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 Photographer's Showcase
All The Links Rattled At Once, 2010 - Bear Kirkpatrick
All The Links Rattled At Once, 2010 - Bear Kirkpatrick

Hierophanies by Bear Kirkpatrick

We are pleased to announce additional images from Hierophanies by Bear Kirkpatrick now on the Photographer's Showcase. Three photographs from this series are included in our current exhibition, The Nude — Classical, Cultural, Contemporary.

The Greek word "hierophany" translates to "reveal the sacred" and Bear Kirkpatrick has managed to do just that. He masterfully illustrates the fine line between myth and reality, the sacred and the profane, life and death. Kirkpatrick explains it was "an attempt to bring out liminal states out of people by placing them naked in wild locations, running them quickly through several narratives to prevent self-reflection or conscious posing, and shooting as many images as possible in a 20 minute span before the light became too dark see."

View the entire portfolio on the Photographer's Showcase. For more information or to purchase a photograph, please contact the gallery at 505-988-5152 ext. 121 or gallery@photoeye.com.

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 photo-eye Bookstore Events
VERVE Gallery of Photography, photo-eye Bookstore & Photolucida Present

Friday, March 1, 2013, 5-7pm, at photo-eye Bookstore

VERVE Gallery of Photography, in collaboration with photo-eye Bookstore and Photolucida presents a book signing for Gallery Artist Jennifer B Hudson's new publication, Medic. This event will take place at photo-eye Bookstore on Friday, March 1, 5-7pm and the artist will be present.

As part of Photolucida's Critical Mass 2011, Jennifer B Hudson was awarded the prestigious monograph award and Photolucida published Jennifer's book Medic. Over 200 jurors participate in Critical Mass, the juror pool comprised of 200 international photography curators, gallery owners, museum directors, publishers, and editors.

Medic is a snapshot of physically or spiritually ill humans and their relationships with themselves and others in times of need — the images are metaphors exploring introspection, empathy and compassion. Jennifer Hudson explains:

"The work began wholly on one sentence whispered by my husband while we endured a deeply unsettling time together. He held my hand, lay close to me and said softly, "I just wish I could take the pain from your body, and put it into mine." I have been fortunate to know incredible love all my life, but at that moment I became suddenly and intensely aware of the magnificent power that exists between people who care for one another. When I was anxious and fighting to fall asleep each night, I began to invent miracle machines; contraptions that heal, deliver hope, legacy, remedy, and redemption. Each image from Medic is a thoughtful invention, strange and tender, revealing facets of the delicate human heart... In the making of this work, I sought to begin to understand some of the most rare and beautiful relationships in the world, to expose their most frail, vulnerable moments, times of great intensity, and most cherished inner workings."

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 photo-eye Auctions
Perhaps no photographer has captured the poetry of modern urban life more brilliantly than André Kertész, and nowhere does he bring more poignant meaning to his own admonition, "to give meaning to everything," than in the splendid Day of Paris, one of the undisputed mid-century classics! Up this week: a sweet copy in the very scarce dust jacket. Along with Kertész's crystalline vision of 20s & 30s Paris, pre-war, Bauhaus-inspired Modernism is represented by the fantastic facsimile reprint of Moi Ver's Paris as well as the important Czech title, Photography Sees the Surface (Fotografie vidí Povrch), a collaboration between Ladislav Sutnar & Jaromir Funke. Also on the block: limited editions from Bernd & Hilla Becher; Elger Esser; Herb Ritts and Don Hong-Oai; elusive books by Jitka Hanzlova; Blossfeldt's Art Forms in Nature and MUCH MORE! Be sure to check out Eric's weekly presentation, where he opines about some of this week's offerings! As always, thanks for looking!!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

What's on your shelves? For inquiries regarding the sale of a single book or print, or an entire library or collection, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions

Bids shown below are current as of 4:38 pm MT, 02.27.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Martin Munkacsi: Nudes (In Dust Jacket): Martin Munkacsi: Nudes (In Dust Jacket) $295
21h 21m
Herb Ritts: Pictures (Limited Edition, 1/100): Herb Ritts: Pictures (Limited Edition, 1/100) $395
21h 26m
 	Nobuyoshi Araki: Yoko My Love (SIGNED): Nobuyoshi Araki: Yoko My Love (SIGNED) $465
21h 31m
André Kertész: Day of Paris (in Scarce Dust Jacket! ): André Kertész: Day of Paris (in Scarce Dust Jacket! ) $1,995
21h 36m
Jitka Hanzlova:  Rokytnik : Jitka Hanzlova: Rokytnik $465
21h 41m
Jitka Hanzlova: Bewohner   : Jitka Hanzlova: Bewohner $265
21h 46m
Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print!    : Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print! $1,995
21h 51m
Elger Esser: Cap d'Antifer, Étretat (LIMITED EDITION with PRINT!): Elger Esser: Cap d'Antifer, Étretat (LIMITED EDITION with PRINT!) $1,295
21h 56m
Moi Ver: Paris (2004 Facsimile Reprint): Moi Ver: Paris (2004 Facsimile Reprint) $235
22h 6m
Ladislav Sutnar & Jaromir Funke: Fotografie vidí Povrch (Photography Sees the Surface)--1st Ed.!: Ladislav Sutnar & Jaromir Funke: Fotografie vidí Povrch (Photography Sees the Surface)--1st Ed.! $375
22h 11m
Don Hong-Oai: Photographic Memories (Limited Edition with Print): Don Hong-Oai: Photographic Memories (Limited Edition with Print) $695
22h 16m
Les Autochromes Lumière, la couleur inventée (1st Ed. with Transparencies!): Les Autochromes Lumière, la couleur inventée (1st Ed. with Transparencies!) $245
22h 21m
 	Harry Callahan: Water's Edge (SIGNED): Harry Callahan: Water's Edge (SIGNED) $195
22h 26m
Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature (First U.S. Edition): Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature (First U.S. Edition) $495
22h 31m

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 photo-eye at SPE
photo-eye at SPE

photo-eye is please to be selling books at booth 26 at the exhibition fair of the 2013 Society for Photographic Education national conference March 7-10 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. While this year's conference is already completely sold out, the public is welcome to visit the exhibition fair where photo-eye will have a variety of great photobook titles on hand and will also be conducting a number of book signings.

You can see our signing schedule with books available here:

Thursday March 7th
8:30-9:30 Martin Parr
Up and Down Peachtree
Hot Spots
No Worries
The Last Resort

Friday March 8th — Exhibition Hall Hours 10am-5pm
11:00-12:00 Mona Kuhn
Bordeaux Series
12:00-1:00 Mary Virginia Swanson
Publish Your Photography Book
12:00-1:00 Dave Jordano
Articles of Faith

Assembled Works
1:45-2:45 Maggie Taylor
No Ordinary Days
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
1:45-2:45 Tom Young
Timeline: Learning to See with My Eyes Closed
3:30-4:30 Jeff Rich
3:30-4:30 Kelli Connell
Double Life
Photographs Not Taken

Saturday, March 9th — Exhibition Hall Hours 9:00am-4:30pm
10:15-11:15 Henry Horenstein
Honky Tonk

11:30-12:30 Mark KlettReconstructing The View
The Half-Life of History
Yosemite in Time
Rephotographing the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire
Third View, Second Sight
Ideas about Time
Traces of Eden
1:45-2:45 Justin Kimball
Pieces of String
Where We Find Ourselves
1:45-2:45 Terry Evans
Prairie Stories
2:45-3:45 Colleen Plumb
Animals Are Outside Today
2:45-3:45 Myra Greene
My White Friends

For those not in Chicago, we are also opening up back orders for signed copies of the books listed above. If you're interested in purchasing a signed copy of one of these books, please email Melanie — quantities are limited and will likely sell out quickly. For those in Chicago, we hope you'll stop by to browse the selection and say hello to Rixon, Vicki and Melanie.

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 Art Photo Index
Featured Artist: Rania Matar

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
Nic Nicosia: Nic Nicosia

"Nic Nicosia truly understands, nay passionately embraces, the artifice of the image and the fact that photography is a hybrid medium. It's not motion picture, but it does tell a story through narrative in time and space. In this case, the stories are more short staccato forms of fiction than epic novels or factual biographies depicting the drama of everyday life. It's not reality, but it is drawn from real life. The veracity of the photographic image collides with painted backdrops, stage sets, and every type of theatrical lighting imaginable, paired with everyday contemporary suburban life. So, it is no surprise to learn that Nicosia started out as a filmmaker. His photographs clearly demonstrate a life long habit to act as director of the films he creates, which in his case, are still photographs." — from Judy Natal's review of Nic Nicosia

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Arianna Arcara & Luca Santese: Found Photos in Detroit

"Though I'd read the book's description and the comments from Erik Kessels and John Gossage, who selected it as a Best Book of 2012, the contents of Found Photos in Detroit caught me off guard. We see family snapshots and awkward portraits, but the majority of the photographs were taken as evidence — images of perpetrators, victims or crime scenes. There is a sizable difference between police evidence and personal snapshots — full ranges of emotions and facial expressions are common in mug shots but seldom seen in candid portraits. Pictures of swollen faces initially intended as documents of physical harm are transformed by context; the rawness of the emotion behind the eyes becomes an inadvertent subject. We seldom see such complex emotions in photography." — from Sarah Bradley's review of Found Photos in Detroit edited by Arianna Arcara & Luca Santese

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Alessandro Imbriaco: The Garden

"Dirty greens, charcoal greys and dusty browns. A landscape that consists of barren brambles, rambling ivy and mutilated trees. And a family who live in the middle of all this, under a flyover in a landscape next to a swamp. These are the ingredients that won Alessandro Imbriaco the European Publisher's Prize, awarded for his book, The Garden. The Garden is set in Rome and is a progression of Imbriaco's work on the informal communities that have sprung up around Rome to house an increasing number of migrants coming in search of work." — from Colin Pantall's review of The Garden by Alessandro Imbriaco

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.

View more on photo-eye Blog

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 In-Print Photobook Video Series
In-Print Photobook Video #14: Assembly by Osamu Yokonami

In video #14 of our In-Print Photobook series, Erin Azouz shares with us Assembly self published by Osamu Yokonami. Assembly was selected as one of the Best Books of 2012 by Tony Cederteg.

More videos from this series can be found on the photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy of Assembly.

View more on photo-eye Blog

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 Focus on Out-of-Print Books
Walker Evans: The Lost Work Walker Evans: The Lost Work

Going for as much as $140 online, we have shrink-wrapped copies available for only $65.

"Reproducing some of the most stunning and rarest of Evans' work, almost all previously unpublished, this lavishly produced volume brings to light scores of images from an artist who has been labelled the great artist of our time. Some of the rarities included are from work Evans did in Cuba, Tahiti, Maine, Chicago, England, and Nova Scotia.

The Lost Work is a wonderfully rare thing: a glimpse of the 'outtakes' of Evans' life. This melange of public and private reveals how Evans loved anonymity and found it behind the camera, spying on his own life. In looking at these, we too become spies, for this collection is, ultimately, personal effects." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# AE030H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

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 Book of the Week
Guy Archard: Almost Guy Archard: Almost

"Archard's first book is an enigmatic exploration of beauty and decay both in the physical and metaphysical form. Abstracted images take the viewer on a poetic meander through relationships with loved ones past and present, accompanied by pondering day-dream fixations on everyday objects.

The book itself is bound in soft Japanese cloth, and beautifully printed on Japanese paper, with a tipped image on the front, and silver foil blocked titling on the cover and spine." —the publisher

Limited copies are in stock with more on the way. READ MORE

Cat# ZF317H Hardbound List Price: $50.00
Purchase Book / Check Online Price


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