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The Nudes: A Second Look by Lee Friedlander
The Nudes: A Second Look by Lee Friedlander
 Photographer's Showcase
Where There Is No Boat, I Will Put A Boat -- Ronald Cowie
Where There Is No Boat, I Will Put A Boat -- Ronald Cowie

Photographer's Showcase: Ronald Cowie

Ronald Cowie's Leaving Babylon is a portfolio of beautiful Platinum/Palladium images. His enigmatic scenes have a special ambience; they are dreamy and poetic, places of contemplation. Cowie says of this body of work, "I made the images in Leaving Babylon to understand the question of how to live with faith and fear. Leaving Babylon is the visual record of a landscape that exists inside and among us."

We are pleased to announce an update to Ronald Cowie's Leaving Babylon portfolio on the Photographer's Showcase, which now features a selection of new images. We've taken this opportunity to ask Cowie a few questions about his work, inspiration and craft.

Read the interview on the photo-eye Blog.

View the portfolio.

For additional information about Ronald Cowie's work or to acquire a photograph, please contact the gallery at (505) 988-5152 x202 or by email.

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Featured Artist: Ernie Button

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 photo-eye Auctions
After a week-long reality check with the vastness that is northern New Mexico, Eric is back to the thrum of New York life! With the publication of first-generation Punk pioneer Richard Hell's memoir, I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp—which was Eric's airplane reading —along with the eagerly anticipated Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition PUNK: Chaos to Couture opening this Spring (a mere twenty-five years after The New Museum mounted, "Impresario: Malcolm McLaren and the British New Wave") and, finally, a (somewhat silly-sounding) feature film based on the early years of CBGB, it's clear our nostalgia for Punk's formative years knows no bounds.

Leading off this week's offerings is a downtown NYC cult-classic, Crazy Spanish Girls by Tina Lhotsky (or, 'L'Hotsky'), whom the inimitable Village Voice Michael Musto dubbed "Queen of the Mudd Club." That storied venue was a favored art world hang-out when it opened in 1978 that also attracted the artier fringe of the Punk and New Wave scenes. Lhotsky's artist book has all the DIY, in-your-face street aesthetic of Punk; but its use of found imagery to explore female sexual and gender stereotypes is not unlike what the 'Pictures Generation' artists (and Cindy Sherman) are doing at around the same time. An amazing period piece! Salvador Costa, a Spaniard, was in the U.K. just at the time punk was exploding. PUNK is the remarkable 1977 book published when Costa got back to Barcelona. To say that what he captured on film sent shock waves through the rock audience just emerging from the authoritarian funk of the Franco period would be an understatement.

Also on the block, the insanely rare hardbound first issue of Philip Jones Griffiths' epochal work of photojournalism, Vietnam, Inc.; a scarce SIGNED copy of Frederick Sommer's first monograph, the special Aperture 10:4 (1939-1962 Photographs) issue from 1962; Lewis Baltz's Park City and MORE TO COME!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

It's a great time to consign! For inquiries regarding the sale of a single book or print, or an entire library or collection, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions

Bids shown below are current as of 4:45 pm MT, 04.10.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Tina L'Hotsky:Crazy Spanish Girls--SIGNED! : Tina L'Hotsky:Crazy Spanish Girls--SIGNED! $495
21h 14m
Salvador Costa: Punk (1977!): Salvador Costa: Punk (1977!) $565
21h 19m
Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam, Inc. (Scarce Hardbound First Edition!): Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam, Inc. (Scarce Hardbound First Edition!) $3,465
21h 24m
Bill Henson: Lux Et Nox (First Printing): Bill Henson: Lux Et Nox (First Printing) $395
21h 29m
Lewis Baltz: Park City : Lewis Baltz: Park City $265
21h 34m
Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs) --RARE SIGNED COPY!: Frederick Sommer: Aperture 10:4 1962 (1939-1962 Photographs) --RARE SIGNED COPY! $895
21h 39m
[Anonymous] Lesbianism, 64 Intimate Photos of a World Without Men : [Anonymous] Lesbianism, 64 Intimate Photos of a World Without Men $265
21h 44m
  Miles Aldrige: Acid Candy (SIGNED)    : Miles Aldrige: Acid Candy (SIGNED) $245
21h 49m
Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (First & Second Editions--2 Books, 1 Signed)  : Lee Friedlander: Self-Portrait (First & Second Editions--2 Books, 1 Signed) $325
21h 59m
Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature (First U.S. Edition)   : Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature (First U.S. Edition) $495
22h 4m
Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print!    : Bernd & Hilla Becher: Industrielandschaften (Industrial Landscapes)--Limited Edition with Print! $1,995
22h 9m
Alex Webb: Hot Light/Half-Made Worlds + Istanbul + Suffering of Light (ALL SIGNED!): Alex Webb: Hot Light/Half-Made Worlds + Istanbul + Suffering of Light (ALL SIGNED!) $495
22h 14m

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 In-Print Photobook Video Series
In-Print Photobook Video: A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Mother

In video #18 of our In-Print Photobook series, Melanie McWhorter shares with us A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Mother by Katharina Bosse published by Filigranes Editions.

View more videos in this series on the photo-eye Blog.

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 photo-eye Book Reviews
Sipke Visser: Return to Sender

"The idea of Return to Sender is very simple. Photographer and retoucher, Sipke Visser sent envelopes containing a picture, a stamped addressed envelope and a handwritten letter asking for people to respond to the picture; 'Write whatever like something about the letter, yourself, the weather. About where you are, who you are, or where you'd like to be. Or send me a picture, anything...' The book consists of three parts; the pictures Visser sent out, the responses he got, and the correspondence he entered into as a result of these responses. The first thing you notice is how Visser's pictures recede into the background; they become a kind of visual muzak that is secondary to the responses that are made. Instead, the responses are what make the book, a vernacular critique of Visser's vernacular snapshot photographs." — from Colin Pantall's review of Return to Sender by Sipke Visser

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Martin Parr: Up and Down Peachtree

"For Parr, the everyday is rich, valuable and often wryly comical. The book opens with a two-page close-up portrait in profile of a middle-aged man that emphasizes the saturated colors and pronounced textures that delight Parr. His stringy blond hair and a scraggly beard graze a cream shirt printed with orange and yellow tulips and he's standing in front of square turquoise structure with a red SNACK BAR sign affixed to its roof. The viewer is going where he's headed: down Peachtree Street, replete with gay rights advocates holding up signs reading I 'heart' my gay sons; gay rights opponents holding up banners that read 'I now pronounce you pervert and pervert;' couples ballroom dancing around a swimming pool; groups of Braves' fans drinking cans of Bud Light in a parking lot." — from Joscelyn Jurich's review of Up and Down Peachtree by Martin Parr

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.

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 Audio & Slides from David Carol's Artist Talk
Audio & Slides from David Carol's Talk & Signing at photo-eye

It was our pleasure to host an artist talk and book signing on March 23rd at photo-eye Gallery and we are happy to be able to share with you audio and slides from the presentation.

Signed copies of the three books that Carol mentions during the talk, 40 Miles of Bad Road, All My Lies Are True and This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!, are available through the photo-eye Bookstore. See all of them here.

Watch David Carol's presentation on the photo-eye Blog.

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 Deep Discounts
Deep Discounts on Great Titles

This week's selection of Deep Discount books includes four superb titles. Each selected title is 30% off the original price. A limited number of each book is still available, and once we sell out of them we will not be getting any more in stock. Each week will include a new selection of discounted titles.

Note that the number of books in stock reported below was accurate at the time of publication of this newsletter. The discounted books this week include:

Dans la neige by Grégory Valton — Softbound [Sale!] $13.30 — 8 copies in stock

Litmus Test by Ed Templeton — Softbound [Sale!] $34.30 — 6 copies in stock

Tangente by Laurent Chardon — Softbound [Sale!] $13.30 — 5 copies in stock

Ciel Tombé by Naoya Hatakeyama — Hardbound [Sale!] $65.80 — 4 copies in stock

View more Deep Discounts.

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 Book of the Week
Lee Friedlander: <i>The Nudes</i> Lee Friedlander: The Nudes

"Lee Friedlander's exploration of one of photography?s most enduring genres began almost by chance, in the late 1970s, when a teacher colleague at Rice University in Houston lined up a regular schedule of nude models for his students. Almost immediately, Friedlander found that he preferred to photograph the models at their homes, and ingeniously deployed household objects such as bedside lamps, potted plants and sofa fabrics to play off against the angular poses of the models and the emphatic framing of the overall composition. Friedlander's nudes show every blemish, every contour that makes each body unique, while his flash often serves to counter this realism with a softening effect that often recedes the body's shadow right up to its outline. Lee Friedlander: The Nudes significantly expands on the Cape edition (itself long out of print), with a total of 84 nudes, plus a new layout and design by Katy Homans and new separations by Thomas Palmer. As such, it offers the most lavish presentation of this key series in Friedlander?s massive oeuvre." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DS074H Hardbound List Price: $49.95
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

<i>The Nudes</i>

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 Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops: ANIMALS

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (And dogs and cats and goldfish, too!)

Santa Fe Photo Workshops ANIMALS photo contest is an opportunity to join an international community of photographers and share your images of animals with distinguished judges: Crista Dix, Founder and Director, Wall Space Gallery; Elizabeth Cheng Krist, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic; Ian Shive, Photographer, Founder/CEO,Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc; and Reid Callanan, Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

Santa Fe Photo Workshops is grateful to the educational partners and sponsors who have contributed to an impressive prize list with a total value of over $14,000. The Grand Prize alone is worth over $5,000!

Entry fee is $40 for 3 images; $10 for each additional image. ANIMALS deadline is May 7, 2013, midnight MST.

Enter the contest.

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