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Anne Wilkes Tucker's War/Photography
Anne Wilkes Tucker's War/Photography
 photo-eye Gallery Opening
Jo Whaley, Birth of Venus
Jo Whaley, Birth of Venus

The Nude — Classical, Cultural, Contemporary

Opening Reception on Friday, February 15, 2013, 5-7pm
Exhibition runs through April 20th, 2013
photo-eye Gallery is located at 376-A Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of The Nude — Classical, Cultural, Contemporary. This group exhibition includes work from a wide variety of photographers all depicting the nude, using the human form as a unique means of expression. The photographs included in this exhibition range from classical studies, to the exploration of cultural and contemporary themes; some are playful and some investigate more existential realms, while others manage to combine multiple elements. We hope you will join us at the opening reception to celebrate this truly diverse line-up of fifteen artists all exploring themes of The Nude.

Artists include: Evan Baden, Keith Carter, Neil Craver, Imogen Cunningham, Chris Enos, Bear Kirkpatrick, Joey L., Patti Levey, Peter Ogilvie, Carla van de Puttelaar, Karin Rosenthal, Jock Sturges, Laurie Tümer, Jo Whaley and Zoë Zimmerman.

For more information, please contact Anne Kelly at 505-988-5159 x121 or anne@photoeye.com

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 photo-eye Photographer's Showcase
05-06-A-01. 2004 -- Pipo Nguyen-duy
05-06-A-01. 2004 -- Pipo Nguyen-duy

We are happy to present The Garden by Pipo Nguyen-duy on the Photographer's Showcase.

The Garden is a series of photographs taken in a number of abandoned greenhouses in Ohio. Unmaintained and slowly falling apart, these once controlled spaces of human cultivation are slowly being overtaken by the natural world. Unchecked by a human hand, vines, trees and grasses have grown in these once orderly structures — interior spaces once meant to replicate an idealized version of outdoors. With time, these structures are becoming it. They are strange intermediate spaces, originally man-made, now overcome with nature.

View the entire portfolio on the Photographer's Showcase.

For additional information about Pipo Nguyen-duy's work or to acquire a photograph, please contact the gallery at (505) 988-5152 x202 or by email.

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 First Edition
Tatsuki Masaru: Decotora Tatsuki Masaru: Decotora

We have a few unsigned copies of this great book that is sure to become a classic. It's 50% off the list price.

"Chromed up, with individual artworks on their panels and lit up like Christmas trees, these Japanese trucks and their proud owners (with sharp eyes for detail), form part of a distinct sub-culture in Japanese society. The full colour photographs, captured by Tatsuki Masaru in a project started in 1998, allow insights both into a personal and intimate world, and a unique aesthetic phenomenon." —the publisher

Read our extended feature on Tatsuki Masaru.

Cat# ID865H Hardbound List Price: $29.95
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 photo-eye Auctions
The small package that is Miguel Rio Branco's Silent Book nonetheless contains a maximalist, Baroque meditation on classic Catholic themes. A stunning and sought after Latin American title! Among this week's other stellar offerings: Van Der Elsken's Love on the Left Bank (the desirable Dutch first edition!); a rare signed copy of Coyote, which documents a seminal 1974 "action" by German Conceptualist Joseph Beuys; Lee Friedlander's classic of dead-pan visual wit, Self-Portrait & MORE! Be sure to check out Eric's presentation below! Thanks as always for looking!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

What's on your shelves? For inquiries regarding the sale of a single book or print, or an entire library or collection, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions

Bids shown below are current as of 5:24 pm MT, 02.06.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book: Miguel Rio Branco: The Silent Book $965
20h 35m
Ed Van Der Elsken: Love on the Left Bank (Dutch First Edition): Ed Van Der Elsken: Love on the Left Bank (Dutch First Edition) $265
20h 45m
Ryan McGinley: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (SIGNED): Ryan McGinley: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (SIGNED) $445
20h 50m
John d Green: Birds of Britain    : John d Green: Birds of Britain $175
21h 5m
 Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, Environments & Happenings  : Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, Environments & Happenings $325
21h 10m
Hiroshi Sugimoto:  The Day After (SIGNED): Hiroshi Sugimoto: The Day After (SIGNED) $140
21h 15m
 	[Various photographers]. XI Slet Vsesokolsky (Design by Vilém Ambrosi): [Various photographers]. XI Slet Vsesokolsky (Design by Vilém Ambrosi) $195
21h 20m
Joeseph Beuys: Coyote (Photographs by Caroline Tisdall)--SIGNED by Beuys: Joeseph Beuys: Coyote (Photographs by Caroline Tisdall)--SIGNED by Beuys $495
21h 25m
Sally Mann: Immediate Family (SIGNED!): Sally Mann: Immediate Family (SIGNED!) $165
21h 30m
 Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait  (First Edition): Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (First Edition) $265
21h 35m
 	Slim Aarons: A Wonderful Time (1st Edition) : Slim Aarons: A Wonderful Time (1st Edition) $265
21h 40m
Larry Clark: Kiss the Past Hello (SIGNED): Larry Clark: Kiss the Past Hello (SIGNED) $395
21h 45m
Aaron Siskind: Pleasures and Terrors (INSCRIBED): Aaron Siskind: Pleasures and Terrors (INSCRIBED) $195
21h 50m

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
Erik Kessels: Album Beauty

"The phrase 'found photography' seems entirely too passive a label for the anonymous images that Eric Kessels has culled from so many antique shops or auction lots and presented anew in Album Beauty. Anyone who shares his enthusiasm for vernacular imagery will recognize some recurring themes among those orphan photos and albums collected within, including the ill-conceived vacation snap, the propped-up baby and the often stilted formal wear by mantelpiece portrait. When found individually, these wayward photographs are fodder for fanciful musings on their path through the world and many echo something of the earnest energy of a runt puppy vying for selection (Pick me!). Discovery of an intact album feels like both a lucky break and a violation of the semi-private aspect of this form. Album Beauty is crafted from both these singular images and unaltered album groupings to delineate Kessels' conception of beauty as particularly manifest in this mode of collection and display." — from Karen Jenkins' review of Album Beauty edited by Erik Kessels

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

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Marten Lange: Another Language

"Another Language by Marten Lange is yet another beautiful MACK title. More so than many other publishers, MACK seems to intimately understand the importance of the book as object and as a vehicle for the presentation of the work. The simple and heavily textured cloth that wraps the boards of Another Language is reminiscent of the plain covers of mid 20th century volumes that lurked under elaborate dust jackets, and stamped with a line drawing of a whirlpool made from a photograph that appears later in the book. It feels like a mysterious little volume. Rich moss colored end paper somehow signals that this book is about nature. It is; but it is also about photography and how our minds work and interpret, finding ways to discuss, parse and wonder at our universe." — from Sarah Bradley's review of Another Language by Marten Lange

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

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Sputnik Photos: Stand By

"Stand By is an anthology of photographs centered on Belarus and the Belarusian national identity. It features the work of nine different photographers from the Sputnik Photo Collective. The book itself is beautifully and sturdily bound; it is a volume of the finest quality (even the black dye of the cover is high quality and does not, like so many "high quality" books smudge or run), but I digress. This collection has so many good qualities; it is an excellent source of factual history, of style, of superb examples for how to frame a photograph, of what good high quality printing can offer, etc." — from Chris Johnson's review of Stand By by Sputnik Photos

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

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 Book of the Week
Anne Wilkes Tucker: War/Photography Anne Wilkes Tucker: War/Photography

"War/Photography surveys both iconic and newly discovered photographs of war and conflict, from daguerreotypes documenting the Crimean and American Civil Wars to digital images made by soldiers in 21st-century Iraq. Accompanying a landmark exhibition opening at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, it is generously illustrated with over 525 powerful images and includes texts by some of today's most important scholars of war photography. This ambitious book offers a comprehensive investigation of the relationship between photography and armed conflict.

The featured works represent a range of perspectives — from journalists to soldiers to ordinary citizens — and span six continents, yet together they communicate the consummate experience of war: its brutality, humanity, and even humor. The book's essays investigate the immediate impact, dissemination, and historical influence of war photography." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# YU145H Hardbound List Price: $90.00
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