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Excerpts from Silver Meadows by Todd Hido
Excerpts from Silver Meadows by Todd Hido
 Staff Show Opening
photo-eye Staff Show Opening This Friday, June 28th

Where: photo-eye Bookstore, 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM
When: Artist Reception, Friday, June 28th 5:00-7:00pm. Exhibit runs June 3rd-August 4th, 2013.
Contact: Melanie McWhorter
Phone: 505.988.5152 x 112
Email: melanie@photoeye.com

photo-eye is pleased to announce the artist reception for our annual Staff Show. Comprised of sculpture, collage, photography and mixed media, the photo-eye Staff Show contains work by Erin Azouz, Sarah Bradley, Daniel Fuller, Anne Kelly, Helen Maringer and Melanie McWhorter.

Erin Azouz brings to life several years worth of photographs taken with her iPhone through a set of tiny two-inch books and two framed pieces. Sarah Bradley's exquisite, large-scale masks depict animals such as a prairie dog, raven, cow and rabbit — all large enough to be worn by an adult. Daniel Fuller's collages reference art history and explore the human form in whimsical, imaginary landscapes. Anne Kelly produces drawings featuring trees on wood with collage elements. Helen Maringer's photographs explore the human form, obscured by many layers of paint. Melanie McWhorter harnesses the book as a sculptural object, commenting on censorship by removing words from each page in a mixed-media installation.

Erin Azouz is a singer/songwriter, photographer and is the Newsletter Editor and Gallery Associate at photo-eye; Sarah Bradley is a writer, sculptor, costumer and Editor of photo-eye Blog and Magazine; Daniel Fuller is a musician and mixed artist and is photo-eye's Shipping Manager; Anne Kelly's interest in photography stemmed from her mother's passion at an early age. She is an artist and photo-eye Gallery's Associate Director; Helen Maringer is a recent photography graduate from the Santa Fe University of Art & Design and is an assistant at photo-eye; Melanie McWhorter has managed photo-eye's Book Division for over 15 years, is a regular contributor to photo-eye Magazine and is the co-founder of Finite Foto.
 New Work by Tom Chambers
Tom Chambers' Animal Visions

We are happy to release a new portfolio of work from Tom Chambers titled Animal Visions. Chambers continues his tradition of creating compelling and mysterious visual narratives with his camera — but his new work gives animals a more prominent role in each frame, interacting with human subjects in surprising, unexpected ways.

Read the entire post including comments from Chambers on the new images here.

View the new images from Tom Chambers' Animal Visions series
Chambers' previous work can be seen here

For more information on Chambers' work, please contact photo-eye Gallery Associate Director Anne Kelly by email or by calling the gallery at (505) 988-5152 x202.
 Interview with the Artist
Interview with Svjetlana Tepavcevic

Currently on exhibition at photo-eye Gallery is a selection of work from Svjetlana Tepavcevic's series Means of Reproduction. Tepavcevic makes color portraits of seeds and seed pods with an interest in their transformative power. Historically many images that have been made of seeds or botanicals were created for scientific purposes, like the cyanotype photograms made by botanist Anna Atkins first published in book format in 1883 (Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions). Tepavcevic's images can be appreciated on a scientific level, but their creation is not so much driven by science alone. Tepavcevic's images are inspired by her wonder and fascination with the natural world. Often times when she finds her subjects she has no idea what they are — even well into the image making process. In celebration of the Means of Reproduction exhibition, I have asked her to share a little bit more about her work. — Anne Kelly

Read the entire interview on photo-eye Blog
 photo-eye Book Reviews
Amani Willett: Disquiet

"Amani Willett's new book Disquiet frames the changing life of the photographer around the recent turmoil of the Occupy Wall Street movement, seeing a mirror-like metaphor in American society. This book offers a deep dive into those dark times of life when one wonders if everything is crumbling. Action is taking place outside of these photographs. The pictures are fascinating hints at the uneven moments of life. The book chronicles the recent times of a first time father and how this monumental change throws the world out of focus." — from Tom Leininger's review of Disquiet by Amani Willett

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

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Tom Hunter: The Way Home

"Writing of his 25-year odyssey through photography — most of whose paths have lead through and towards his home, the London Borough of Hackney — Tom Hunter stresses the uniquely diverse and multiple character of his favorite subject and locale. As Hunter puts it: 'Hackney is veneered with traces of a bygone era of grandeur, interwoven with people washed ashore, mixed-up cultures and architecture, worlds within worlds.' It is a good place to start when discussing The Way Home, as this fascination with place-as-palimpsest is key to Hunter's subtle handling of themes such as urban poverty, industrial history, and marginal or mobile communities; it also, however, throws up the limitations of the slightly unfocussed edit presented here and of this book as object." — from Faye Robson's review of The Way Home by Tom Hunter

Read the entire review on photo-eye Blog.

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 In-Print Photobook Video Series
In-Print Photobook Video Series

Erin Azouz shares with us Means of Reproduction by Svjetlana Tepavcevic.

Watch the video on the photo-eye Blog

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 Interview with Rixon Reed
Le Journal de la Photographie: Interview with Rixon Reed

Le Journal de la Photographie recently published an interview with photo-eye's Founder and Director Rixon Reed. Interviewed by Elizabeth Avedon, Reed discusses his background in photography, the origins of photo-eye and photo-eye's newest project, Art Photo Index.

Read the interview here.
 photo-eye Auctions
This Week's Auctions
With the 2011 publication of the anthology The Latin American Photobook (Horacio Fernandez, ed.), some of the obscure gems contained therein have been percolating to the surface. We're absolutely blown away to have two of them! First, a copy of Como se impreme un libro (How a Book Is Printed), a project masterminded by Attila Rossi, an Italian emigre to Argentina and unparalleled design genius. All of the latest avant-garde graphic and photo styles inherited from Constructivism, Futurism, and the Bauhaus by Rossi and his expat comrades are on display in this 1942 book that Fernandez calls, "a masterpiece of graphic art and modern design".

Second, a SIGNED copy of Cuerpo Correccional (Correctional Body), the first book by the multi-faceted writer, theorist, curator and activist Nelly Richard. The book takes the form of an idiosyncratic monograph on the work of legendary proto-performance artist Carlos Leppe. Both he and Richard were at the center of Chile's vibrant Escena de Avanzada movement in post-coup Santiago.

In a wonderful coincidence, we have another 'company' photobook commissioned by a printing firm to show off their capabilities. Farbenlehre by Alec Soth (with art direction and design by Michael Mach) promotes the German-based printing giant Optimal Media. An accompanying flyer with captions detailing the resolution, printing processes, paper types finishes, etc. for page spreads throughout the book make this an absolutely fascinating reference to assess the myriad of choices that book makers face in the process of bringing a work into being. Highly recommended! And so much more!! Be sure to check out Eric's weekly presentation below. Thanks as always for looking.

Don't Forget: All books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

Do you have books to sell? Why not get them in front of the most largest, most discerning audience of photobook enthusiasts on the planet? With more traffic than ever, it's a fantastic time to consign! For inquiries regarding the sale your fine photobooks and/or prints, contact Eric Miles, Director of Rare Books & Online Auctions.
Bids shown below are current as of 3:22 pm MT, 06.26.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
A. Rossi: Como se impreme un libro [How a Book Is Printed]--Incl. in The Latin American Photobook. : A. Rossi: Como se impreme un libro [How a Book Is Printed]--Incl. in The Latin American Photobook. $1,995
22h 37m
Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED): Sally Mann: Second Sight (INSCRIBED) $395
22h 47m
Sally Mann: Untitled Landscape (Print from Second Sight)   : Sally Mann: Untitled Landscape (Print from Second Sight) $1,500
22h 52m
Nelly Richard: Cuerpo Correccional (SIGNED)--Included in The Latin American Photobook : Nelly Richard: Cuerpo Correccional (SIGNED)--Included in The Latin American Photobook $765
22h 57m
Alec Soth: Farbenlehre (Company Photobook): Alec Soth: Farbenlehre (Company Photobook) $295
23h 7m
Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi : Alec Soth: Sleeping by the Mississippi $245
23h 12m
Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful (Hardbound First Edition!): Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful (Hardbound First Edition!) $765
23h 17m
Masao Yamamoto: Omizuao (Pillow Book) + Nakazora (BOTH SIGNED) + Fujisan (One Picture Book)--3 Items: Masao Yamamoto: Omizuao (Pillow Book) + Nakazora (BOTH SIGNED) + Fujisan (One Picture Book)--3 Items $395
23h 22m
Cristina Garcia Rodero: Espagne Occulte + Graciela Iturbide: En el nombre del padre (BOTH INSCRIBED): Cristina Garcia Rodero: Espagne Occulte + Graciela Iturbide: En el nombre del padre (BOTH INSCRIBED) $395
23h 27m
Joan Fontcuberta: Fauna: Joan Fontcuberta: Fauna $175
23h 32m
 	Michael Schmidt: Waffenruhe (Ceasefire): Michael Schmidt: Waffenruhe (Ceasefire) $495
23h 37m
Alvin Langdon Coburn: London (1914): Alvin Langdon Coburn: London (1914) $495
23h 42m
Mario Testino: Kate Moss: Mario Testino: Kate Moss $495
23h 47m
John Gossage & Terri Weifenbach: Snake Eyes (SIGNED by Both): John Gossage & Terri Weifenbach: Snake Eyes (SIGNED by Both) $95
23h 52m
Gabriele Basilico: Scattered City + Luoghi dell'esperienza [The Experience of Places]---BOTH SIGNED!: Gabriele Basilico: Scattered City + Luoghi dell'esperienza [The Experience of Places]---BOTH SIGNED! $245
23h 57m
 	Magmum Stories (SIGNED by 6 Magnum photographers!): Magmum Stories (SIGNED by 6 Magnum photographers!) $295
1d 0h 2m
Rob Hornstra: 101 Billionaires (SIGNED): Rob Hornstra: 101 Billionaires (SIGNED) $95
1d 0h 7m
 Art Photo Index

Featured Artist: Laura Plageman
 Book of the Week
Todd Hido: <em>Excerpts from Silver Meadows</em> Todd Hido: Excerpts from Silver Meadows—Signed

"Todd Hido is one of the most widely recognized and influential photographic artists of our time. Silver Meadows is the name of a street that runs through the neighborhood in Kent, Ohio where the artist grew up. The setting of Hido's childhood, it also became the creative wellspring for his work. Here, it serves as a point of departure for Hido's reexamination of a Midwestern suburban upbringing; 'a trip through the innocence of childhood and adolescence and into the darker aspects of life beyond.' Beautifully printed on matt Japanese art paper, and featuring an 'installation' of tipped-in images on the case binding, Excerpts from Silver Meadows is printed in a first edition of 3,000 copies." —the publisher READ MORE

Cat# TR397H Hardbound List Price: $75.00
Purchase Signed Book / Check Online Price

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