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 SPE Conference March 10th-13th in Atlanta

Book Signings at photo-eye Booth at SPE in Atlanta

photo-eye is once again pleased to host a multitude of book signings at our booth at the SPE national conference. This year's conference is at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, GA and will take place from March 10th-13th with the exhibition hall and our booth open on Friday, March 11th from 9am-4pm and Saturday, March 12th from 9:30am-4:30pm. Entry to the exhibition hall is free to the general public and conference entrance is a set modest fee and includes a wealth of information from seminars, panel discussions and lectures.

Our booksigning schedule for the 2011 conference:

SPE Book Signings:

Thursday, March 10th (following the lecture)
Abelardo Morell
A Book of Books
Camera Obscura
Abelardo Morell

Friday, March 11th
Dan Milnor
On Approach

John Willis
Views from the Reservation

Heather McClintock
The Innocent: Casualties of the War in Northern Uganda

Maggie Taylor
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Jerry Uelsmann
The Mind's Eye

Friday, March 11th (continued) 7:00-8:00 (following the lecture)
Catherine Wagner
Cross Sections

Saturday. March 12th
David Taylor and Hannah Frieser
Working the Line

Judy Natal
Neon Boneyard

Margaret Stratton
The Living and the Dead. The Neapolitan Cult of the Skull

John Mann
Thinner Air

For more info on SPE's conference, visit the SPE National website.

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 photo-eye Blog
from left to right: Hiroshi Watanabe, Julie Blackmon and Michael Levin
from left to right: Hiroshi Watanabe, Julie Blackmon and Michael Levin

Currently on Display - Part Three

Currently on Display is our on-going weekly feature investigating the individual works that are included in the show currently on display at photo-eye Gallery. These artist features include the images selected for this exhibition as well as the artists' thoughts and inspirations behind the individual image or images.

The featured images this week are: Susumu Takagi as Matsuomaru and Eri Tanaka, Tono Kabuki by Hiroshi Watanbe, 30 Road and Parallel Piers by Michael Levin and Queen by Julie Blackmon.

View Anne Kelly's full blog post here.

A Closer Look - Story/No Story

"The images in Story/No Story by Tobias Zielony cover 13 projects and just as many locations, but all are bound by their focus on youth and the spaces they find to congregate. While they are shot all over the world, they are tied by the economic conditions of the locations, architecture and flora change, but the feeling of these places are very similar. The images are of kids who populate parking lots and garages, gas stations, street corners and vacant spaces, enacting tableaus on a nightly basis in dead spaces made alive by their very presence." — Sarah Bradley

Read Sarah Bradley's full blog post here.

Purchase a copy of the book here.

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Miyako Ishiuchi: Suidobashi--Tokyo Shika Daigaku (Suidobashi - Tokyo Dental College)--SIGNED Miyako Ishiuchi: Suidobashi--Tokyo Shika Daigaku (Suidobashi - Tokyo Dental College)--SIGNED

A stunning homage to the history and spirit of an important Tokyo institution! This exceedingly rare Ishiuchi volume features the 'are-bure,' or grainy-blurry printing technique that is the legacy of the Provoke period and which signaled a staunch rejection of then-prevailing photographic styles. When used in service of environmental photography, it has the effect of foregrounding the passage of time and the absence of those who have come before.
Bids shown below are current as of 1:38 pm MT, 03.09.2011
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High Bid Bids Time Left  
Anders Petersen: Dear Diary (Signed, Limited Edition): Anders Petersen: Dear Diary (Signed, Limited Edition) $125 4
1d 1h 21m
Shoji Ueda: Tokyo Station Gallery catalogue: Shoji Ueda: Tokyo Station Gallery catalogue $140 1
1d 3h 51m
Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1st monograph, 1976--SIGNED): Emmet Gowin: Photographs (1st monograph, 1976--SIGNED) $260 1
2d 0h 51m
Daido Moriyama: Bye-Bye Polaroid (SIGNED): Daido Moriyama: Bye-Bye Polaroid (SIGNED) - 0
2d 1h 21m
Shigeichi Nagano: Yoru no byoin (The Hospital at Night.): Shigeichi Nagano: Yoru no byoin (The Hospital at Night.) - 0
2d 2h 21m
	O. Winston Link: The Last Steam Railroad in America (SIGNED): O. Winston Link: The Last Steam Railroad in America (SIGNED) $175 1
3d 1h 21m
David Levinthal: Modern Romance (Limited Edition with Print): David Levinthal: Modern Romance (Limited Edition with Print) $250 1
4d 0h 21m
Miyako Ishiuchi: Suidobashi--Tokyo Shika Daigaku (Suidobashi - Tokyo Dental College)--SIGNED : Miyako Ishiuchi: Suidobashi--Tokyo Shika Daigaku (Suidobashi - Tokyo Dental College)--SIGNED - 0
4d 3h 21m

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
from the book One Block
from the book One Block

One Block by Dave Anderson

"One Block is Dave Anderson's homage to a block in New Orleans located in the Lower Ninth Ward, an area where the floodwaters of Katrina dealt an especially hard blow. In documenting the rebuilding that went on there between 2006 and 2010, Anderson includes numerous portraits of the residents of this block, some at work — painting, leveling, measuring, planting, sanding, and so forth — others caught in the still moments between." — from the review by Ellen Rennard of Dave Anderson's One Block

Purchase a copy of the book here.
from the books Kin Subscription Series Number Two
from the books Kin Subscription Series Number Two

Kin Subscription Series Number 2 by TBW Books

"TBW Books is providing selected photographers with a unifying theme for an annual publication of four books co-published as a set. For the Subscription Series #2, the four photographic artists, Marianne Mueller (Noon), Todd Hido (Ohio), Alec Soth, (Sheep), and Abner Nolan, (Away), were invited to present a personal exploration of their work. Each photographer was provided with complete design control of the resulting book, with the only stipulation being that their photobook follow the overarching book size, printing and binding format of the series." — from the review by Douglas Stockdale of TBW Books Kin Subscription Series Number Two

Purchase a copy of the book here.

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 Book of the Week
Ten Photographers: One Day Ten Photographers: One Day

"At Paris Photo in November last year I talked to Gerry Badger about 'print on demand' publishing and how it was possible to make a book in a day. From that conversation came the idea of getting a group of photographers together to all shoot a book in a day." — Harvey Benge

Artists: Alec Soth, Eva Maria Ocherbauer, Gerry Badger, Harvey Benge, Jessica Backhaus, John Gossage, Martin Parr, Rinko Kawauchi, Rob Hornstra, Todd Hido READ MORE

Cat# KH013H Hardbound List Price: $198.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

One Day

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 Palm Springs Photo Festival 2011

Palm Springs Photo Festival March 27 - April 1, 2011

photo-eye Director Rixon Reed will be on hand reviewing portfolios and participating in a panel discussion on the photographic book.

The Palm Springs Photo Festival is an intense week-long event for Professional, Emerging and Serious Advanced Amateur Photographers. We are dedicated to providing a rich program intended to inspire, educate and instill or reignite passion for the art and commerce of photography.

For more information on the Palm Springs Photo Festival click here.

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