prepare you for the images is Henderson's brief artist statement. The photographs are printed at nearly 11 x 14 inches, which allows the viewer to fall right in. The print quality is very good, the details sharp and crisp. " —From David Ondrik's review of Mercy Mercer with photographs by Derek Henderson

from the book The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans
from the book The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans
"The retrospective monograph The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans, curated by Anne Lyden and complemented by Hope Kingsley's essay, provides a wonderful tribute to this renowned English photographer.

Evans was an active photographer from the early 1880's well into the 1930's. Although his subjects ranged from portraits to the rural landscape and English country homes, he is best known for his poetic photographs of English and French cathedrals. Evans' aesthetic interpretations of these "great ecclesiastical sites" were praised by Alfred Stieglitz, who featured Evans photographs and writings in his journal Camera Work (issue #4, 1904) and exhibited Evans photographs at his "291" gallery in New York in 1906.The book includes photographs from Evans' entire body of work." —From Douglas Stockdale's review of The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans with photographs by Frederick H. Evans

from the book Maze
from the book Maze
"Why do we look at photographs? What drives the compulsion? I think there are several answers, of course. But chief among them is a desire to see things we haven't seen, to understand the world through someone else's eyes. Perhaps to read a visual language that will impact our own vision.

Céline Clanet's book Maze contains a set of photographs made among the Sami culture in Northern Norway, at the outer edge of Europe. She is not from there, but managed to ensconce herself enough among the locals that the images have a ring of authenticity. And they are lovely, to be sure." —From Jonathan Blaustein's review of Maze with photographs by Celine Clanet

from the book The Theatrical Works of Angus McBean
from the book The Theatrical Works of Angus McBean
"This book explores a range of Angus McBean's black and white photography work from the 1930's to the 1950's during which time he documented countless landmark theatre and film productions within Britain for publicity purposes. Successfully using dramatic chiaroscuro lighting and imaginative props, McBean captured the styles and opulence of these productions. The introductory essay by Richard Traubner keeps a lively balance between the technical side of McBean's innovative approaches and his personal quirks." —From John Mathews's review of The Theatrical World of Angus McBean with photographs by Angus McBean

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Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend (JWT Ad Agency Comapny Book) Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend (JWT Ad Agency Comapny Book)
A privately printed book was distributed to employees of the famed J. Walter Thompson advertising agency (now rechristened JWT). It offers a brilliant snapshot of cutting-edge photography and contemporary graphic design: uncanny familiarity is juxtaposed with wildly surreal dreamscape and totally unexpected typography. Includes work by Massimo Vitali, Jack Pierson, Philip Lorca diCorcia, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chararin, Jeff Mermelstein and others.
Bids shown below are current as of 12:40 pm MT, 08.25.2010
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
 Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!)   : Mark Power: Superstructure (SIGNED!) - 0
1d 3h 19m
Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend  (JWT Ad Agency Company Book): Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend (JWT Ad Agency Company Book) - 0
2d 1h 19m
 Michael Kenna: 1990 Gallery Min Catalogue (Scarce Hardbound Edition)--Signed!    : Michael Kenna: 1990 Gallery Min Catalogue (Scarce Hardbound Edition)--Signed! $620 1
2d 2h 19m
Richard Misrach: (1979 Grapestake Gallery Catalogue)+ Gallery Min Catalogue (Signed!)    : Richard Misrach: (1979 Grapestake Gallery Catalogue)+ Gallery Min Catalogue (Signed!) - 0
3d 2h 19m
Daido Moriyama:  Shinjuku + Places in My Memory, Last Chapter (BOTH SIGNED): Daido Moriyama: Shinjuku + Places in My Memory, Last Chapter (BOTH SIGNED) - 0
3d 3h 19m
Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing (Hardbound 1st Edition): Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing (Hardbound 1st Edition) - 0
4d 2h 19m
Roy DeCarava & Langston Hughes: The Sweet Flypaper of Life: Roy DeCarava & Langston Hughes: The Sweet Flypaper of Life - 0
4d 3h 19m
Issei Suda: Waga Tokyo 100 (My Tokyo 100): Issei Suda: Waga Tokyo 100 (My Tokyo 100) - 0
4d 5h 19m
Tony Ray-Jones: A Day Off: Tony Ray-Jones: A Day Off - 0
5d 4h 19m
 J.H. Lartigue: Diary of a Century (INSCRIBED PRESENTATION COPY!)   : J.H. Lartigue: Diary of a Century (INSCRIBED PRESENTATION COPY!) - 0
6d 2h 19m

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 photo-eye Blog
from the book The Sound of Two Songs
from the book The Sound of Two Songs
Antone's Picks: The Sound of Two Songs

"Magnum photographer Mark Power's new monograph The Sound of Two Songs offers a contemplative view on contemporary Poland. Power has been continually visiting Poland for the last 5 years, documenting the bleak, beautiful, and often silent areas that exist in both the rural and urban parts of this country. Power also integrates a variety of portraits (the subjects often holding back any sense of real emotion) that I believe add a dimension of human involvement to a landscape otherwise operating in a grim, if not surreal, state. In a brief description of why he was compelled to photograph Poland, Power states that for him "Poland is exotic." By observing this body of work, I would agree.... Poland is exotic." —from Antone Dolezal's post on photo-eye Blog

Read the full post by Antone Dolezal here.

Mark Power's The Treasury Project and Superstructure are available at photo-eye Auctions. Both titles are signed.
from the book Oaxaca
from the book Oaxaca
Melanie's Picks: Juan Rulfo's Oaxaca

"In reading more about the life of García Márquez, I discovered the work of Juan Rulfo and his classic novel Pedro Paramo. Although not hugely popular when published, this classic had influenced the work of many Mexican, South American and international writers and artists (there is an illustrated version by photographer Josephine Sacabo). In addition to being a novelist and later a well-known screenwriter, Rulfo was also a prolific photographer. It is stated that there are 6,000 negatives housed at the Juan Rulfo Foundation and about 350 of these images were taken in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. A few of the images from this region were culled, in varying stages, by Victor Jimenez; Andrew Dempsey, researcher and specialist in British and Mexican photography; Juan Francisco Rulfo, the son of Juan Rulfo; and Francisco Toledo of Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo to be featured in an exhibition at this center." — from Melanie McWhorters post on photo-eye Blog

Read the full post by Melanie McWhorter here.

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 photo-eye First Wednesday Salon
Images shown from top counterclockwise: Gay Block, Will Wilson & Krista Elrick
Images shown from top counterclockwise: Gay Block, Will Wilson & Krista Elrick

First Wednesday Photography Salon Artists presenting: Gay Block, Krista Elrick and Will Wilson

September 1st, 2010, 6:30 meet the artists, 6:45-9 salon
photo-eye Gallery, 376-A Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Contact: Melanie McWhorter

First Wednesday's September Salon will be held on September 1st, 2010, with the opening reception starting at 6:30pm and the salon running from 6:45pm to 9pm. Photographers Gay Block, Krista Elrick and Will Wilson will be presenting work. Block will be presenting her 30-year photographic and video portrait of her mother, titled Bertha Alyce: Mother exPosed. Photographing along the same path of Audubon, Elrick will show her work of migrating birds in the watersheds where Audubon hunted and painted. Wilson will present his work titled Auto Immune Response about the quixotic relationship between a post-apocalyptic Diné (Navajo) man and the devastatingly beautiful, but toxic environment he inhabits.

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