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© Dave Jordano
© Dave Jordano
Dave Jordano's Terra-Caelum

"Of the over 28,000,000 acres of land that make up the state of Illinois, nearly 80% of it is consumed by farmland. It seemed only appropriate to loosely call these images landscapes, although not conceived in the traditional sense. By applying a rigid compositional approach to this work, the images are reduced to two simple basic elements that of the earth and the sky, separated by a horizon line. On the surface these images all share a similar visual vocabulary, hinging on a mix of abstract and formalistic practices, but more importantly what they all have in common are the physical markings caused by the thousands of farmers who have cultivated, reshaped, and altered their form, thereby creating a new landscape that is utilitarian in nature, but not necessarily natural." — Dave Jordano

Terra-Caelum #15, 2009
Archival Pigment Print
14x17" Image
20x24" Mat

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Read more about Dave Jordano's work on the photo-eye Blog.

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 photo-eye Auctions
This week we celebrate Labor Day with the darkly Dionysian, erotic classic, Sanne Sanne's Oog Om Oog [An Eye for an Eye]. We also feature three publications from PPP Editions: The Book of 101 Books (aka. 'The Roth 101'); Robert Adams: Eden (Deluxe Limited Edition, 1/50!!) and David Wojnarowicz's Rimbaud in New York 1978-79 & MUCH MORE!!

What's on your shelves?? For inquiries regarding the sale of a single book or print, or an entire library or collection, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions.
Bids shown below are current as of 3:12 pm MT, 09.05.2012
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
 Paolo Roversi: Nudi : Paolo Roversi: Nudi $195
22h 47m
Sannes Sannes: Oog om oog : Sannes Sannes: Oog om oog $695
22h 52m
Sarah Moon: Souvenirs Improbables: Sarah Moon: Souvenirs Improbables $95
22h 57m
Robert Adams: Eden (Deluxe Limited Edition, 1/50!!): Robert Adams: Eden (Deluxe Limited Edition, 1/50!!) $720
23h 2m
Don Hong-Oai: Photographic Memories: Don Hong-Oai: Photographic Memories $295
23h 7m
 Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song: Daniel Seymour: A Loud Song $265
23h 12m
Andrew Roth (ed.): The Book of 101 Books: Andrew Roth (ed.): The Book of 101 Books $260
23h 17m
David Wojnarowicz: Rimbaud in New York 1978-79: David Wojnarowicz: Rimbaud in New York 1978-79 $195
23h 22m
Aaron Siskind: Photographs (SIGNED with Print!!): Aaron Siskind: Photographs (SIGNED with Print!!) $1,495
23h 27m
[Various] No Such Thing As Society : Photography in Britain 1967-87: [Various] No Such Thing As Society : Photography in Britain 1967-87 $225
23h 32m
Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits (SIGNED with Handprint!!): Peter Beard: Fifty Years of Portraits (SIGNED with Handprint!!) $595
23h 37m

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 Focus on Out-of-Print Books
Luis Gonzalez Palma's Poems of Sorrow

We have a few NEW copies of this sought after monograph, long out-of-print, perhaps the most beautiful of all the Palma trade books. We are offering Poems of Sorrow at a special price for a limited time. Hurry, quantities are limited and we reserve the right to limit quantities. Typically this monograph sells for $160 or more.

"Guatemalan artist Luis Gonzalez Palma has gained widespread recognition over the past decade for his photo-based portraits that are rich with the symbolism of indigenous myth and culture, Catholicism, and humanity. The figures that inhabit Gonzalez Palma's mythic world-angels, devils, hybrid creatures, and enigmatic characters-transcend time and place, suggesting that mysticism and beauty are his ultimate subject matter." —the publisher

First Edition. Quantities are limited! READ MORE

Cat# AE010H Hardbound List Price: $95.00
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 photo-eye Blog
Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Blackdrop Island, Wikiland, 581c, & Gingerbread Monument
Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Blackdrop Island, Wikiland, 581c, & Gingerbread Monument

Interview with Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt of B-B-B-Books

"Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt (or KK+TF as they are often referred to collectively) are photographers based in Stockholm who work individually and in collaboration. Though distinctive in their photographic practices, both photographer's work features the use of flash, creating an other-worldly feel to what are often mundane subject matter, and causing their images to work together seamlessly. In 2008, the photographers took their collaboration into the publishing world... In total, these have been some of the most innovative and impressively designed photobooks I've seen at photo-eye this year. For B-B-B-Books, the collaboration between photographers and designers is as vital dialogue, the books themselves becoming a mode of communication beyond the voice of the photographs." — Sarah Bradley

Read Sarah Bradley's interview with Klara and Thobias on photo-eye Blog.

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
from Mrs. Merryman's Collection
from Mrs. Merryman's Collection

Anne Sophie Merryman's Mrs. Merryman's Collection

"Postcards occupy a unique space within the history of photography. Firmly rooted in photography's vernacular and populist nature, they show us distant lands, tourist traps, beautiful vistas and landmarks. Although largely a novelty of the past, and replaced by status updates, tweets and emails, postcards still hold power as missives from far-flung places - haptic affirmations of existence, travel and remembrance. I was here. I thought of you. Look at this. Like found photographs, given enough time, and with the right context, old-postcards and their imagery of a world and people long gone can give birth to new meanings that shift, expand or shrink with each generation. " — from Adam Bell's review of Mrs. Merryman's Collection by Anne Sophie Merryman

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.

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 photo-eye Blog

Introducing In-Print Photobook Videos

Melanie McWhorter kicks off our video series on in-print photobooks with The History of Photography in Pen & Ink by Charles Woodard.

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 Book of the Week
Saul Leiter: Retrospective Saul Leiter: Retrospective
"Saul Leiter (b. 1923 in Pittsburgh) has only in recent years finally received his due as one of the great pioneers of color photography. This can perhaps be attributed to the fact that Leiter saw himself for a long time mainly as a painter. After coming to New York in 1946, he exhibited alongside Abstract Expressionists like Willem de Kooning before beginning in the late 1940s to take black and white photographs. This book, published to mark the first major retrospective of Leiter's work anywhere in the world, features for the first time, in addition to his early black and white and color images, his fashion photography, the overpainted nudes, as well as his paintings and sketchbooks." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# KH044H Hardbound List Price: $65.00
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