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 photo-eye Auctions
In their 1969 collaboration photographer Jean Clemmer and designer Paco Rabanne created one of the iconic works of 60s fashion photography. The 1969 original was reprinted in 2002 and reprised in the 2010 exhibition, 'Canned Candies: The Nudes of Jean Clemmer' at Flash Project in London.

From 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship recipient Valerio Spada, a signed first printing of his 2011 instant classic, Gomorrah Girl. And, to compliment it, a signed copy of Raised by Wolves, Jim Goldberg's amazing 1995 book that serves as a clear model Spada's approach of weaving a compelling narrative from allusive imagery and documentary evidence.

Also on the block: Garry Winogrand: Animals (SIGNED); Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED); Jitka Hanzlova: Rokytnik and MORE! Check out Eric's weekly presentation below. Thanks for looking!

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

With more traffic than ever before and new bidders coming on board all the time, it's a fantastic time to consign! For inquiries regarding the sale your fine photobooks and/or prints, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions.
Bids shown below are current as of 11:16 am MT, 05.08.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Valerio Spada: Gomorrah Girl (SIGNED, First Printing!): Valerio Spada: Gomorrah Girl (SIGNED, First Printing!) $360
Auction Ended
Linda McCartney: Portrait of John Lennon, 1968: Linda McCartney: Portrait of John Lennon, 1968 $1,495
Auction Ended
Lucas Samaras: Album: Lucas Samaras: Album $285
Auction Ended
Dash Snow: Polaroids: Dash Snow: Polaroids $165
Auction Ended
Jean Clemmer & Paco Rabanne: Nues (English title, 'Canned Candies', 1st Edition!): Jean Clemmer & Paco Rabanne: Nues (English title, 'Canned Candies', 1st Edition!) $330
Auction Ended
 Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting. 322 Humphrey Street as it was left abandoned : Gordon Matta-Clark: Splitting. 322 Humphrey Street as it was left abandoned $765
Auction Ended
Jim Goldberg: Raised By Wolves (SIGNED, First Edition) : Jim Goldberg: Raised By Wolves (SIGNED, First Edition) $325
Auction Ended
Garry Winogrand: Animals (SIGNED): Garry Winogrand: Animals (SIGNED) $490
Auction Ended
 	Irina Ionesco: Elle-Même (edition limited to 120 copies!): Irina Ionesco: Elle-Même (edition limited to 120 copies!) $445
Auction Ended
	Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Europeans: Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Europeans $795
Auction Ended
 Jitka Hanzlova: Rokytnik  : Jitka Hanzlova: Rokytnik $395
Auction Ended
Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED): Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED) $425
Auction Ended
 Interview with the Artist
Fritz Liedtke: Astra Velum

In the past if one wanted to publish a book it was necessary to work with a publisher. While traditional publishing may still have its advantages, many photographers today are opting to self-publish their own photobooks. It can be a difficult process, but one of the payoffs of self-publishing is the complete control the photographer has over the final book. This is best showcased in the handmade artist book. One finely crafted handmade artist book is Fritz Liedtke's Astra Velum. In Liedtke's words his series Astra Velum "explores the beauty of flawed human skin, with its freckles and scars, overlaid upon us like a thin veil of stars."

Read Anne Kelly's interview with Fritz Liedtke on photo-eye Blog
 photo-eye Book Reviews
John Schabel: Passengers

"While documenting and conveying the complex emotional and psychological effects of travel is particularly challenging, it is not impossible. John Schabel's evocative new book, Passengers, collects a series of portraits of people shot through the windows of airplanes waiting to take off on the runway." — from Adam Bell's review of Passengers by John Schabel

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
Walker Evans: American Photographs

"The 2012 Seventy-Fifth Anniversary edition of American Photographs closely follows the 1938 first edition, from its cover, size, and paper to the photographic edit, print tone, and text. The book is a testament to the benefits of fine craftsmanship — just as was the original — and the MOMA has the money to devote to quality while still pricing the book low enough so that a younger generation of photography lovers can afford the luxury." — from Alexandra Huddleston's review of American Photographs by Walker Evans

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase a copy here.
 In-Print Photobook Video Series
Maggie Taylor: No Ordinary Days

In video #20 of our In-Print Photobook series, Melanie McWhorter shares with us No Ordinary Days by Maggie Taylor.

Watch the video. View other videos in this series on photo-eye Blog.

Purchase the book
 Book of the Week
Leigh Ledare: <em>Leigh Ledare, Et Al</em> Leigh Ledare, Et Al

"If there are any taboos left in photography, then Seattle-born photographer Leigh Ledare (born 1976) is out to break them. Ledare made an instant splash with his extraordinary 2008 book Pretend You're Actually Alive, in which he documented his mother having sex with her lovers and posing solo or with her son. Genuinely and unabashedly shocking, this volume took the Larry Clark school of candor and explicitness to new heights (Ledare worked for a while as Clark's assistant), and now sells for large sums second-hand. This second monograph gathers selections from this previous volume, alongside new works, including a commission to make erotic photographs for an admirer (who remains anonymous) during a week-long residence at the subject's home." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# DS098S Softbound List Price $59.95
Purchase Book / Check Online Price

<em>Leigh Ledare, Et Al</em>

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